Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The vulnerability of Dr M?

In TMI's Umno today is about money, Dr M fires back at critics I read one of the saddest thing about Dr M.

Dr M is undeniably the toughest PM we ever had, one while as PM and even now as retired senior statesman, took/takes no prisoner. We have seen how he demolished Anwar Ibrahim for the latter's disloyalty to him, and how he single-handedly removed AAB from his PM-ship when Pak Lah didn't continue his (Dr M's) legacy.

Currently he is doing the same to Najib, with the aim of replacing the PM, one he is not satisfied with.

Najib has been called Mr Zig-Zag, a man known for his extraordinary survival skills, so everyone waits to see whether Dr M will succeed in his current campaign against Najib as he had with AAB, because Najib may be a different kettle of fish to Pak Lah.

Dr M is not only a highly intelligent, hardworking and astute politician, but an unique paradox because he has also shown unusual tolerance and forgiving care to those he considers as his loyal subordinates, even if they are professionally incompetent, intellectually lame and conduct-wise, immoral.

But at the bottom of his heart (Asian way of indicating 'mind') he has a very very sad vulnerability which must have tormented him over the decades of his adulthood.

What we might have suspected for years and even cruelly jeered at him but can now confirm, only because he Dr M himself reveals so, is the heavy emotional millstone he wore for the past several decades around his neck, namely his painful awareness of his (biological) non-100%-Malay ethnic origins. Though he didn't mention it, we know his granddad was a Malayalam, hailing from Kerala.

In the above TMI's news, Dr M has been reported as follows:

He also defended his right to criticise Najib, saying that when it came to national and Malay issues, he has the right to talk about them as he considered himself Malay, even though this has been disputed.

“About the country and the Malays, I am here, I am a Malay. Although some people say I am not. Legally I am Malay. I've struggled for this."

Finally that emotional burden has come out of his own mouth that he is a legal Malay and has struggled for his constitutional status.

However, unlike Ridhuan Tee, he had not gone around self-promoting himself as a Melayu. But I can only wonder what stress, strain and suffering he must have endured in silence through the decades because of this emotional vulnerability.

Strangely or should it be, I do not feel any animosity or ill-humour towards him for saying so. Au contraire I feel sad to learn what must have stuck bitterly in his heart for years.

In many other countries people of mixed ancestry live normal lives, and are even admired for their richer heritage. Yours truly for example possesses tomyam in my blood, wakakaka, but I have never felt any burden on my self worth because of my mixed ethnicity.

Look mate, Sultan Muzzafar Shah of the Malacca Sultanate had an Indian wife (daughter of a rich Indian merchant) and thus his son Sultan Mansur Shah was of mixed Indo-Malay parentage.

Since times long ago the Malays have had inter-marriages with Indians so it shouldn't be considered as a stigma, well, an emotional one anyway.

Just as another example, Sultan Muzzafar's grandson, Sultan Mahmud Shah had the hots for, and through a series of murders, eventually married the widow Fatimah, whose husband was 'off-ed' to enable the sultan to get her. Fatimah was the daughter of Tun Mutahir, Malacca' 7th Bendahara (PM). Both Mutahir and daughter Fatimah were Tamil Muslims.

Indian blood not only flows in many Malays but Indians had served as Bendahara in the Malacca Sultanate like Tun Mutahir (7th Bendahara of Malacca) and Tun Ali (4th Bendahara of Malacca). I believe Anwar Ibrahim also has Indian blood in his veins.

I guess I have to blame our politico-socio-cultural environment for 'punishing' Dr M, at least internally-emotionally for, I suppose, decades. It's a vile politico-socio-cultural environment when one's ancestry imposes guilt or lack of self-esteem on oneself.

'Roti' would be another nice name for the boulangerie, but alas is an Indian word


  1. malays of mixed chinese or indian or arab parentage make better businessmen. btw, those sultan-sultan melaka, where were they buried?

    1. the last one Mahmud Shah could have been buried in Kampar Sumatra because he died there. his two sons went on each to start the Perak and Johor sultanate

    2. not even one buried in melaka?

