Friday, April 10, 2015

Char koay teow, Malay style

Once I penned a char koay teow story about my friend Tan Ah Kow who was a real char koay teow hawker - for more, read my KTemoc Kongsamkok post titled The 'rich' char koay teow boy.

But the above is about genuine though haram char koay teow, which uses a "particular type" of lard and also some laap-cheong (sausages), the sort Muslims don't want to even think about, let alone eat.

In this post I want to narrate a char koay teow story but without the haram stuff as I have in mind a Malay-style char koay teow - note it's Malay-style and not Malaysian-style.

The dietary consideration is that it is devoid of the haram ingredients Chinese love, but you my dear readers especially Muslims have to assess and decide whether it's halal even though I suggest it's non-haram, because non-haram doesn't automatically confer a halal label on the food, wakakaka.

The word 'char' in char koay teow is 'stir fry' or 'goreng'. And in a char koay teow scenario the goreng-ing is usually done with chilli paste, pepper and in a wok that's burning hot, known in Canto as 'wok-hei' (breath of the wok) where the product of the goreng-ing will ensure the food being served still retains the heat (or breath) of the super-hot wok for several long minutes after being served.

Believe, in such a hot combination it's not comfy if you happen to to be the koay teow (rice noodles strips or sticks), and you can take it the goreng-er indeed wants the koay teow to feel the heat, wakakaka.

The char koay teow I have in mind is not a genuine dish but a political char koay teow, Malay style, wakakaka, a type which I had already mentioned to in a previous post titled National hero?, where I wrote:

Has Dr M been right to char koay teow on the Altantuyaa case, by calling on Najib NOW to answer allegedly unanswered questions on the murder of the Mongolian model, or ...

... to declare he is willing to meet up with the mum of convicted murderer Sirul, ...

... and the last in my opinion, just plain silly and scraping the bottom of the barrel, ...

... to state the convicted killer (Sirul) did not murder anyone when he was Dr M's bodyguard - an assertion which has been nothing more than just a silly provocation with no connection whatsoever to what Sirul might have done and did subsequently to serving Dr M.


Take the current situation where Dr Mahathir is snapping at Najib's heel to make the latter 'come clean' on the Altantuyaa murder, regardless of Najib's involvement, and where Mahfuz Omar of PAS has already arranged for Sirul Azhar Umar's mum to meet up with Dr M, and is now arranging for a phone link-up between Sirul ad Dr M.

What we have starring in this char koay teow tale or comedy of nonsense is:

(a) a (so-called) retired politician presented to us (admittedly not by Dr M himself) as if he is a current Malaysian Criminal Special Investigator (CSI). To be fair to him he has urged police to investigate further,

(b) a convicted killer who is highly valued by some sides of politics and thus shouldn't be executed as per the death sentence the court has handed down to him, apparently because he allegedly has only followed instructions but which even that, for some unexplained reason makes him somehow guiltless of murder. To be fair to Sirul he expresses his disappointment with politicians EXPLOITING his mum for political reasons,

(c) a mum who like my late mum would swear her son is the nicest bloke in town, and that the son if naughty was only following instructions,

(d) a PAS politician who went all the way to Australia with Sirul's mum BUT came back empty handed, but who now switches to his political life line called Dr Mahathir, currently an anti Najib proponent. What next? Call on PAS fave line, that of "divine wrath", perhaps manifested as another flood or another tsunami?

Somewhere, somehow, sometime (in the immediate future), there is high expectation by many Pakatan followers (I'm definitely not one of them, god forbid, excuse the pun, wakakaka) that the above CSI team will reveal the "real" (as in their hopes) murderer of Altantuyaa Shaariibuu, preferably Najib. If not Najib, then another further investigation should be called for.

And their main investigative line is beautifully simple (or rather, simplistic), to harass Najib into self-confession or at least, to make him lose his position as head of UMNO and thus PM of Malaysia.

That, my dear readers, is the real objective, and not justice for Altantuyaa. Surely you were not dreaming?

