Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Book-ish Boar

Is it worth commenting on the circus in town that's called MIC?

Nah, fuck those clowns, wakakaka. They no longer deserve our attention.

Rather, let's talk about an interesting wild boar which paid a visit to the Multimedia University Malaysia (MMU) library today.

photo from The Rakyat Post - was Boar looking for a book on bah-kut-teh?

Before the poor animal had a chance to look up a book it must have wanted, it was killed, as shown by a photo (above left), which pictures a person stepping on it while it was lying quietly between two rows of book shelves in the  library.

Was the wild boar's sudden and unexpected appearance an act of God? Chinese god, that is!


  1. MIC still has substantial traction in the Indian community, especially outside of the big cities. The are many rural Indian poor, and turning to MIC is often one of the few avenues of getting help. This is especially true for the poorly educated to navigate the government bureaucracy.

    It is not that MIC is great, but Pakatan - DAP and PKR are neglecting the Indians when they aren't campaigning for elections.

    DAP, especially, has a large stable of Indian MPs and State Assemblymen, which looks good on paper, but makes bloody little impact on the Indian community.

    1. Hahahahahaha........MIC always have the role to screw the Indians........Hahahahaha.......Cibai

  2. Any surprise the place used to be the animal's habitat!

  3. the gaffe guy who know's11:35 pm, January 06, 2015

    Stop making fun of MIC.They won more seats in GE13 than GE12.PKR won less seats in GE13 than in GE12.So which party is the circus in town,may I ask?

  4. So cruel .......... a lady boar at that ......... she was wearing high heels

  5. People shouldn't knock MIC. It's a party that has many sterling qualities, not the least of which is its ground-breaking tradition of sending items of furniture sailing gracefully through the air at their meetings.

    The other political parties really ought to embrace this charming, quaint custom. It makes the meetings so dynamic and vibrant.