    3. Parameswara (Sultan Iskandar Shah) was said to be buried somewhere near Port Dickson (Tnajung Tuan?) but there's no confirmation

      an interesting episode has been the 4th Sultan Sultan Abu Syahid Shah who reverted back to being a Hindu and re-titled himself as Raja Sri Parameswara Dewa Shaqh, and after only 17 months rule was murdered by the Tamil Muslim Bendahara Tun Ali.

      The 5th sultan, Muzaffar Shah, was buried in Malacca. The rest other than what I had mentioned about the last sultan Mahmud Shah running off to Sumatra and eventually dying there, were not known, but we may assume they were buried in Malacca as the sultanate was at its peak of glory until the Portuguese came during the reign of the last sultan

    4. KT,

      part cerita dongeng man,,,,

      zilch, nil archeological finds for ANY of yr tales!

      fishy izznt it????

  2. What do you call a person who does not,acknowledged his ancestry?

    A recalcitrant or a hypocrite? No wonder his son really looks like one of the princes of Kerala kingdoms during the time of Sri Vijaya and Majapahit empires. He himself looks like the current PM of India, Modi if not mistaken.

    All for the sake of power and wealth. What a lousy SOB. His ancestors must be turning in their graves. must be waiting for him when the time comes for him to meet them?

    Do you think they will praise him for the wealth and power he has achieved during his lifetime or curse him everyday for not acknowledging his roots?

    i bet he cringe everytime someone shouts demi Agama, Bangsa dan Negara or Tanah Air esp whenever the word bangsa is mentioned knowing he has a fake bangsa biologically but constitionally correct bangsa.

    How qeer can it gets.

    So, when is the blogger going to write about the ancestors of the last Sultan of Malacca? Who are the sons born after Hang Li Po but have conveniently being hushed hushed. Was it Hang Tu Ah, Hang Yee Fatt, Hang Tu Li, Hang Li Ka? who are their descendants after the marriage was consumated?

    I bet it's all there in the Ming records still kept in Taiwan?

    1. I'd call him Ridhuan, wakakaka.

      While Dr M has Indian blood, he is by blood more Malay than Indian as he has 3/4 Malay blood, assuming his granddad married a Malay woman. I believe his mum Wan Tempawan binti Wan Hanafi is not only Malay but a descendant of Mahsuri. Thus his more famous ancestors would be on the Malay side.

      But precisely because of his mixed blood (like I have, wakakaka, to same proportion) he somehow doesn't feel at ease. I don't know why.

      As for the descendants of teh last Sultan of Malacca, as I mentioend above, his two sons each went on to become Sultans of Perak and Johor respectively.

      As for the children of the mythical Han Li Po, your imagination is great but evidence or documentary proof is required. Perhaps you can go check those Ming records.

    2. oh, just to save you some time, someone had already checked the Ming records for Hang Li Po but there was no such person as alluded.

    3. so proven that the source of the tale is syok-sendiri cerita dongeng in the same length of that the emperor of the mata sepit had his headache cured after drinking the feet-washing water of the Malacca sultan!

      there r plenty more in that hikayat....

    4. what next? Grandson of Hang Li Po = Hang Bor Door? wakakaka

    5. hang seng index was thrown out of the melaka bound tongkang & managed to land in hong kong. there were (are) too many 'hangs' in northern states of malaya, thus benggali putih changed plan and invaded melaka instead.

  3. just to draw parallel about cerita dongeng vis-a-vis historical facts, here is a VERY good counter-argument about Malay communism of the old;


    I would say it knocks the sock out of that professor emeritus!

    so cerita dongeng is for bed time story telling, definitely not fact finding....sigh

    1. RPK had a post on Prof KKK in which I left my comments. Actually Prof KKK has been partly right and partly incorrect. He's right that the 9 Malay sultanates were never officially colonised though they were under the "advice" of British Residents. He was wrong in Penang and Malacca not being colonised, thus making his statement Malaya was never colonised party right and partly wrong

    2. do re-read the content in the link mentioned above!

      u really one kind one......

    3. Rachel Leow is an academician and we know academicians can have different opinions on their subjects. But we need to note teh paragraph Rachel wrote, as follows:

      "No one is disputing the fact that there are structural differences between a protectorate and colony. But to use those distinctions to claim that the case of Malaya stands entirely outside the set of objects of historical study called “colonial empires” is not only wrong: it is positively perverse."