Anyway, where is the evidence of Najib ever knowing Altantuyaa, minus of course the amazing photoshop skills of Tian Chua or the relentless G.A.N insinuations by PKR originally and now PAS, or the SD that RPK lodged but which contents, according to RPK, came from some former staff of Ku Li?

In a Malaysiakini article, it was reported that:

Raja Petra had previously blogged that he was introduced to Lt Kol Azmi Zainal Abidin - who he described as being the "number two in the special branch of the military intelligence" - who was the source of the accusation against Rosmah.

The people Raja Petra said introduced him to Azmi, furthermore, were Nik Azmi Nik Daud and John Pang, both of whom had worked for Umno stalwart Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, and blogger Din Merican who was once close to Anwar.

In the interview with Ashraf, Raja Petra said he does not accept any longer the storyline pushed by the trio.

Was Altantuyaa harassing Najib when she was alive and in KL? If not, why not? Speak up and don't be stupefied into dumbness!

Why hasn't Dr Mahathir raise the Altnatuyaa issue much earlier, in fact from Day 1? Why only now when he is known to be at venomous odds with Najib?

Najib revealed that in his tete-a-tete with Dr Mahathir, one of two things Dr Mahathir wanted him to do was to revive the “crooked bridge” project linking Johor and Singapore, thus confirming our suspicion on why he undermined AAB to such an extent that UMNO suffered collateral damage in 2008, and from which the party never quite recovered.

The 'crooked bridge' was, we suspected, to spite Sing!

In any case, it can be argued that it has been Dr Mahathir who made UMNO lost its 2/3 in 2008, and not AAB. AAB was the hapless victim.

Dr M has recently said that Najib will lose the next election for UMNO but on the logic of this post's discussion we can argue that if UMNO were to lose in GE-14, it would be Dr Mahathir who loses it for his party by continuously undermining Najib and thus indirectly UMNO.

The other probable sin of Najib in Dr M's eyes, as we can speculate, would be Najib's cooperation with the Sing government in the development of KTM land in Singapore. If Dr M was Yama, I speculate he would have consigned Najib to the 18th Hell for eternity for the most blasphemous sin of cooperating with Sing, wakakaka.

looes74 being rebus-ed kau kau in hell

oh, he's the one with the wee-est weenie


Hasn't it been bad enough of Najib for refusing to revive Dr M's 'crooked bridge' but to also now cooperate with Sing on developing a sweet piece of real estate in Sing owned by KTM?

Okay, so has the char koay teow-ing by Dr Mahathir and PAS' Mahfuz Omar been halal? You tell me!

Of course those of us who'd blindly support an attack, no doubt on a political enemy, but without any real evidence, are just as guilty as those people who char koay teow for their own vile political agenda. 

I too want BN-UMNO to lose and despite silly accusations by some of my readers, don't support Najib (which Chinese Malaysian would of a man who wanted to bath his keris with Chinese blood) but how about some intelligent thinking, fairness and self integrity, and non-moronic blind sickening Bush-ism for a change?

Let us have some real evidence, not just prejudiced moronic wishful thinking! Possible? But I won't hold my breath, wakakaka.


  1. Why are you working so hard to defend Najib by attacking any and all of his detractactors ?

    1. nothing hard, very easy to demolish nonsense - just say I have a sense of fairness, decency and self respect

    2. If u r really what u said u r, then why r u doing the char kaoy teow yrself?

      Granted what the mamak had said could be a fairly tale. Then what about what ahjibgor had said? Might be gospel to u?

      R u privy to something we all don't have - been a 'special guest' of the one-to-one eyeball meeting between the two? Wakakaka....sigh..

      Or else, why must u take what ahjibgor had said as gospel?

      Ain't u doing what u r accusing us all r doing.....????

      Stop hiding yr true intention. Just admit it. Yr char keow teow skill is just rudimentary, with zero wok-hei!

    3. I believe in rules of evidence. Thus far, the accusations against Najib have all been based on prejudiced wishful thinking and wild unsubstantial allusions. I haven't yet seen a skerrit of solid evidence that ties him with the murder of Altantuyaa. The only possible link is his friendship with Baginda Razak, the man who was Altantuyaa's lover. BUt I cannot see any DIRECT linkage of Najib with Altantuyaa.

