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Musuh dalam selimut (2)

Reading RPK's UMNO: LIVING IN DENIAL I was attracted by the content of the following (extracts):

Rosie sayang, please bring me the Tiger Balm
my back feels a bit prickly


Kadir’s use of Caesar and Rome as his analogy is actually quite ironical. Caesar was assassinated by his friends who were jealous of him. They used saving Rome merely as the excuse to justify their evil deed. So is Kadir saying that those who want Najib out are friends who are jealous of him and that they are using saving Umno as merely the excuse?

Kadir may actually be right. Those so-called friends who surround Najib are doing him more harm than good. With friends like that Najib does not need any enemies.

Najib was in Hawaii to meet President Obama over golf at the height of the floods. As they say in the corporate world, more deals are done on the golf course than in the meeting room. And I am sure it would have taken many months to plan a meeting with a round of golf with someone as important as the US President.

And I am sure if the US President wants to meet the Malaysian Prime Minister over golf it must have been due to a very important matter. The US President is just too important and too busy to spend a day with a foreign leader to discuss trivial matters.

do you have problems from your own Democrats?

So the Malaysian Prime Minister is away to attend an event that was most likely planned long before anyone knew Malaysia was going to see one of its worst floods in decades. But do we not also have a Deputy Prime Minister and a Cabinet plus a bloated staff in Putrajaya?

What were these people doing when the Prime Minister was away to meet the US President? Are you saying that without Najib nothing can happen? Najib is not singlehandedly running Malaysia. There are more than 1.5 million civil servants, many who are in the Cabinet and the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

It appears like they all left Najib to take the rap. The Umno Secretary-General and the Umno Information Chief both stood aside and allowed Najib to take all the heat.

Mustapa Mohamed, the International Trade and Industry Minister, is also the Kelantan Umno Liaison Committee chairman. What was he doing during the floods? Does he need the Prime Minister to do his job? And the same for the other state Umno Liaison Committee chairmen as well.

Interestingly, while on the subject of Najib meeting US Prsident Obama in Hawaii, ostensibly for golf but more likely for discussions on international and bilateral issues, I recall a former PM who had to use (and pay) an American political lobbyist, Jack Abramoff, to arrange for a meeting in May 2002 with then US President Bush.

let's hold hands a bit longer to make it worth the $1.2 million paid

We were informed that Abramoff was paid a handsome (but to us Malaysian an atrocious) sum of US$1.2 million (that's US dollars and not ringgit) for the effort.

Who actually paid the US$1.2 million is irrelevant at this point, because what I want to point to Pak Kadir Jasin is that we have had Najib meeting Obama in Hawaii without any need for a professional lobbyist, and yet the event as been made to look like an evil unnecessary act by Najib.

While I can understand and indeed expect Pakatan people to hentam Najib for that event, I do wonder at UMNO shooting their very own leader.

It seems the current Gerakan Anti-Najib Mark II by some UMNO fraction is not so much about UMNO retaining power in GE-14 (because what's being done is counter productive to UMNO's political fortune in GE-14) but more about something or someone else's future.

Anyway, I have 2 questions, namely:

(a) Did Pak Jadir in 2002 condemn the atrocious amount of money paid to an American Jewish lobbyist just to arrange a meeting for Dr Mahathir with the then US President?

(b) Is the political future of Muhkriz the real reason why Dr Mahathir, who had earlier 'pushed' Najib into becoming DPM during the AAB regime (presenting AAB with that fait accompli when the then PM was considering Muhyiddin, as RPK wrote in another of his post), has now changed course in wanting to remove Najib from the PM post, as seen from the strident anti Najib criticisms of his henchmen, Pak Kadir and former Min Comm, Zam?

Dad said what's unchanging is change itself
unless of course it's not to his liking


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  1. The opposition is doing what Najib's enemies want them to do.To become their screaming pussies.What can Najib's presence in the over flooded states do? Perform a miracle even the Raja Bomoh cannot do with his two big balls (coconuts).

    I think that the opposition's screaming pussies and Najib's enemies,
    should go lock themselves together in a room and fuck themselves blue,black and purple.

  2. A few points about dealings, political &/or corporate;

    1) Indeed many deals r been sealed at the golf court. But those r MAINLY buddy deals, ie undertable (Malaysian speak) or non transparent private wishy-washy kind.

    So, the question now is why the President of US of A want to do such a deal with a PM of a non-consequential cikurat outpost?

    Checking out his 'moderate' Muslim buddy to form a China checkmate deal in the South China Sea?

    Or looking for a retirement place in the 5th best retirement country in the world? Wakakaka....