      Rachel has acknowledged the difference between a colony and what she termed as a 'protectorate', precisely what I mentioned in reference to Prof KKK's claim. However, what she termed as 'perverse' is arguable, and we must respect her views inasmuch as we have to respect Prof KKK's views.

      Also, we need to note Rachel is coming from the Left side of politics (my side too, wakakaka) and arguing in favour of Mat Sabu. There is nothing wrong with that but it's just another academician's views which I personally respect but in general consider it as just that, another view in contrast to Prof KKK's.

    4. In academic circle, this type of diversity in opinion is known as PEER REVIEW.

      To establish a firm conclusion, a vigorous contest is a must. Only then, there will be a singularity in understanding.

      What Rachel has raised has been a well established fact of colonial governance that many choose to denial.

      I can understand from where that half anmoh is trying to sugar-coat the useless Malayan sultanates for their spurious autonomy under the British colonial office. It's just pure vainglorious for face saving.

      What I don't understand is yr take, especially u just sweep her argument aside by calling her an academician!

      Yr last paragraph of trying to be balance is just pure bull, for someone who cant be contributing anything to a vigorous peer review - academic &/or pure fictional blogging.....sigh...

      Is that also apply to yr pet subject of Judaism/Christianity bashing?

      Do keep yr wakakaking. U need it to keep yr posture relevant & in sanity.

    5. in your reckless uncivic abusive words you have shown you're just an angry person carrying a humongous grudge with a ginormous chip on your shoulders. you should start your own blog to assert your views - it's quite de-stressing but you must be able to handle your visitors comments with calm, or alternatively you can be like a Mandarin-Nazi blogger who lacks the balls to allow anyone to leave comments regarding his pompous views, wakakaka

    6. U begin to show yr true self...hahahahaha....

      What..'reckless uncivic abusive words'? Pls do tell!

      What about diagonally discourse in opinion dissection? Upholding the true needs strong stomach, coupled with in-depth researches (credit to Rachel). Not just sweeping yr argument under just bcoz it's yr blog (u r occupying the WWW at the grace of the netizen, do remember!) displaying yr syok-sendiri 'understanding' of the subject discussed as in yr Biblical bashing.

      As far as that Mandarin-Nazi blogger (presumably 書 政 shuzheng???), U & yr half anmoh sifu r no better.

      At least 書 政 openly upholds his/her draconian one-sided no-repute-allowed attitude, while u try hard playing both sides with yr similarly single-mindedness, disguised in yr wakakaking self amusing posture. Yes??

    7. One more thinggy, I suggest u turn yr blog into a fan-club, so that ONLY ass-lickers would visit. Then it wouldnt be that stressing for u to handle opposing opinions.

      Advising others, with opinion differs from yrs, to start their own blog is just no cricket (the old type of the 50/60s). It's just like what shuzheng has done BUT in a more convoluted way.

      Think about it & just dont stress over it - blood pressure needs to be kept at bay!

    8. if malaya was not colonized, pls explain 1) aug 31, 1957, 2) reid commission, 3) commonwealth country, 4) british & syariah laws etc. how about india & some african countries.

    9. (a) on 31 Aug 57 parts of Malaya obtained their independence from Britain, to wit, Penang and Malacca

      (b) The Federation of Malaya came into being, comprising 9 sultanates and 2 former British colonies of Penang and Malacca. Prior to this, there was no such Federation as a unified nation

      (c) Reid Commission was about drafting a constitution for the new Federation

      (d) Malaya was invited to become a member of the Commonwealth of nations based on shared values (democracy, human rights etc), language, laws, etc. Though Mozambique and Rwanda both were never ever Brit colonies (being rspectively Portuguese and Belgian), there are also part of the Commonwealth because of those shared values of democracy and human rights considerations

      As mentioned we inherited British laws by virtue of British presence here, both as colonizers of Penang, Malacca and also Sing, and British advisers known as Residents in the 9 Malay Sultanates.