      What annoys me has been the silly and very obvious politicized campaign ad hominem against Najib, started by G.A.N who proponent is now in prison and continued by Mahfuz Omar who has not only elevated convicted killer Sirul into some form of pseudo-innocent victim (instead of the murderer he is and has been concvicted of) but has also now linked up with Dr Mahathir.

      The coopt-ion fo Dr Mahathir into the laughable G.A.N has ACTUALLY further weakened the already weak (non-evidential) case against Najib as everyone knows Dr Mahathri is not so much interested in justice for Altantuyaa but to remove Najib as PM for whatever political agenda he must be having. Thus the campaign against Najib via the Altantuyaa murder case has been nothing more than a political campaign to get rid of his position as UMNO president, which is what Dr M personally wants and Mahfuz Omar as a PAS man hopes for

    4. U do know how to script yr answer - hit here hit there except the target!

      Another lesson from ahjibgor's 'elegant' reply on tv3?

      So, u believe in rules of evidence...hmmmm....then what about yr conjectural guessing about the topics discussed between mamak & ahjibgor? Do tell u r privy to it - otherwise where is that proven evidence that y so gamingly uphold? Bull isnt it????

      Right now u r holding on to the fact that the accusers must provide the evidence. Then WHY no the accusee provides concrete counter-evidence(s) to prove his innocent? Swearing on Quran - a iron-clamped evidence? Then all the crooks in the world would have a field day.

      All the things ahjibgor did/does NOW r not a skerrit of solid evidence! Yes?

      The day when that photo of 'fun dinner' comes out to prove ahjibgor's lie about knowing Altantuyaa, what would u do? Arguing that a single photo proves nothing? Beware, there is a strong rumour that the red-dot is using that to blackmail ahjibgor! Just for that, we should have kick him out long long time ago.

    5. in legislation that we have, inherited from the British, a man is innocent until proven guilty. The proving of a man's guilt of a crime is by acceptable evidence which includes direct witness accounts, not hearsay as in P Balasubramnaiam's case

      the silly fun dinner photo was a creation of Tian Chua through his remarkable photoshop skill, and good lord you even believe in that fabrication??? wakakaka

    6. again.... for someone like u & yet unable to read comprehensively!

      have to repeat yr foundational rabbit-hole tunneling course with yr half-anmoh sifu le...

      The photo I mentioned has been quietly whispered in Asean diplomatic circle for quite some time now. Mamak definitely knows , so is diam diam Daim. Tian Chua's photoshop was/is ONLY a child play!

      Obviously u r not walking in the right corridor in Oz. The last that I heard, even the Oz knows about it, through their intelligent service!

    7. on "overseas" knowledge fo Malaysian scandals what I do know is that USA, Sing and Oz knew about AI willingly walking into a honey trap - yup, that's what I know because the news had been reported in several media

    8. see diversion hits...hmmmm.who r we talking NOW?

      Ahjibgor or manmanlai?

      Anyway, judging from yr manmanlai story source, obviously u r walking in the wrong corridors of USA, Sing and Oz.

      Again, where r yr favorite evidence(s)?

      Hearsay again? Soon, u r going to eat yr 'words of flower' for lunch & dinner if u r not careful!

    9. I'm just giving back to you what you tried to give to me - can't handle your own medicine? wakakaka

    10. Don't everybody loves Patrick Teoh........Especially that fucker called kaytee. Hahahahaha!

  2. Since Najib is being accused of involved in Atlantuya case, why don't he order and investigation to find who ordered the murder? Once they have found the mastermind, at least Najib will have a renewed image and people will have high confidence on his integrity while at the same time he will humiliate his political opponents including Tun. This is common logical sense unless he doesn't want the truth to reveal. If Twitter-Happy IGP do not know how to start the investigation, lawyer Americk Sidhu had provided with straight forward questions that he can use as a guide. In addition, Sirul had pointed out to the IGP where to locate the files in case the IGP is seraching for it in cyberspace like Twitter.

