Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bah-kut-teh at KTemoc Kongsamkok

I have a new post over at KTemoc Kongsamkok. After my last post Urban legend 2 - The secrets of cucumber I thought Bah-kut-teh would be an appropriate followup, wakakaka.

Needless to say, it's not a post filled with kosher stuff, in more than one way, wakakaka!


  1. Selamat menikmati Bah Kut Teh Halal.

  2. Fulamak! From bitter cucumber to bak-kut-teh plus the hanging bosom... wakakaka! Ada apa-apa yang tersirat atau yang hendak disindir ke?

    What not try to concoct the bitter cucumber in the bak-kut-teh dish? Bitter cucumber has got medicinal and healing qualities for ailments and homeopathic remedies including cancer.

    - hasan

  3. You should publish some Charlie Hebdo cartoons - 99.99% of them don't touch on Islam.
    Many of them are actually quite funny - demolishing political and public figures right and left. They had some brilliant cartoonists, a few of whom were killed.

    Political satire is not much appreciated in Malaysia. Many of us have been conditioned to revere our national leaders, though most of them are not deserving of our respect.
    The only active independent political cartoonist here, Zunar has been hounded via the Sedition Act. Likewise Teresa Kok's CNY video.

    1. spitting image is the best

      chicken song

  4. 8 years after her brutal killing, Altantuya still cannot receive justice.

    The latest twist is that Sirul, one of the accused - now condemned to death by hanging - was earlier allowed to leave the country. Latest reports are that he is in Australia supposedly "without money to come back". An Interpol Red Notice (request to arrest) has been issued for Sirul.

    My thinking cap says
    - How did a person with the full possibility he would be condemned to death get to leave the country.
    - Australia would have denied him entry if he did not have a return air-ticket.
    - Sirul now has Zero motivation to return to Malaysia to certain death.
    - Going by past cases, Australia would be extremely reluctant to allow extradition of a person already condemned to death.
    Even if found, it is unlikely the Australian Immigration Minister would effectively sign off his death warrant, because Australia is officially opposed to the Death Penalty. now ?

    1. The good thing is that his image is finally revealed to the entire world !
      Would KT help to catch him !

    2. KT will soon enjoy a cup of Starbucks with Sirul in stories about Altantuya.
      A lot of people would like to ask Sirul - who asked you to "do it" ? - out away from the jurisdiction of Malaysian authorities.

    3. I trust the late private eye more
      for the answer to "who asked you (him) to "do it"? " !
      As for Sirul, the convicted murderer, just hang him till death !

  5. BTW, for Muslims who would like to enjoy the taste of "Bah Kut Teh",
    A1 Brand Instant Noodles has a Bah Kut Teh flavoured range, complete with Jakim Halal Logo and certification number.

    I bought a dozen packets for my Muslim-convert relative (misses his Bah Kut Teh wakakakaka) and he liked it.

    1. If Jakim allows the words Bah Kut Teh on the halal certified product, then they should not have charged Alvin and Vivian for their Hari Raya greetings. The couple did put a Jakim halal logo on that Bah Kut Teh picture of theirs.

    2. There can be a reasonable legal argument that Bah Kut The is a generic name for a dish, just like "Steak" can very well be Beef, Chicken or Lamb.
      In the A1 Instant Noodle case, both the photo and the words printed make it clear the flavouring is derived from halal Chicken stock.

      Jakim has since come out with guideline requiring some other name than "Bah Kut Teh" for Halal versions of the dish.

      In the Alvivi case, the incriminating part of the case is their blog photograph clearly showing a common "Bak (Pork)" Bah Kut Teh dish.


    Charlie Hebdo Round 3 coming up.... a reaction a reaction....