      When the Reid Commission drafted the Constitution for the new Federation of Malaya, one of its members Hakim Halim bin Abdul Hamid of Pakistan proposed teh concept of a secular Malaya but with Islam as its official religion, The British Residents had always respected the prerogative of the sultans in Islamic matters thus have included the syariah courts in the Malayan legislation but which are subordinated to the rule of the superiror civil courts, hence the syariah courts being limited in its trial of cases unique to Islam such as Islamic family laws, illict violations of Islamic laws such as drinking, fasting, khalwat etc, and sentences and fines limited to what they still are today.

    10. Anon of 8:26 am, would you be one of my fans as you keep coming back? wakakaka

    11. 1st fan club ONLY open to ass-lickers &/or choirboy members, who sing the same tune.

      There is no dissidence allowed.

      So can I qualify as yr fan, just I keep coming back? Can I not come back not bcoz of u but the divergent of opinion expressed here?

      Dont give yrself too much credit.....u do know, dont u? If not, then yr face skin beats the buffalo hide hands down! But then it goes against yr self expressed playing-both-side outlook! Could it be superficial..... then I rest my case.

      Just one question about the 9 Malay sultanates - if they r so autonomous, then why were they been hen-picked by the British colonial office?

      To the extend that the colonial office could exile any sultan that they didnt like as in the case of Selangor & Perak????

    12. another thinggy - think carefully before u wish.

      Once u turn yr blog into a fan club, u would ended up like those idiotic bloggers of the likes of deminegara, Pure Shiite, etc etc.

      Then u would start to ta bao & close shop!!!

    13. I'm glad I don't have you as my fan wakakaka

    14. I think anon's berating of kaytee should be accompanied with this youtube clip


      Look at how that condemned minister interviewed by Peter

      While Chris asks a very simple question

      "Did you or did you not lie to the House of Common?"

      Just as we have been asking Najib this question

      "Who order Sirul and Azilah to c4 altantuya?"........Hahahahaha!

    15. looes must now tell us in which country a PM investigates into and/or reveals who have been the killers in a murder case? Shouldn't that be the job of the police?

  4. The contention of your posting is that Dr M harboured this 'vulnerability' i.e. that his Malay status might be subject to scrutiny, and that he struggled to ensure the status is maintained.

    But then there are no known challenges to his Malay status throughout his political career, apart from the potshots said to be from the Tunku and from other lesser mortals. He was firmly and confidently in control, knowing that the Malay peoples are a mixture so eloquently expounded in the Usman Awang poem and later quoted by Najib.

    In Dr M's 1970 book The Malay Dilemma, he talked about forgetting one's ancestry, with the attendant loss of original culture, language and racial characteristics etc as conditions to become a privileged citizen. So strong was his convictions about such matters I would doubt that his Indian ancestry troubled him at all.

    1. Speculations only okay?

      I suspect Dr M's father, being Indo-Malay (dad or Dr M's granddad was a Malayalam), considered himself and probably registered his identity as an Indian, and consequentially his son, Dr M, might have been registered as an Indian.

      As I mentioned in an earlier comment, Dr M has at least 3/4 Malay blood in him. But notwithstanding his standing among the Malays, he MIGHT have a psychological discomfort niggling in his inner self, aggravated no doubt by jeers at his Indian-ness, which finally exploded in the TMI news report.

      The point you brought up about what he write in his book The Malay Dilemma actually confirms my suspicions/speculations that he had harboured that psychological discomfort, sufficient for him to talk about "forgetting one's ancestry, etc", in a Freudian manifestation of his inner feelings!

  5. Malay or not, POTA has been made for him. If Najib does not have him charged with sedition, then at least he can be held under POTA if Najib is "terrified' of or "terrorised" by his risky behaviour in trying to unseat a duly elected PM. Nobody asked Mahathir by what right he wants to get rid of Najib as PM. Time for Najib to show who is boss.

  6. Actually, I am waiting for Ridhuan Tee or Zairil Khir to be the PM one day.

    1. actually, i am hoping for an orang asal / orang asli to be our leader one day.

    2. Blasphemy ! Rid One Tee and Zairil's name in one breath.....

  7. Indian blood or not, he is now jewel of the country, Allah’s gift to Malaysians, he has Siti Nurhaliza's support, and the press is stupid to ignore this, her supporters vastly outnumber the prime minister's backers ...