    1. should a PM dance to every call by anyone on a subject he has already said he was not involved?

      in the same vein, why didn't AI take a sumpah laknat he didn't sodomize Saiful?

  3. Is it wrong to ask questions, raise doubts?
    Tell us why it is wrong to ask questions.

    Mahathir hasn't actually accused Najib of killing anybody, what's wrobg?

    1. asking questions without any connection or evidence is called harassing

    2. As a public figure - more so a PM, transparency in answering 'harassing' questions is part & parcel of the office.

      Unless u r talking about N Korea!

    3. even in australia, sometimes the PM or a minister ignored harassing questions of no substance

    4. Not in the extend of the duration of ahjibgor's elegant silence.Yes?

      Then, u yrself has also mentioned ....'sometimes'.....Wandering what its semantic meaning. Hmmmm... could be one in a blue moon... in KT's defination?


    I much prefer Sakmongkol's take in this

    1. firstly, Sak did NOT offer any shred of evidence about Najib's involvement. He only insisted that the trial be re-done.

      secondly, he didn't answer the glaring question of why Dr Mahathir did NOT raise the Altantuyaa issue much earlierm but only when he (Dr M) and Najib had a falling out over several issues including the crooked bridge and the popular allegation, that he was angry because Najib did not support Mukhriz

      so please tell me why you prefer Sak's argument

    2. r u VERY sure that the issue of the crooked bridge was been raised between mamak & ahjibgor?

      So, why should SAK answer a heresay? Where's the solid evidence of that, except what ahjibgor said?

      U r beginning to eat yr 'words of flowers'!

  5. Najib was fidgeting, finger twitching all over the place during his interview. Classic signs of someone dissembling.

    I don't care how many times he lafaz "Wallahi Wabillahi Watallahi" something not right with this guy.

    I don't care about Anwar Ibrahim, so don't try to retort about Anwar -does not cut any ice with me.

  6. suddenly bapak hadhari buka mulut confirming that bapak transformer not involved. is that it? what kind of game these people are playing at the expense of the woman's brutal murder. masih boleh main2. these people ada class, low class!

    1. perhaps a better and far more credible game than what Dr Mahathir and Mahfuz Omar have been playing. AAB was PM when the accusations staated, and he has maintained his opinion based on the police reports he received. As PM if he had the evidence to destroy Najib, he could have used that to easily remove Najib who was his and s-i-l's potential rival in UMNO, a real threat to his own position,

      So again, mana evidence (instead of wishful political hopes)??

    2. cuba lah tahan reman sesiapa jua yang disyaki untuk selama seminggu dan sambung lagi seminggu. banyak bukti yang boleh diperolehi. cuba TRY aje lah...

    3. i don't care who wants to destroy who but why must they use the murder as a tool. does bapak penswastaan really, genuinely & sincerely want to know the truth?. would he raise all these questions if ahjibgor were to follow all his 'advices'?. does the slumberjack only know the murder has no link to ahjibgor & nothing more? how would they feel if the woman was closely related to them & would they allow this to be publicly discussed or debated? low class!

  7. You have seen thru the vile and recalcitrant Mamakutty. He still thinks he is cunning enough to fool and blindly misled everyone into his own dynasty building and personal vendetta at the expense of the Nation and party interests.

    Only those born around his time seems to be his loyal vocal supporters.

    As for the Gen X, Y and Z he is no more respected as a statesman but as a recalcitrant who just believes he can still do things only his way.

    Karma awaiting him soon for being so vile to his political opponents.

  8. The mind stubbornly resist when it cannot accept what it has problems rationalizing....Who has the clout to order Immigration to erase all traces that Altantuya ever came into the country? And why would He do so? Baginda? Seriously doubt he has the power to order Immigration, to do so,.One has to be someone more powerful than even a dept head to get immigration to pick out a name out of millions that come into the country and wipe all records.WHoever that is, He is complicit to the murder by trying to remove evidence.

