Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dr M - stirring, not shaken

James Bond might have his Dr No, but we have better, our own Dr M, wakakaka.

shaken, not stirred

stirring, not shaken

See TMI's Umno today is about money, Dr M fires back at critics - reading Dr M's complaint, all I can do is wakakaka.

Is he telling us that UMNO is about money only after his PM tenure? Didn't he, for example in 1998 reveal that both Anwar Ibrahim and Ahmad Zahidi (then in Anwar's camp) enjoyed 'privileges' after the latter attempted to smear his name with allegations of nepotism and corruption, written by RPK as follows:

Umno Youth leader Ahmad Zahid Hamidi raised allegations of nepotism and corruption against the Prime Minister.

Dr Mahathir practically went berserk and retaliated by revealing the names of others who had benefited from government contracts and cheap share allocations, including those friends and family members of Anwar and of Zahid himself.

Also, wasn't Ali Rustam at one stage barred from contesting for an UMNO's VP position because of alleged money politics? Wasn't our dear Selangor dentist convicted? The list can go on and on.

I reckon Dr M has now been driven into mentioning UMNO's money politics as if it's recent because he's damn mad at those UMNO members who said it would be him and not Najib who would bring UMNO down because of his constant attacks against Najib just as he had done against AAB.

In my previous post Char koay teow, Malay style I had stated:

In any case, it can be argued that it has been Dr Mahathir who made UMNO lost its 2/3 in 2008, and not AAB. AAB was the hapless victim of Dr M's continuous very-public criticisms.

Dr M has recently said that Najib will lose the next election for UMNO but on the logic of this post's discussion we can argue that if UMNO were to lose in GE-14, it would be Dr Mahathir who loses it for his party by continuously undermining Najib and thus indirectly UMNO.

aiyah, it was a bridge too far for me lahand that anwar what's-his-name wanting to help me, with him saying: “I would not discount any possible meeting with Abdullah if he were to ask my views on the issues ... like the negotiations with Singapore on the bridge and even information on the negotiations with Indonesia on border issues.”

what a joke man! at least I have been PM for more than 5 years

I had also stated that Dr M in harassing Najib with the case of Altantuyaa has been motivated by nothing more than Dr M's personal agenda (against Najib for .....?) and has nothing to do with so-called justice for the dead Mongolian woman. I had written:

Najib revealed that in his tete-a-tete with Dr Mahathir, one of two things Dr Mahathir wanted him to do was to revive the “crooked bridge” project linking Johor and Singapore, thus confirming our suspicion on why he undermined AAB to such an extent that UMNO suffered collateral damage in 2008, and from which the party never quite recovered.

The 'crooked bridge' was, we suspected, to spite Sing!

Some of my visitors, who were pissed off with my consistent demand for 'evidence' before condemning Najib in the Altantuyaa case, pooh-pooh-ed away at my comment on Dr M's demand for the crooked bridge to be built, but guess what, today the Malay Mail Online has just published Dr M: Najib broke pledge to build crooked bridge and also mentioned that, according to Dr M, Najib in so doing (not building the bridge), has kowtow-ed to the Sing government.

It's obvious Dr M detests that lil' red dot.

Aiyoh, yes lah, it's so clear but of course those unfortunately blind couldn't see, but how about those visitors of mine who want to be blind because they do not want to see?

Anyway, I guess with Dr M not liking this or detesting that, I want to make a guess that Dr M has at least 3 bête noires.

In French the word (plural) bête noires means 'black beasts' and has been adopted by the English language to signal 'things or persons detested or to be avoided'.

I reckon Dr M's 3 bête noires are:

(a) Chinese Malaysians who do not support BN-UMNO.

Incidentally, in general Chinese Malaysians have until recent times (2008 onward) supported BN-UMNO, and perhaps the round about-turn by them from BN to Pakatan (including supporting PAS, gulp) has traumatized not only Dr M but many in UMNO.

But they have never bothered to ask why, or they are 'acting dunno', perhaps to them, because UMNO is never ever 'wrong'. To paraphrase Eric Segal, 'UMNO means never having to say sorry' - a notorious example would be Ismail Sabri Yaakob, our dearest Minister of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry.

OK, so accept the consequences.

