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Dr Mahathir being 'British'?

TMI - Umno blocking its own rejuvenation process, says Dr Mahathir

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There are many capable leaders out there who can take over the helm from Datuk Seri Najib Razak but Umno is the party’s own obstacle in the rejuvenation process, said Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

The former prime minister, in a special interview with Sinar Harian, said efforts to bring in newcomers or leaders into the party were often foiled by existing leaders who were more interested in clinging to their posts, as seen in Selangor.

"As a matter of fact, there are many capable people. But Umno denied them entry. They were not allowed to join the party because everyone wants to take care of their own positions. If a more capable person is brought in, he will never be accepted.

"Take for example Selangor, surely there are a lot of smart, talented and successful Malays in the state but none of them could join Umno. Kicked out, no way. All because they want to hang on.

"And even if the person was allowed in, he will never become the division chief, candidate, or even a Datuk. Everyone is looking out for their own interests. That is why when we ask them to find a replacement, they say that they don't have anyone else," he said.

Dr Mahathir said BN's win in the last national polls was not due to Najib's leadership but more about the voters' uncertainty over Pakatan Rakyat's motives and capability.

He said BN supporters and voters were worried that if opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was allowed to lead the country, DAP's Lim Kit Siang would be made the deputy prime minister.

"People supported BN that day not because of the coalition, nothing to do with Najib's leadership. They were more afraid of Anwar.

"They (voters) see that if Anwar wins, Kit Siang will tag along as the DPM, and then home minister's post... people (who were once against them) will be rounded up. This is what they are afraid of and decided to reject them.

"However if Azmin moves up, provided that Anwar is inside (jailed), maybe the people's view will change. (They) are not afraid of Azmin," he said.

you may not realize this but my family raised this fine young man

we're proud of him as he's now a MB

The above TMI report was three days ago. I summarize my personal opinions on what I've read above as, wakakaka:

(a) According to Dr M, Najib didn't win last election - I disagree. In my post (also letter to Malaysiakini) titled Apa lagi UMNO mahu? I wrote:

... while Pakatan was making inroads in BN strongholds like Johor and Negri Sembilan, Najib and his team were quietly taking the back lanes and by-roads into Pakatan territory to successfully seize seven seats from PAS in Titiwangsa, Kuala Selangor, Pendang, Padang Terap, Jerai, Sik and Baling and eight from PKR in Balik Pulau, Bagan Serai, Kulim-Bandar Baru, Merbok, Machang, Ketereh, Tanah Merah and Hulu Selangor (won by PKR in 2008 though held by BN in a by-election).

It was a significant 15-seat harvest for Umno because it mitigated against the loss of 22 other seats to Pakatan.

Just imagine if he didn't succeed in the above, the final election would have been only 118 seats for BN versus 104 seats for Pakatan, a mere 14-seat difference or only an eight-seat majority to rule. Okay, perhaps let us not proceed any further as to what possibilities this would have offered the other side.

Najib also ripped back Kedah for BN, which surely would and should have earned the undying gratitude of Daddy Mahathir, while holding BN's position in Perak, Perlis and Terengganu. 

In wrestling back Kedah and holding off Pakatan in Perlis and Terengganu, he has basically destroyed the putative ‘Northern Green Crescent' and isolated PAS to only Kelantan.

For Umno alone, he increases its 79 parliamentary seats in 2008 to 88, and in Peninsular Malaysia, BN collectively won 100 seats compared to 99 in 2008, a gain of one parliamentary seat. He also increased the state seats from 239 in 2008 to 244 [figures obtained from Malaysia-Today blog].

And that has been why I capitalised his HERO status for Umno, including Mahathir, to see and think about. They and not the Malaysian voters should be ‘grateful' to Najib.

Mukky buddy, if I give you this briefcase will it help ...

..... me, that is?


(b) Dr M believes that if Anwar wins, Kit Siang will tag along as the DPM, and then home minister's post... people (who were once against them) will be rounded up. This is what they are afraid of and decided to reject them.

Balderdash, I have never heard such nonsense, especially when Pakatan won 51% of the votes to BN's 46.5%, proving that even Malay voters were happy enough to cast their ballots for Pakatan.

It was only a combination of the 'first past the post' electoral system and gerrymandering which allowed BN with 46.5% to garner 133 federal seats to Pakatan's 89 despite the latter securing 51% of the popular votes. 

Also, it was unlikely Lim KS would have been the sole DPM as there was NOT ONLY PAS' Pak Haji Hadi Awang to consider but also the Dökkálfar Dwarf, wakakaka.

Hmmm, Pakatan might have ended up with 6.75 DPMs, wakakaka.

(c) Dr Mahathir has implicitly approved of Azmin Ali as a future PM ... though as one from UMNO or PKR I am not sure but wakakaka anyway..

This calls for congratulations, no wait ... this calls for thunderous applause, wakakaka.

