Sunday, April 26, 2015

MCA's sweet revenge at PKR, courtesy of Tian Chua

My previous post titled Tian Chua did a "MCA" has been about Tian Chua of PKR telling PAS that his party (PKR) does not oppose, thus accepts PAS' hudud, not unlike MCA and Gerakan accepting Dr M's 2001 declarations that 'Malaysia is an Islamic State' and less than a year later, 'Malaysia is not a moderate Islamic State but a fundamentalist Islamic State', known respectively as Dr M's 929 and 617 Declarations.

Tian Chua on behalf of PKR has now concurred with MCA and Gerakan that Malaysia is an Islamic State, for only an Islamic State would even consider hudud, ..... but wait ..... Tian Chua, not unlike Dr M in the latter's 617, wakakaka, has not just concurred with MCA-Gerakan but even went one step further than MCA-Gerakan ... in accepting PAS' hudud.

Just to remind ourselves what Tian Chua said 3 days ago: PKR does not oppose hudud as a concept and that the party respects the rights of those who want the Islamic penal code implemented.

Whether Tian Chua's non-opposition to hudud has been in mealy-mouthed principle or not is irrelevant. What is far more important is that he on behalf of PKR has not opposed hudud, another way of stating PKR has accepted PAS' hudud.

MCA and Gerakan, eat your hearts out - Dr M and you guys were only half measured in your support for the Islamic State concept, unlike "principled" PKR, wakakaka.

So we see Tian Chua and his "principled" PKR, unlike "polemic" DAP, has warmly accepted PAS' concept of hudud. 

To me, it's a double opportunistic gambit by Tian Chua to secure PAS' support for PKR candidate in Permatang Pauh. Why double?

Well, one was to stab its supposed Pakatan ally DAP right in the latter's back to make PAS and itself, both of whom don't like DAP, happy and secondly, to voice PKR's acceptance of hudud to again make PAS wild with delirious delight. It's what Chinese would term Double Happiness, with love from PKR to PAS, wakakaka.

I love you and your hudud

hmmm, if you were more sincere, you would have made the Double Happiness symbol green

Oh, it's just that I'm "principled" and don't use delible ink


"Principled" PKR, wakakaka.

Dr Ramasamy (DAP) who is Penang DCM II, has been spot on when he described Tian Chua as opportunistic. TMI reported:

Ramasamy, however, took exception to Tian Chua’s remarks, saying they were uncalled for.

He said DAP's stand on hudud was the clearest and its long history of opposing the implementation of hudud was well known.

DAP had announced that it was cutting ties with PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, after his insistence to press ahead a private member's bill on hudud in Parliament.

"We are not playing a populist game. Maybe Tian Chua doesn't know the meaning of the word.

"DAP's stand on hudud was clear before this. It is clear now and it will remain so in the future. DAP will never compromise on hudud," he said.

Ramasamy hit back at Tian Chua by saying that PKR did not have a firm stand on hudud.

"PKR believes in opportunism. It is neither here not there when it comes to hudud. Even (PKR de facto leader) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim did not state a clear stand on the matter."

"I think Tian Chua should just keep his opinions to himself. We should all be focusing on the Permatang Pauh by-election to retain the seat. DAP is committed in supporting PKR's candidate," he said.

Today, unsurprising since 'too f* clever-by-half' Tian Chua handed MCA and Gerakan a sort of birthday present, the MCA President, our very dear Liow "My Beloved PM" Tiong Lie said: A vote for PKR is a vote for PAS’ hudud.

Of course Liow "My Beloved PM", wakakaka, was delivering his message to the 16,000 Chinese voters in Permatang Pauh.

Dearie dearie me, A vote for PKR is a vote for PAS’ hudud and none other than Tian Chua handed that sweet weapon to an already moribund MCA, and that's why Tian Chua has been 'too f* clever-by-half'.

Mateys, remember that the scare of PAS and its hudud-ization drive was what turned Chinese voters off in 1999, when they in an unprecedented decision, used their votes to kick their two champions, Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh, OUT of federal parliament for their naughty dalliance with PAS in that best-forgotten Barisan Alternatif loose coalition.