In his younger days Dr M stated quite publicly and arrogantly he didn't need the Chinese votes, so in the 1969 election the Chinese in his constituency of Kota Setar Selatan handed their votes to his competitor, Yusof Rawa, the party president of PAS (then called PMIP).

Remember this was in 1969 and not 2008 nor 2013 and for Chinese to support PMIP then must have meant they were most hurt by the arrogance of the UMNO candidate.

Of course Dr M lost and according to RPK, he has never forgiven the Chinese, though we should remind him that it was he who said he didn't need their votes, wakakaka, so what was there to be angry about those damn Chinese voters. Adoi, he not only wanted his cake but also to eat it.

RPK also wrote recently: Dr Mahathir also accused the Tunku of giving in to the Chinese and that, said Dr Mahathir, was why the Chinese no longer fear the Alliance Party, as the result of the May 1969 general election had proven.

In other words, the Chinese should be kept in fear of the government so that they will continue to vote for the ruling party.

vellee sollee lah latuk
wah didn't undi latuk because wah vellee takut latuk mah

And do read my November 2013 post Those damn Chinese! on Dr M, his son, the Sungai Limau by-election and those bloody Chinese voter-kingmakers, wakakaka. Just a very brief extract of that post, as follows:

... we know what really happened after that, no small thanks to Dr Mahathir’s Perkasa, and the Chinese were once again stampeded into voting for PAS in 2013 as they did in 1969 and 2008 ...

So again I have to say, if UMNO loses GE-14, it's all no thanks to Dr M, wakakaka, though I'm not too sure what the future holds in store on Chinese support for PAS.

(b) Chinese Malaysians doing better than Malays. While I can understand somewhat his ethnic concerns, it would be more balanced if he also realizes that there are many Chinese who have fallen by the wayside, admittedly not as many as the Indian Malaysians.


He should also be aware that the marginalized or fallen nons do NOT have one thing many of the poor Malays have, to wit, land to work on and eke out at least a meagre living.

But the more important point is that it's better to encourage the Malays to do better than the Chinese (and many Malays have) rather than begrudge the Chinese their success (remembering Chinese have also failed abysmally) - see my post June 2005 post titled The Lotus Will Not Bloom For One Man.

(c) Sing doing better than Malaysians, perhaps because he and the late LKY have been acrimonious competitors or perhaps because Sing government and people are mainly those pesky Chinese? If so on the latter, see (b) above.

Anyway, Sing may be doing better only in the material aspects, when in reality Malaysians are far 'richer' in the holistic sense than those materialistic kiasu Sing.

Yes, we are far more lay-back but then we're by far more happy, and I dare say we in general are by far more filial to our parents - I read of a Sing man who after his parents had signed over their assets including their apartment to him, he and his wife drove the parents out of the house. with those parents ending up living in the stairwell of their apartment block. He is a most un-Confucian Chinese. We Malaysians must be better children and hopefully also parents.

Only drawback is we in Malaysia suffer a high level of corruption and non-accountable public institutions compared to those in that lil' red dot.


O GOOD LORD (excuse my atheist's blasphemy in using the name of looes74's god, though not in vain, wakakaka), it suddenly dawns on me that Dr M's 3 bête noires are all bloody f**king Chinese lah, remembering that Sing are mainly Chinese.

Hmmm, I am sure it's just a coincidence, wakakaka.

But also read my July 2013 post titled Chinese - there's one behind every Mahathir's bush, wakakaka.



  1. It may well be the Pot calling the Kettle Black.

    But that doesn't make the Kettle any less Black.

  2. ZERO Sympathy for Jibby !

  3. Once in Rural Thailand I watched a blood sport involving two King Cobras which were released into a pit to fight each other to the Death, while spectators placed bets on which one would win.

    The Mahathir / Najib fight has that feel.

    Frankly I don't care if they both kill each other off.

  4. all three above are so eager to excoriate Najib that they have ignored my post about Dr M and his bete noires, the Chinese, wakakaka - oh, none so blind as those who refuse to see

    1. We all know the source of his hatred of the Chinese, don't we ?

      Once upon a time......more than 60 years ago, an Indian medical student was in Singapore studying for his medical degree and it was during that time that he fell in love with a Chinese girl from the upper echelon of society....she who is so fair of skin and visage.... but alas, he was most horribly humiliated when he arrived at a house party hosted by her parents....people there mistaken him for a mere employee and he was barred from entering via the front entrance....he was directed to the servants' quarters entrance instead.

