Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Next MB of Kedah

Today is ‘Thinking-out-of-the-Box’ Day, otherwise known as ‘Big Spoon’* Day.

* Big Spoon = sh*t stirring – one needs a big spoon to stir well wakakaka

The ‘spoon’ for today is "Mukhriz Mahathir for MB Kedah" wakakaka.

And why not?

After all, Daddy was from there, though admittedly in 1969 Dr M lost his federal seat of Kota Setar Selatan to Yusof Rawa of PMIP (as PAS was then called) in the original ABU, no thanks to those bloody Chinamen who ABU-ed for PMIP instead of UMNO and left him with a bitter taste, which might have led to his quarrel with Tunku and his expulsion from UMNO.

Despite Kedah being his home state, Dr M was highly marginalized and deliberately ignored/boycotted by his erstwhile kutu-ampu’s (fellow Kedahans) during AAB’s premiership, this time no thanks to the famed ‘loyalty’ of UMNO members, wakakaka.

Anyway, as we know, Mukhriz is eyeing a future PM-ship. There have been rumours that, after the UMNO-initiated fall of Najib, he will be nursed by wannabe-PM Muhyiddin and Hishamuddin until he assumes the No 1 political position in Malaysia in accordance with UMNO’s 2nd Da Vinci code, namely the M-A-H-A-T-H-I-R code-legend, not unlike the now fulfilled R-A-H-M-A-N code-legend.

So the M-A-H-A-T-H-I-R code-legend will supposedly see the following PMs after Najib:

1 - Muhyiddin
2 - Ali Rustam - maybe, otherwise how the heck will we be able to satisfy the ‘A’, unless we insert Anwar here, wakakaka
3 - Hishamuddin
4 - A ….. dei, wait a minute, where’s the required ‘M’ for Mukhriz?

So maybe he is not destined to be a PM unless we revert to a second round of the R-A-H-M-A-N legend, so that, after Najib, we have as PM:

1 - Rustam - f* Muhyiddin, after all, if Ali Rustam was not deliberately sidelined in a pre-2008 party elections on cause of money politics, he would have become the DPM in 2008
2 - A = ??? Again, this ‘A’ is a bit of a buggeration. I am sure many in PKR believe it’s for Anwar wakakaka – maybe we can make Ali Rustam fill this slot again, wakakaka
3 - Hishamuddin
4 - Mukhriz
Etc etc

I’ve attempted toying with the R-A-Z-A-K code but I couldn’t fit dear Mukhriz in – mind you, it'll make most patriotic subsurface-mariner Zahid Hamidi smile.

But I think a better bet for Mukhriz is to go for MB, to accrue experience and stature so that by the time he’s 50 to 55 he will be ready for federal politics and the premiership, …

… in the way RPK has proposed for Nurul Izzah, with a stint as DCM Penang, but not Selangor because Khalid Ibrahim claimed in 2008 that Selangor doesn’t need a deputy MB, principally because he didn’t want to offend PAS or HRH by having C-cube* Teresa Kok as deputy MB. So, logically, if Teresa could not, how could Nurul? Mind, there's mucho double standards and no assured logic in Malaysian politics.

* C-cube = Christian, Chinese, Charbor (female)

Besides, we know UMNO is currently not doing well at federal level so perhaps a managed hiatus in federal politics for Mukhriz may not be ill conceived.

Mind you, just prior to the 2008 GE, Mukhriz had wanted to represent Langkawi but was rejected by 85 out of 91 UMNO branches in Langkawi,even though Dr M was the man who did all he could for Langkawi and broke the 7-generation curse of Mahsuri for the Island.

But of course at that time, AAB and his 4th Floor Boys had their knives in Dr M, so per the renowned ‘loyalty’ of UMNO members, their loyalty went to ‘Siapa Raja’ and not who did what for them wakakaka. As Dr M himself often lamented, Melayu mudah lupa.

So poor Mukhriz stood in Jerlun which had been a very marginal seat for UMNO. He scrapped through.

But now no worries because AAB is out and Daddy is again back in vogue as the party darling, so it’s virtually guaranteed Mukhriz will be supported by 101% of any UMNO state constituency in Kedah. He will also, like Dad when he was PM, receive garlands as big as the Garden of Eden wakakaka.

Currently, given SAMM’s outrage and consequentially promised campaign against the current PAS MB, Azizan Abu Bakar, for his treacherous non-party line support of UUCA, and Chinese Kedahans’ dislike for same MB, there is a possibility that PAS may be voted out to an extent it loses majority rule in Kedah – for more, read
Another Hasan Ali.

So if UMNO (forget about MCA and Gerakan, but don’t leave out MIC wakakaka) wins back Kedah, Mukhriz Mahathir could well be the next MB of Kedah.


  1. FOS = Full of Shit.

  2. Kedahans hate Mahathir.
    His son can keep on his father.
    All codes are off!
    Under PR Govt...Anwar will be PM...and all after him...will be the listening to Malaysians Lim Guan Ebg...Nurul...Husam.
    Puan Azizah will be PM if Anwar is not around.

  3. Ali Rustam will be PM....if UMNO b can win forever and ever to govern.
    This idiot is good for nothing..only good in carrying balls.