But seriously, I wonder whether Dr M is just being 'British' in what is seen as his game in 'dividing & conquering' Pakatan, while getting rid of Najib?

Hmmm .....


  1. umenoo's worst nightmare6:08 am, January 12, 2015

    Dr Mahathir is still the best PM in terms of strong leadership.Although it stinks of cronyism and corruption,racial and religious mongrels were not running wild on the streets,raping every bitches in sight.Even until today,the doctor is well sought after for his advice.

    1. Nightmare on Elm Street aka Lebuh Nangka8:58 am, January 12, 2015

      The race and religious extremism today was bred under Mahathir. It was his strategy to outflank PAS.
      As with many trends at a national stage, it can take years or decades for the impact to come to a fruition -or for the shit to hit the fan, as it has now.
      History will likely not judge Mahathir kindly.

  2. Well,at least Mahathir looks his best at being a chef.At least a sous or bakery school; graduate.Do not tell me that the Dr was in the service business before he became a Dr and later the DPM and PM.Hehehe

    1. Indeed he was in the service biz before...many a times he had recounted how he sold goreng pisang and the kuih muih made by his mother, servicing all the neighbourhood homes, hehe

      Not bad huh....the typical story of from rags to riches of billions. Malaysia is full of such real life story of from zero to zillions....e.g one former minister started life as a peon, another as a meter reader....and one former leader rise up to heights of glory from being a gatekeeper...many more

    2. He was a medical doctor lah. He has/had a clinic. Patients come for his services. Bodoh.

  3. There is some truth to what Mahathir wrote in (a) , as well as what you wrote.
    As to which factors were dominant, who know ?

    DAP's GE13 strategy of very large ceramahs in urban areas galvanized the urban voters - and frightened the rural "heartland".
    Bear in mind these are people who don't access Internet blogs and Facebook. Their view of national events is shaped by TV3 and RTM 1.

    In the run up to GE13, these MSM played up the threat that a Pakatan win, especially with Anwar would mean a Malaysia controlled by "foreigners". This may be taken to mean the Americans, which Anwar is seen as too close to, but there is an overtone of meaning the "Chinese".
    All this was already widely discussed even before the GE13 voting day, and the impact was clearly seen with significant rural Malays.

    Kedah was a special case, where the Menteri Besar was mostly Out of Action for 2/3 of his term. The state was on Autopilot under PAS, effectively No Pilot.
    It wasn't that Najib who "won" Kedah.

  4. in p. malaysia, bn won 86 and pr got 80. pas lost 7 esp 5 in kedah was due to 1. allah issue & 2. the mb. in the east, pkr & dap merely managed 9 out of 56. bila bn boleh kalah?. was ah jib gor instrumental in the bn's success? if pr esp dap still want to use the hot potato (allah word) as a tool to penetrate east malaysian voters, memang susah.

  5. When UMNO, PAS and PKR's Malay wing get together in one big Super-Malay coalition, DAP will become a cooked goose...or was it a Roast Pig ?

    MCA and MIC will continue as usual as a subsidiary of UMNO....they can always work out a good spin....
    The non-Malays in PKR can go ......hahahahaha...

  6. "because everyone wants to take care of their own positions"

    I agree! That kind of inertia has been indulged for too long. Once I put in a proposal to Dr M. He read it and wrote "Disokong". Nothing happened. I knew it was handed down to a Datuk. I never bothered to follow-up the proposal with Dr M.

    "Dr M is just being 'British' in what is seen as his game in 'dividing & conquering' Pakatan, while getting rid of Najib?"

    Not really 'dividing & conquering' - the reality is Dr M possesses the skills with which to manipulate Pakatan and Najib and perhaps the masses too.

    - hasan

  7. Hard and fast rules to defeat the enemies ?

  8. Mahathir is getting credit when credit is due.Azmin is his godson.So the Dr is the mentor.So Mahathir gets the credit for Azmin being MB.And Mahathir will also get the credit if the dwarf become the future PM.Manmanlai gets the shit.

    1. You are one weird shit, man. Hehehe.

  9. Saudi Arabia issues Fatwa forbidding making snowmen.

  10. The day in 1988 Mahathir got the Lord President of the Supreme Court Salleh Abbas and most of the justices on the Supreme court dismissed was one of the darkest days in Malaysian history.

    The judiciary today is just a shadow of its former self, usually kowtowing to the Executive, led by race supremacists like Abdul Hamid Mohamad

    Mahathir a great man ??? Bullshit !!

  11. Je Suis Mahathir.....wakakakakak

  12. BTW, there is a very ugly racial blame game going on in flood hit areas.
    Tons and tons of goods and provisions were destroyed during the floods, and with blocked and damaged roads, new goods have not been delivered.
    The price of goods have skyrocketed - its simple economics - but UMNO Ministers downward are blaming "Chinese" for the situation.