Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Grasshopper of Shaolin

I'll relax today and instead post an article from The Malaysian Insider, one written by DAP Ariff Sabri, better known as blogger Sakmongkol AK47.

wa tolong lu, lu tolong wa, okay?

Sak's article titled The story of Androcles and the lion (citing the title of a fable by Aesop) is a full blown version of my more pithy Wa tolong lu, lu tolong wa?

Here is it:

I am writing this on a personal basis. As one who writes on politics long before I joined DAP and later became its candidate for Raub, Pahang. And Raub, Pahang, is a Malay majority constituency, yea.

I am puzzled by the strategy taken by the leader of PR, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Maybe I have not read a hidden political manual from the Shaolin temple. My political kung fu is not fully developed yet.

He has offered to provide evidence on the corruption that former information minister Tun Daim Zainduin did. He has stories about embezzlements, commissions, award of contracts, licences, monopolies and even sexual trysts? Now, as readers may know, I came to know a bit about Tun Daim. Most of all I know, he is not the PM who is now controlling Malaysia.

So here is why I am puzzled. Why attack Daim when the focus of our efforts ought to be centred on kicking Najib out of Putrajaya? We should be giving as much space for the Umno people to kill off each other.

I would have thought, an enemy of our real enemy is our friend. We should allow Daim and his people (writers, bloggers, ex-ministers) to whack Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. Let us not stop Zam for example to reveal those juicy stories about Najib so that all Malaysia will know Najib for what his truly is. An overrated blue blood who has not much grey material between his ears who is actually a menace to our country. Come on Pak Zam, kasi keluaq habis.

Let us also encourage people like veteran newsman Datuk A. Kadir Jasin to write negatively about Najib.

The objective is to save Malaysia from the insouciant Najib. Look at our debt. It’s really more than the meaningless ceiling of 55% of GDP thing. I can’t remember what it is already- maybe RM560 billion. The amount of contingent liabilities alone is RM160 billion. This amount is cleverly not shown in the Malaysian Budget.

Most of us don’t know. These are loans undertaken by specially created vehicles, such as GLC or some SPVs which are guaranteed by the government. If they go bust or default on their loans, the government steps in and pay. Where will the government get the money? From the treasury of course which is our money.

Look at what is happening to race relations. Umno wants us to be at war with one another. Umno wants nothing better than waging a war against the Chinese, the majority of whom have become supporters of DAP. But its own senior minister is helping out a law breaker now investigated in America. And he is a Chinese.

The narrative by Umno about the Chinese? They will take away the special privileges of the Malays, will attack the Malay religion and will dethrone the poor and hapless Malay rulers. I say hapless because Malay rulers depend on people like Perkasa to defend them. That’s implying, the Malay rulers are not that bright to the extent that they must depend on Perkasa.

It means that The Constitution is useless. The Malay demography is useless.

Look at the government’s acting as bystander to the “vetocracy” unleashed by unelected Islamists now inhabiting many of the religious departments. I don’t want to appear mean-hearted when I say, what does Najib understand about the Islamic religion to expect him to do anything about it?

So why lend a hand to Najib? Indeed TV3 as the main spin master of the PM is giving Anwar a large space to denounce Daim Zainudin. This is suspicious and it’s not because that Saifool bloke is complaining about it. TV3 or other communications medium owned and controlled by Media Prima will not move or do anything, unless cleared by Najib’s people.

I don’t think people like Johan Jaafar, Ashraf Abdullah or Manja Ismail got the balls to give space to Anwar.

To me it appears that Anwar’s priority is no longer PR. So what is it? Even though he has told me he doesn’t care about it- I think his priority now is his personal freedom.

So is there a deal between Najib and Anwar? Anwar lends a hand to Najib to whack Daim who is actually fronting for Dr Mahathir and by doing so, if Anwar succeeds, remove the thorn in the lion’s paw. Is Anwar playing the role of Androcles removing the thorn from Najib’s paw? The lion then becomes tame and shares game with Androcles Anwar?

Or maybe the hidden manual in the Shaolin temple contains a coded message that says - Grasshopper – isolate Najib first and then goes 
[sic] for the kill?

"Master please don't call me Grasshopper"

"Okay then, what about King of hoppers?"


* Sakmongkol AK47 is the nom de guerre of Raub MP Datuk Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz.

* This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of The Malaysian Insider.


  1. O$P$, kaytee


    I will put pig head at your doorstep

  2. What is Anwar's motive to "offer" his treasure trove of evidence against Daim that he had been keeping all these years?

    What was corporal Sirul's motive to blow Altantuya to smithereens using C4 plastic explosives ?

    In Malaysia, the "system " often does not want to know about motives, because motives can be very inconvenient or very embarrassing not only to those directly involved but the government as well.

    1. "What is Anwar's motive to "offer" his treasure trove of evidence against Daim that he had been keeping all these years?"

      Perhaps to counterbalance with his previous hideous act if any... wakakaka

      - hasan

    2. Ariff Sabri has a point that in the interest of destabilising the Ruling UMNO party, Anwar ought to be making life difficult for Team Najib.
      Things get complicated though.
      Daim was instrumental in the original complaint by Umi Hafilda against Anwar.
      There is no time limit for making such payback.
      If Anwar ever appears side by side with Mahathir, that would be truly Machiavellian, even by his standards.

  3. You , Ariff Sabri , are a big time hopper yourself

    1. he is NOT because a hopper (katak) is one who wins a seat under Party A and then moves over to Party B together with that seat, or we could say Anwar himself is also a hopper but which may yet come true, wakakaka

  4. By the way, fuck kaytee if he is afraid anwar ibrahim would sue him..........or me...........hahahahaha.....Me like hisham rais, penghasut no1