    2) Why there is no body be able to replace &/or temperary step into Ahjibgor's role while he is taken a 'well deserved' holiday?

    Remember that M'sia is the most centralised demoncracy in the world. Nothing goes until the head gives the green light.

    Moreover, there is no capable & trust worthy machai around anymore due to years of talent elimination for fear of et-du-Brutus enactment.

    In fact, even the current deputy isn't been trusted as he was not been appointed PM-in-transit while ahjibgor was away for holiday.

    The last PM-in-transit was yr favourite manmanlai during that mamak's time, some decades ago!

    After that no more! Remember? Why?

    Wakakaka... don't expect me to show u the intestines of my sketched match-stick figure lah.

    BTW, this half anmoh is doing a excellent PR for ahjobgor in this write-up. Just pondering why.......sigh....

    1. No Money no honey lor.........

      Hisham Rais must have called him a pengkhianat

  3. umenoo's worst nightmare7:15 am, January 05, 2015

    When Mahathir wanted sleepyhead Badawi out,they used the opposition and the bloggers to do the dirty work.

    Now Mahathir and Umno wanted Najib out.So again they are using the opposition and bloggers by supplying them insider information.Only this time the opposition will get screwed by the elephant's giant dick.Stupid muffons these politicians,letting their enemies play their backsides.

  4. Big time gambling boss represented by big time Umno lawyer,Shafee?.Then we have HM Zahid being protected by Shafee? Go figure.

  5. the new kampung man10:27 am, January 05, 2015

    What is US 1.2 mil to Mahathir.Even if it was his own money,he wouldn't winch an eyelid.

  6. Those who think Najib can delegate his leadership in the middle of the worst floods in a lifetime do not understand the fundamentals of crisis leadership.

    It is also laughable that those same people are trying to give a lecture on the rarified world of golf-diplomacy.
    First thing to get right - this year's floods were more ferocious than anything that anyone alive in Malaysia has experienced. Kuala Krai has never been flooded before, even in 1967 and 1969. Right now the town looks like it got slammed by an air-strike.

    Najib is not to blame for the floods, but he must take on leadership.

    George W. Bush was rightly criticized for his weak and invisible (at the beginning) response to the Katrina tragedy. The same spin defence of Bush was mounted by some Republicans - What can Bush presence in hurricane hit Louisiana do? Perform a miracle ?

    Top leaders have very important roles to play in a crisis. They don't carry guns, they drive rescue vehicles.
    They need to be there, to take charge , to take responsibility (the Buck stops with Najib, as they say), to provide support , to provide direction - light a fire under the government machinery 's backside if necessary.

    To sum it up, the top leader's job in a crisis is to ensure everything possible that needs to be done , gets done.

    If Najib delegates that crisis leadership job to someone else, its a matter of time his entire job gets ceded to somebody else....
    I'm not surprised the long knives are out for him inside UMNO. UMNO is after all a pit of deadly serpents.

    Ironically, at almost the same time, in a different set of circumstances, Air Asia's Tony Fernandes was providing a tutorial in crisis leadership - right there on global TV.

    Those watching his performance will be in no doubt how he managed to build Air Asia from an empty shell airline into Asia's largest budget carrier.

    Perhaps Najib should invite Tony for a game of golf after all this has settled down , and pick up some lessons from him on how to manage a crisis....

  7. 3 nicks - umenoo's worst nightmare, the mean machine, the new kampung man are all the same guy......

  8. Monsterball,

    Do you have a gypsy's crystal ball instead of your huge monsterballs?

  9. Umeeno's worst nightmare.1:16 pm, January 05, 2015

    After Najib is gone,Muhkriz will be the next PM.Not Muhyidin,Hisham or Zahid.KJ can keep on dreaming.Once Muhkiz is in,KJ is on the way out.Hehehe.

  10. "do you have problems from your own Democrats?"

    I think it should be 'do you have problems on MH370'? Wakakaka...

    - hasan

  11. Mukhriz is not PM material.
    Anyone who has dealt with him directly will come to that conclusion. His tenure as Deputy Internation Trade and Industry Minister was markedly unimpressive.

    In a tough open competitive system, he would probably not rise above Ketua Bahagian level.
    With Mahathir's massive cables, he gets to be Menteri Besar.....
    but he'll be floundering as a PM.......

    1. I have written here several times, at the risk of sounding like a broken record....Mahathir is a bad judge of characters, including abysmal ability to judge his son's worthiness to be a leader of a whole country. Bahagian saja boleh lah....negara, mampus lah dia, and even then, he needs Daddykasi punya wang to make the cut to be even head of a small division or state. Once the old man went to meet his maker, he will flounder like a fish out of water.