Yes sir, from time to time, whenever I see DAP so obsessed with wanting to be in Putrajaya that it had been willing to discard its socialist democratic principles to sleep with a hudud-bent PAS, I would remind DAP of that sad moment in Malaysian political history for the DAP when Lim KS and my Bhai, both then my heroes, were mercilessly kicked out by their usual supporters - see my post DAP - remember 1999.

Anyway, will Liow succeed in his warning to the 16,000 Chinese voters? Will the Chinese voters make any impact on the Permatang Pauh by-election?

Whatever, whichever, however, Tian Chua has provided MCA (and Gerakan) with a badly needed CPR, wakakaka.

On the basis of Tian Chua's opportunistic and (to DAP and non-Muslims) treacherous declaration of PKR not opposing, thus condoning, PAS in its hudud drive, I am sad to say this but Liow the "My Beloved PM" Tiong Lie, has been right, that A vote for PKR is a vote for PAS’ hudud.

Shukrun, thaaank youuu, sdr Tian Chua.

Isn't it just ironical that the MCA (and Gerakan) which had kuai kuai (obediently) supported Dr M's 929 and 617 Declarations, is now able to fire back with sweet revenge at PKR, which has now in similar kuai kuai fashion, bodek manja PAS in Tian Chua's 423 Declaration.

Mind, I do detect a wee difference between the kuai kuai-ness of MCA-Gerakan and that of PKR (via Tian Chua). MCA-Gerakan was really and truly kuai kuai (obedient) to Dr M, wakakaka, whereas in the immortal words of Dr Ramasamy, Tian Chua has been "opportunistic".

A synonym (same or almost same meaning) for "opportunistic" is "unprincipled", wakakaka. Yes, "unprincipled" as very very different from "principled".

Incidentally, an interesting side-note for you: "principled" in the dictionary means, among many descriptions, "ethical" and "moral", and thus its antonyms would be "unethical" and "immoral", two exact words which my late Bhai had described Anwar's 916, wakakaka again.

'moral flexibility' like this


  1. Ayo Pa Ayo Ma Ayoyo KT….

    You said, “On the basis of Tian Chua's opportunistic and (to DAP and non-Muslims) treacherous declaration of PKR not opposing, thus condoning, PAS in its hudud drive, I am sad to say this but Liow the "My Beloved PM" Tiong Lie, has been right, that A vote for PKR is a vote for PAS’ hudud.”

    Dr Ramasamy said, “DAP is committed in supporting PKR's candidate.”

    You said, “hudud ni bukan sj hal ugama (yg kita hormat) tapi juga hal undang2 negara (yg kita takut,)”

    I repeat, you said, “Liow has been right that A vote for PKR is a vote for PAS’ hudud”.

    Then Tian Chua and Dr. Ramasamy is 2 x 5 lah. Both are unprincipled. You should have also blasted Dr. Ramasamy for committing himself and DAP to support the PKR’s candidate?

    Perhaps, you yourself who is not consistent and unprincipled, and who is really and truly kuai kuai to Dr. Ramasamy.

    Maka oleh yang demikian, my conclusion is: You, Tian Chua and Dr Ramasamy, bahawasanya tiga-tiga sama-sama unprincipled and too clever by half. Wakakaka…

    1. Dr R's “DAP is committed in supporting PKR's candidate” memang satu kedudukan benar DAP SEBELUM TC membuat Proklamasi 423 nya. Inilah ciri2 semangat pakatan yg tulin. Maka saya todak mengkritik Dr R yg juga menasihat TC jgn bermain kotor bersidfat derhaka terhadap kawan di PR.

      Sebenarnya tidak perlu pun utk PKR (Tian Chua) sebut sokongannya bagi keinginan PAS menerapkan hudud, tapi apa boleh dibuat jikalau seorang seperti TC nak tembak kau kau, dgn tujuan sabo DAP secukupnya and serentak membodek PAS, tapi bodek2 yg tidak jujur, hanya utk kepentingan calon PKR sj, wakakaka.