    1. the minister who has oversight of immigration was/is the minister for home affairs, or the Home Minister (I understand in earlier days the position was called minister of internal affairs). Was Najib ever that minister? or are you suggesting that ministry of defence was/is responsible for immigration?

      The accusation that najib ordered the erasing has been one of the popular myth but one which cannot stand up to logical scrutiny. furthermore the government departments including immigration have lots of PKR and PAS sympathizers, and such misdemeanor cannot remain in only the realms of wishful badmouthing - it would have emerged as a substantial piece of evidence against najib.

      then, are you aware that thousands of (virgin or unused) passports have been SOLD to foreigners, which has been why the government has been changing the passport format? shall we also blame najib as defence minister for that as well?

      mananya evidence?

    2. nak evidence????

      Ooop... cuba lah tahan reman sesiapa jua yang disyaki untuk selama seminggu dan sambung lagi seminggu. banyak bukti yang boleh diperolehi. cuba TRY aje lah... those with the power within the immigration lah!

      takut, shit would comes out, so NFA & quietly let that issue die - no even worth mentioned in the court proceedings. Apa pula....

      It's not lack of evidences that could nail ahjibgor. It's just along the way, there were/are consistent tidak-apaism/road-blocks/NFAs to obstruct the gathering of the required evidences.

      betul, tak?

  9. I support Lim Kit Siang call for a Royal Commission on this case , to be carried out in full public view.
    I keep hearing people ask for evidence - fair enough .
    - but how much of the investigation was "kow-timmed" by the PDRM and AG ?
    how much evidence was buried ,
    how much evidence was known but deliberately kept away from the court,
    how much did court witnesses know but deliberately not allowed to say - in court you can only answer what you are asked - no more , no less,
    how many people know things but cannot speak up because they may be "P.I. Bala-ed" , or may lose their jobs or it would violate military or police regulations ?

    As someone above said, we must be allowed to ask the questions. No more cover up

    1. Yes.......and according to kaytee's logic, Nixon should not have resigned

      Nixon should have hired him as Director of Coommunication

  10. Can ponder on the PKR /PAS sympathisers angle within immigration and perhaps some malice may or may not have been commited in regards to the immigration records,benefit of doubt .Still . as claimed by RPK and later BALA himself in the interviews ..Why would the PM's brother personally get involved with Bala and attempt to pay him off ?Unless it has to do with family,in a tight spot or on the urging of- don't think that He is worried about the 2 SB cops.or his borther's close mate ? Many may cross hell and high water for a blood sibling but if it is a non family,well they sort out their own mess..

    1. The very reason why I don't support Marina as PM. Apart from the fact that she is just an activist who never go into politics unlike Azizah

  11. Maybe not murder, but there are strong questions regarding obstruction of justice.

  12. KT,

    You're right to demand for evidence.
    (You checkmated a few visitors to your post by this demand).

    What we know:
    1. Immigration records of the dead lady deleted.
    2. The use of army bombs.
    3. Two policemen killers.
    4. Bala retracted his SD1.
    5. Bala left for India.

    What we don't know:
    1. Is it true that someone ordered the 2 policemen to murder? If true, who?
    2. Who provided the bombs? Why?
    3. Who removed the immigration records? Why?
    4. Did a senior lawyer drafted the SD2? Under whose instructions? Why?
    5. Who asked (and provided money for) Bala to leave the country and why?

    Are we not entitled to know the truth ?


    1. Checkmate folks! Like he has done to Thaya.......Hahahaha, ask him to come into Din's den to meet with his nemesis, CL Flamiaris

      Forget it la, huaren......we should be asking

      kt mok -> Najib.......what is the connection?

    2. huaren:

      Re your "What we know" - my opinons follow:
      1. Immigration records of the dead lady deleted. Yes, but thousands of Malaysian passports have been illegally sold - shall we blame Najib for that as well, regardless of whether he has ever been Home Minister? Police has "lost" important files and even guns - shall we also blame Najib for that as well - regardless of whether he has ever been Home Minister?