      After graduation, he dropped the 'anak lelaki' from his IC and morphed into full blown Malay....and started his career in politics by being inclusive in his speeches....what could be more inclusive than always first addressing crowds of Malays with " kita orang Melayu ini...." ! That's why we see copycats in modern days of this tried and proven formula which almost always worked....people like one Rid One Tea and those Umno keling mamaks in Penang who's persistently trying to be more malay that the malays.

      But our Dr M is always v good in 'defending' himself....just like RPK....when people accused him of hating the Chinese, he always responded ...I don't hate daughter in law is Chinese that one fella also who always claimed his wife is Cina what, so that proved he didn't hate the logically typical, these 'half breed' ( not my words...some here despised them to the extent of labelling them as capalang half breed, lol )

  5. Hey your story about son driving out the parents after signing the hose to him. Malaysia also got plenty lah. Chinese Indian Malay all the same. Nothing to do with race. It is all about the son being under the influence of his wife. That is why many smart parents transfer their only house to their daughters. Better luck in your next life.

  6. He's obsessed with only one thing throughout his life:
    to triumph over the Chinese.


  7. TDM is no saint,and that is an accepted fact,but then -last checked,-Najib is the current PM of the current goverment .So what difference does it make on who has the smellier poop-?,Poop is Poop.still has disgusting stench..but more pressing is the fact that something needs to be done to sanitize the fresh poop dropped all over the place by the current pooper - before it reeks out of hand. and Malaysians have to live with consequences from the stench.

  8. U really think that the mamak's main concern at this juncture of his twilight year is to showcase his transient hate for the mata sepit?

    There r more to that for his current char keow teow!

    Key most on his head is what his diehard lieutenant has spilled in this article;

    He is trying all out to avoid his closet skeletons for been exposed, when BN loses the govt.

  9. Mamak M son's had bought a lot of land near the Cooked Brigde with millions of RM.AAB cancelled the project made him mad.Now Najib broke his promise and Mamak now even worst mad.He wanted someone to build the Crooked Bridge to save his son.

  10. Mahathir wants the crooked bridge. The question that should be asked is: who is going to build it? His son? Someone close? He said sometime ago that his son's assets totalled some $50 million or so only. That's enough for me but is it for his son?

    Now he knows that Najib is too weak to lock him up under some pretext or other. He knows too many dirty secrets (maybe that's why a certain BN component party leader managed to get away scot free) about BN people. The only way Najib can lock him up is if he can persuade people that Mahathir wants to destroy the Malays e.g. he brought in so many Pakistanis as citizens, Banglas, etc. That is not going to happen.

    So now Mahathir has begun warning UMNO that its people will end up in jail if PR wins because PR will investigate them thoroughly. Many will also lose some of their ill-gotten wealth if found guilty. So all the thieves will work hard to get rid of Najib because he might lose to PR. Clever? May be in Malaysia. In most other countries, the PM will investigate Mahathir and then offer him a choice - jail or an ambassadorship to friendly country like Somalia or better still Yemen (that close to Mahathir's ancestral land of Kerala). It is going to be interesting - has Najib got what it will take to remove Mahathir or will he go down like AAB.

    1. So far, both sides are still very 'gentle' and 'polite' on each other even though the smear campaign has been upgraded from day to day. For the rakyat, it's a case of jilted lovers accusing the other side of 'breaking promises'. The two are very careful not to expose anything which may endanger either one or both of them to be indicted in court.

      When will they throw 'real' punches which would lead to KO ?


  11. Isn't all these called Karma.

    The PM should just called out all the cards on the table. Poor Mamakutty will not be able to feign Ketuanan anymore. Beneath all his Ketuanan, he just a poor sorry SOB trying to mask his evil and cunning ways of maintaining his dynasty and Mahathirism philosophy.

    When push come to shove, he might end up as Anwar's cell mate with him being the first under the amended ISA and POTA.

    He has made the PM post virtually the most powerful under his reign and now he himself struggles to demolish this very own powerful post he has created.

    He still thinks he is PM and only he can sing "My way".

  12. There is already a bridge at the site of the crooked bridge. What is the upside of buying land near the bridge? All johoreans know who control the land here.