      Maka, diulangi, kedudukan DAP terus consistent, jujur dan ikhlas, yakni menyokong sepenuhnya kawan di PR

    2. sdr hasan, maaf taraf bahasa saya - saya hanya nak cuba mengunakannya, wakakaka

    3. You didn't get C6 (Bahasa Melayu) in MCE or Senior Cambridge, right?

    4. aiseh looes, you don't have to rub it in lah - I know my bahasa is pretty dodgy, wakakaka

    5. Hasan,
      What happen in Brunei hah? Is that why you are in Sabah? Hahahaha! Go fuck kaytee as this video is from australia

  2. if the nons are willing to support MCA/Gerakan and indirectly that cibai Najib and Rosmah over Tian Chua had said, then these nons are stupid bastards........Time to change passport........

  3. Maggie whacked John Major........According to kaytee's logic, maggie should shut the fuck up

    Sounds familiar with Mahathir vs Najib

    And the stupid voters that kaytee alleged on you guys........Yes the whole piece of kaytee indicates that all the nons are indeed stupid.

    By the way, till now, kaytee refuses to talk about Najib's mess on 1MDB worth of 42 billions of taxpayers money........Okay, that cibai kaytee never paid income tax in Malaysia. By the way, kaytee sounds like one of that fucking angel......Guess who that is

    1. some leaders like Thatcher, LKY and Dr M found difficulty in letting go of their previous eminent positions and power because they believed (Dr M still does) their way should be the only correct way

  4. do u mean if dap in a by elaction or ge, mca would not utter a vote for dap is a vote for pas’ hudud? n y dap is still in pakatan? bec fact is both pkr n dap respect the rights bla bla bla ....., diff is tc is more honest while dap is more sneaky (ha fav word) wakaka. even dap fan like u master the skill of snake, how "not opposed hudud" are similar to "has accepted PAS' hudud"? sneaky betui.

    1. Gud morning HY…

      I can agree with you that TC is more honest than Dr R. My comment at the top is in agreement with yours. Great minds think alike? Wakakaka….

      I am responding to your thread from the earlier post here. I would say you are too much mental than capable or too much thinking/blogging (wakakaka) than working, so to speak. Try the reverse. “Que sera, sera. The future’s not ours to see. Take it one day at a time”. As Unknown had remarked, you must try to see Hadi’s objectivity with your objectivity. Got it?

      Just curious, don’t you know that there are many likes of Tun Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman, be it in UMNO or PAS? Don’t believe it? Come and have dinner with me. I will show them to you. If you prefer a teh tarik at the mamak stall, also no hal one. But I will just have a nescafe c. Wakakaka…

      Nevertheless, if you want to have a complete Turkification or Kemalism of Malaysia, stop dreaming now; because you shall not get it.

      Don’t ever pray for Turkification/Kemalism to happen here. I too would not help to make your dream a reality. Go there if you must, and get around their people and culture, and you will know what I mean.

      By the way bro.. don’t use xiaodi before hy. Because xiaodi “when combined with the last name, can frustrate happiness, contentment, and success, as well as cause health weaknesses in the heart, lungs, and reproductive organs”.

      Just Huayong, HY or Rhan… ok bro?

    2. TC more honest than R, wakakakakakakaka ...!

      "not oppose" is not = accept? please lah, consult someone who knows English, wakakakakakakakkakakaaaaaa

    3. english so black n white one meh? or it is u n not language is the problem?

      tc lack shrewdness ie not the sneaky type, that's my opinion n observation.

    4. TC the frog hunter who went to Taiwan wakakaka, who bit a policeman, who drove a car through ..... wakakaka - just a bloody drama queen

    5. But if you compare him with those who steals and kills, there is still a lot of goodness in him. At least he works so hard... eh meh?

    6. we have to see how he will behave when he is in similar positions

      normally, it's easier to appear "good" and criticize when in opposition, but from his antics and behaviour I don't hold much hope nor faith in him

  5. What I worry is that many are only opposed to PAS's hudud laws. Which means they would support hudud laws, perhaps with some changes to PAS's, if proposed by some other parties.

    1. Eventually people like hasan would have to worry because he would be arbitrary be charged under hudud's law. Anyway, Hasan just like tian chua is a chua. Worst still, Hasan is a BN chua. Hence must be whacked till death