      2. The use of army bombs. - kindly make up your mind whether it have been POLICEMEN or ARMY men who murdered Altantuyaa

      3. Two policemen killers. - caught, convicted and sentenced

      4. Bala retracted his SD1. - we have been told Bala was the BRAVEST and conscionable man in Malaysia who took several months together with his most civic-minded kindest and most neutral lawyer Mr Americk Singh Sidhu, a member of the most noble profession, to craft, draft and then issued the SD, not forgetting together with Anwar Ibrahim at a press conference, notwithstanding the political "neutrality" in the issue of the SD, and also not forgetting that after the release of that SD which alleged (not proved) the DPM was involved, Bala went to report to the police station all by his lonesome self, totally UNESCORTED by any lawyer, and then this BRAVE man after months of conscientious deliberation about his civic duty and with unstinting help from his equally civic-minded politically-neutral lawyer to write a SD to point fingers at the DPM, could in a mere 24 hours succumb so easily to cohesion?? Podah!

      5. Bala left for India. - so?

      What we don't know:
      1. Is it true that someone ordered the 2 policemen to murder? If true, who? - good questions, and could the answer be that no one ordered them to murder - perhaps to "chase" her away but shit happened and as I speculated, something along the sad case of Canny Ong happened where lust took over. Ask yourself why would anyone like Najib want to murder her? Did she ever harass Najib?

      2. Who provided the bombs? Why? - C4 is a plastic explosive (not bomb but I know what you mean) but who knows. Maybe those two policemen had access - why blame the army? After all, we know weapons from police and military have gone astray

      3. Who removed the immigration records? Why? - bribery? some members of our civil service is known to be corrupt. Thousands of passports had been sold illegally, what more with a mere record.

      4. Did a senior lawyer drafted the SD2? Under whose instructions? Why? - Bar Council is investigating

      5. Who asked (and provided money for) Bala to leave the country and why? anyone, ranging from the people who asked him to issue the SD (both 1 and 2, with 1 in a high publicity press conference, wakakaka) and the people who either benefited or suffered damage (appropriate or unfairly) from his SD's

      You should also note that Bala complained about being driven away from the country (Malaysia) and yet in the next breath, talked about himself slipping in and out of the country

    3. after RPK's most original earth-shattering statutory declaration (SD), which he subsequently clarified its contents and providence were provided by a couple of Ku Li's former staff and from Din Merican, a then close friend of AI (wakakaka), someone must have thought this new form of surat layang was brilliant, where we suddenly have out of the blue the questionable testimonies of private investigator Perumal Balasubramaniam, a man who waxed and waned like a Madagascar chameleon in his so-called courage in exposing Najib, in coincidental cozy coordination with certain politicians who turned him into a (very dodgy) folk hero.

      I don't wish to cast aspersion on a dead man but how could I respect a man who was brave for around (his claim) 4 months in drafting and crafting his 1st SD with the help of a lawyer (Americk Singh Sidhu) .....

      ..... and then (this was where he ruined his credibility) appeared together with Anwar Ibrahim at a press conference (expecting us to believe he wasn't "influenced" by politics and politicians, or as Americk Singh went to extra pains to inform us, that Anwar wasn't involved at all other than being at the press conference), .....

      ..... only to back-flipped a mere 24 hours later with a 2nd SD and then disappeared into the Indian sub-continent (where his children were schooled at exclusive international schools), .....

      ..... then to re-emerge from time to time, but always with PKR or pro-PKR people besides him, and to be garlanded by PKR's Sivarasa on his final return just prior to his death.

      The tragedy for Altantuyaa was that many people could believe and still do Balasubramaniam's zig-zagging words, of course cherry-picking only the 'zigging' aspects of them and ignoring his 'zagging' say.

      Balasubramaniam told us he was told by Razak Baginda who was told by Najib, who was told by Altantuyaa that she liked it in the back ..... all based on only Balasubramaniam's words.

      ..... so we were all told ... by Balasubramaniam.

      I've blogged on the above before

    4. KT

      Two policemen were convicted of murder of the young woman.Normally this would mean the end of the case. But many believe that someone who is responsible for the murder is still at large. Why?