  12. Just why did Mahathir craved so much to have that fireside photo opportunity with that much-hated president of USA, so much so that it had to involve that shady dealer Abramoff?

    1. it's not as simple as just a photo-op. The Clinton Administration (including and especially VP Al Gore) was pro Anwar Ibrahim and had severely criticized Mahathir for incarcerating Anwar as well as for his anti-Jewish comments - we know that Al Gore openly supported Anwar's so-called reformasi.

      Mahathir might have felt that a hostile US was not to Malaysia's favour on many fronts.

      Then at that particular point in time there was the global push by radical Islamists (eg, al Qaeda) which worried both Malaysia and the USA which had just suffered 9/11 the year before, in 2001.

      There was a new US Administration which saw Bush being likely to be friendly to Dr M than the hostile Al Gore. THus Mahathir saw the opportunity to repair fences with USA through Bush.

      The US under Bush (unlike under Clinton/Gore) indeed became friendlier to Malaysia and in fact even supported Malaysia's use of the ISA, probably because it was also using ISA-style laws to establish Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib, Bagram etc and to practice its 'extraordinary rendition'

    2. " to establish Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib, Bagram etc and to practice its 'extraordinary rendition' "

      “To acknowledge that Americans torture their prisoners would contradict everything this administration has invited the public to believe about the virtue of American intentions and America’s right, flowing from that virtue, to undertake unilateral action on the world stage.” [Susan Sontag]

      Read a short article written by Susan Sontag ‘Regarding The Torture of Others’ as published in The New York Times, on 23 May 2004, at this link;

      - hasan

    3. Ah, so our fearless spokesman of the third world (who used to thumb his nose at the imperialist Yankees) had to have an audience with the chief and meekly present an olive branch to him.

    4. Madhater is still trying to prosecute Bush...but that one is actually a good idea, but not possible to execute.

    5. Who is madhater to try to prosecute a world leader ? Is he so delusional, not able to perceive how others view him, with so many allegations of being one of the most corrupt PM in the world, a bold and blatant racist with not a shred of shame, and with so much of his underhand tactics which could hardly bear scrutiny. Bush is no angel, but this madhater acted as though he is one. Pordah mamak.

    6. Mahathir established the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal in 2007. In 2011 it "...purportedly exercised universal jurisdiction to try in absentia former US President George W. Bush and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, convicting both for crimes against peace because of what the tribunal concluded was the unlawful invasion of Iraq." (source : Wikipedia)

    7. Dr M might not have been the best model/example to convene a War Crimes Tribunal but mind you, it's not wrong of him to indict and prosecute George Bush and Tony Blair for crimes against humanity - I deem them war criminals. And we should include John Howard of Australia as another one in the trio of the Coalition of the Killing, invading a sovereign country and killing people on flimsy unsubstantiated excuses

    8. Hahahahaha! Before indicting others........

      Kindly indict Madhater for crimes against humanity by declaring himself as melayu even though he is an Indian. Where the cibai fuck is Kalai?

      Guess what.....sometimes I love to be a scot........

    9. Would your 'prosecute war criminals for crimes against humanity' apply to nations other that those Yankees and their ilk, such as the brutal suppression of East Timoreans?

    10. "Crimes against humanity" must always be prosecuted. The problem lies in two questions, namely:

      (a) who decides there is a crime against humanity? Eg, would the Israelis persecuting and killing the Palestinians be considered 'crimes against humanity? It will depend on who you ask, the Americans or, for example, the Malaysians?

      (b) Does a sovereign country suppressing rebellion within its own borders constitute "crimes against humanity"?

      In the second, the Yanks, Poms and Aussies who invaded a sovereign country like Iraq and were obviously operating extra-territorially WITHOUT UN sanction was a clear cut case.

      It's more difficult to determine, say, Indian security actions against its Kashmiri rebels, or in the case of East Timur (then still an Indon territory) ABRI's action against Timurese resistance.

    11. OK I get our point - as long as you made it your territory, it's ok to suppress them as a rebellion (Indonesia invaded East Timur in 1975).

    12. I didn't say it's always ok to suppress the rebellion in any manner; there's still a traditional rule of NOT using disproportionate force, as was in the case of the Israeli Ops Cast Lead, or its illegal boarding of the Turkish boat MV Mavi Marmara in INTERNATIONAL WATERS and killing civilians on board.

      I had written (see above) - It's more difficult to determine ... in the case of East Timur (then still an Indon territory) ABRI's action against Timurese resistance.

  13. have a nice trip round the world courtesy of najib, kt.

  14. Obama wants to 'pivot to asia' to contain China whereas we need $. Fair exchange. -huaren