      How can a jigsaw puzzle game be considered as complete when there are a few pieces left unused? People whose duty is to put the pieces together to solve the puzzle seem reluctant to do so.

      How not to feel helpless, frustrated and angry?


  13. everyone know kt n helen 'love' each other but he keep on asking for evidence, otherwise he accuse us for harassing wakawaka

    1. aiyah, such a small but necessary stuff called evidence, yet people seem reluctant or unable to provide it, depending on slurs, insinuations and rumour mongering, wakakaka

    2. aint u doing the same????

    3. Fuck kaytee la.......Najib is fucking guilty......Go sue me!

    4. but people can fall in love without saying i lov u. u know i know..... i am just curious y u take a firm stance, it is never easy to proof "order" i guess, especially even if baginda oso can be freed. rpk blame his sources as the culprit as if he has no brain, dun u think if u use yr brain a little, there is such possibility someone did give order? again i never say 100% yes or no, i merely say there is such possibility even there is no evidence. the fact is 2 killers n the one probable who give order still have the chance to comment, talk, go to oz, go to uk....can u really know what the hell is happening?

  14. I have no sympathy at all for Najib and the UMNO /Bn establishment for the predicament they find themselves in, regardless of Najib's guilt or innocence. Its the widespread lack of public trust and credibility.

    We have a very kau-tim-mable Criminal Justice system. Police , Prosecutors, even Judges have a history of "settling" cases behind the scenes for cases involving VIP's or people closely connected to the establishment. Other cases have been "beres" simply to protect The System.

    Karuna Nithi died of fatty liver, signed by a quack-government doctor, in spite of 49 severe body injuries sustained in the police lock-up. KAUTIM.

    Another government doktor-kangkung certified that Kugan died of "water in lungs" in spite of extensive body injuries sustained during police detention. The man accountable is now the Inspector General Police. KAUTIM.

    Teoh Beng Hock "committed suicide". The man accountable is now Sabah MACC Director. KAUTIM.

    Nobody has gone to jail for the Multi Billio Ringgit PKFZ fraud. Do You believe there is no evidence incriminating those who arranged the deal? KAUTIM
    Jamaluddin Jarjis was accused of sexual harrasment and sexually molesting a hotel employee. Instead of investigating the case without fear or favour, police acted as the VVIP's agent and "advised" the complainant to withdraw the police report. Not wanting to risk her job, the complainant did that. KAUTIM.

    1. Rather Fuck Jibby if he locked up together with Rosmah in an isolated island with the key thrown away. Hahahaha!

  15. Najib said it is an 8 + year old case..and court judgment has been passed..but the humongous T Rex in the room is still not addressed, Motive.-? Who ordered the elimination of Altantuya?
    And for a PM to allow so many innuendoes of Him being complicit in some way to drag on and fester for 8 plus years...?? Especially when he was willing to swear an holy oath that he had nothing to do with it.
    If that was so, it would only be logical that he should do everything in his power to clear his name and tie all loose ends and giving the case closure.
    And He Has That Power ! For goodness sake,He is the all powerful PM !
    If he wishes ,he can put the resources of PDRM, or other intelligence agencies of the country on the case - ordering a RCI etc etc ,No stone unturned -to clear his name.
    Afterall it is his reputation -domestic and international ,as the PM of a nation to safeguard. It is Murder of the most heinous type here..What PM of any nation will put up with their name being insinuated as being complicit to a heinous crime as murder of an innocent.,especially if He swears it has nothing to do with him..
    But as always ,when queried ,he is evasive with no substance responses that doesn't say much about anything .WHo is he protecting ?Himself or another?

    1. The joke is why kaytee refused to target Najib. What the fuck is his connection with Najib? Lim Yew Hock connection

  16. Since British and Australian standards have been brought up
    By the standards of a Westminster Cabinet, the exposure of the contents of Najib's SMS exchange with the IGP , UMNO lawyer and the detained Razak Baginda, undenied, would have been sufficient to force Najib Tun Razak's resignation for the appearance of interfering with a Police investigation. , as well as a police investigation into possible obstruction of justicr.

    1. This is a very interesting interview on Nixon by David Frost. Know why I say that Nixon should have hired that cibai kaytee as director of communication

      The definitive Malcolm Tucker

  17. Your loverboy.......cibai kaytee

  18. Hahahahaha! What is your relationship with awang selamat? Hahahahaha!

    1. I try to emulate the late Dr Tan Chee Khoon who wrote "without fear or favour". The attempt to smear Najib without any evidence whatsoever started with G.A.N and we know don't we, who started that smearing, with the objective of pushing Najib aside from the DPM (and thus subsequently the PM) post so that "someone" wakakaka who had wet dreams of returning to the Mothership could slide in gnam gnam to replace Najib.

      Hence, until I can see evidence or reasonable proof of Najib's complicity in teh murder of Altantuyaa, I'll speak up regardless of my support for DAP supporter

  19. To me whether G.A.N.actually exists or just the figment of someone's imagination is immaterial.

    The most incisive and fair exposure of the Altantuya case I've read , and has heavily influenced my views was Susan Loone's blog.
    She unfortunately does not update her blog these days, but all the old articles are still there for anyone who is interested in learning more about the tragedy and stench surrounding the Altantuya murder.

    Bottom line, the questions surrounding the case (still unresolved) and the doubts surrounding Najib ( still unresolved) exist independently of PKR or any political party.

    1. as I have posted before, my blogging matey Susan Loone is probably the ONLY person who truly cares for the dead Altantuyaa. Alas, kaytee's only very meagre contribution, inspired by Susan's caring nature, has been two rather amateurish poems, for Alatntuyaa, as follows:

      (a) Remembering Altantuyaa Shaariibuu -

      (b) Murdering Altantuyaa Shaariibuu Again -

    2. BTW, in the 2nd poem (b) Murdering Altantuyaa Shaariibuu Again -, in the last line of its 2nd paragraph, the words "only from the One who is fragrant Pure" refers to my matey Susan Loone, as probably the ONLY person who truly cares for the dead Altantuyaa

      Because of my belief in her and her sincere care I have, wakakaka, dedicated a poem titled The Pure One - see


    And this is what Susan asked.....

    “Who gave the orders
    For them to go, alright
    Who gave the orders
    Martin was shut down, ah, alright
    Who gave the orders
    To drop the bomb, we wanna know
    Who gave the orders
    No refugees across the borders, yeah”i

    (Song by Wyclef Jean)

    1. If I were to speculate no one gave them the orders but they themselves made the decision and took the action after shit happened, would you believe me, and if not, why not?

      My speculation is no better or worse than anyone's speculation. At least mine is not blindly politically prejudiced and one which awaits evidence.

    2. KT

      As long as those who are duty-bound to look for evidence refuse to do so for whatever reason, wouldn't you be waiting in vain ?


    3. hope you are not suggesting we go vigilante as per the American Wild West, namely, taking the laws into our own hands?

      I recall when I criticized AI for his deformasi 916, some of his supporters blasted me, saying f**k democracy as they couldn't wait anymore.

      frightening wasn't it that "they couldn't wait anymore"

      And that's what happened in Thailand because the conservative cabal couldn't wait anymore to win the election democratically from Yingluck because they lack the majority of the people's support.

      such talk are from wolves in sheep's clothing which pretend to be democratic sheep and cheaply mouth meaningless insincere words like reformasi and kita lawan, but give them a slight opportunity (like a 916 or 1998) and they'll make Malaysian into another Thailand under dictatorship rule

      another word for dictatorship under a pretend democracy is de facto rule

    4. KT

      More evidence can be gathered to answer so many questions even without the help of Sherlock Holmes if there's a will to do it.


  21. "There is not a shred of evidence to link me to the
    Watergate robbery" - Richard Milhouse Nixon

    "There is no evidence to link me to the Altantuya murder" - Najib Tun Razak

    Interesting parallels between the two great men...

    1. but in Nixon's case, the evidence was produced. So ... what shall we do with Najib's case?

  22. KT should ask Ah Jib Gir fir a bonus in recognition of his strenous efforts