  4. The more I read about UMNO b's plan...for this or that...who to be future PMs...the more sick I am... over these bunch or racists ..rouges and thieves.
    It saddens me to note you have minorities supporting UMNO b government who think their grandfathers left Malaysia to do as they like.
    How on earth can Malays be fooled by UMNO b on and all logic and commonsense.
    These idiots DO feel so insecured without UMNO b..pampering them...and fooling them for decades.
    These Buttercup...Big easy job..easy money...working under UMNO b government.
    These idiots are racists and love every minute of being it...thinking Malaysia belongs to one race...and all others are aliens...or second class citizens.
    They are the fools rushing in....getting NOTHING.
    The worst of the lot is MCA scums and leeches...which shame my in day out.
    Now is the Way of the Water Dragon.
    First drown all the sums and leeches ...then round up all UMNO b crooks and throw them to the dungeons...let them rot there...and taste the hell life they gave Malaysians.
    Let them live in jail forever.
    Hanging is just too good for some of them.

  5. KT,if Mukriz can be MB of Kedah,why can't Monsterball be political adviser to LGE.Monsterball has more brains then him.

  6. Let us all unite the bury the Corrupt Mahathir clan forever....

  7. Being moved from a Federal Seat to a State Seat can be a positive, or a negative move, and examples of both have occured.
    For some politicians, being moved to a State seat has been the prelude to a slow oblivion, though I hardly expect that to happen to Mukriz.
    On the other hand, some overly greedy Menteri Besars have had to be "kicked upstairs" to stop their thieving hands on State awards, especially land. Rumour has it Moo-yidin was one such case.

  8. bruno rhapsodises on the alleged intellectual abilities of the one whose only remaining ball is monstrous...

    KT,if Mukriz can be MB of Kedah,why can't Monsterball be political adviser to LGE.Monsterball has more brains then him.

    Actually, gua setuju sama lu, but only when their respective intelligence is compared. Tapi, if the one whose only remaining ball is monstrous is to become "adviser" to Ah Guan, son of Ah Kit, then the Dap will become sakit, mati liao. UMNO can afford to experiment with MBs with sub-par intelligence, but Dap cannot: nanti masuk longkang baru tahu! :>

  9. Reform Deform Makan7:16 pm, January 25, 2012

    One of Ktemoc's weaknesses is he has a soft spot for Mahathir, and by extension, possibly the rest of his clan.

    Contrast that to his unrelenting and comprehensive hostility towards Anwar Ibrahim.

    Really weird...

  10. Zombie ...a living dead talks!
    No balls nothing but like a what the master program him to talk.
    Repeated..."DAP will become sakit, mati liao" whenever highly intelligent suggestions given ..about me.
    He is not only insulting me....but Bruno too.
    Knowing Bruno...he will simply ignore a brainless bone and skin man walking and a parrot..repeating and repeating.
    But me..MONSTERBALL will catch him by his bones and make walking sticks of it...for poor people like Buttercup..when his cup runneth over and hospitalized.. recouping his health...overworked to earn his bread and butter...poor fella.
    KTemoc...seems to totally ignore Mahathir is the leader of the band of rouges and thieves and judge Mahathir by what he did good..ignoring that were cover ups for what he did much much more wrongs...all through his 22 years as PM.
    That.. as ..ex Chief Judge Ian said is the Devil reincarnated...and how I wish KTemoc is a Christian to understand that label given to Mahathir.
    Back to the Zoombie...stay as a zoombie and keep bragging as much as you like.
    Your jealous attitude and personality is seen so clear.
    You are a jerk that needs to keep jerking your balls to make the tool stand up.
    My monsterball..still strong..never grow Johnny Walker.

  11. How I wish I can talk like
    "Reform Deform Makan" writer.
    I too think KTemoc is "Race first...Malaysian second".
    But God is great...he carry balls once in a blue moon....not like Buttercup...all night long.
    Morning 9am-5pm...cannot show carrying balls.
    He does not know who are the spies for Anwar ...working for the Najib in the Govt.Depts.

  12. expect KTemoc respond to your comment to him?
    He will keep quiet and think of a post like.."Monsterball, LGE adviser...Mukriz, MB of Kedah"...and out for his rubbing rubbing in sickening low class joke on me.
    PS: KT..where got visitors give you hints on new me.....hahahahahahahaha
    Got to jaga your to keep teaching first time voters.. how to to protect you Penang blighters from UMNO b scheming ...treats and tricks to frustrate LGE...and here you still have a soft spot for Mahathir.
    Are you NUTS?

  13. Just look at KTemoc's photo put out for Mukriz...soooooo intelligent and stylish looking.
    I think KTemoc...should get a big angpow from Mukriz soon.
    Mahathir said Mukriz is a billionaire because he is very smart.
    What about the RM1.2 billion Mahathir took from our EPF money to save his son?
    How come smart sons need billions to be saved? tell me...KTemoc.
    hi..KT...RM1.2 billion...not RM1.2 million...of Rakyat's money...just ONE case.
    Do you believe Mahathir has stolen more than RM100 billion from us?
    How much did you get...KT?

  14. shit is good too

  15. One is getting insane reading...another said shit is good.
    What has become of this blog?
    Weak minds coming to a strong blog?
    Nerves cannot take it.
    Go join Buttercup and sell all your cups...but don't choose customers like Buttercup.
    The more Saiful's seefat available.....the better for Najib.

  16. And that's why Penang will never be taken away from matter what stunts you all are applying.
    LGE hates thieves..hypocrites and two-timers.
    He is as sharp as his father.
    And you can like LGE gets all the fucking from BN monkies and donkies....still not fully developed as humans..and we are simply too smart for them......hahahahahahahaha
    Go thank Mahathir for what you are...and stop insulting the PATRIOTS.
    Go watch the Mel Gibson "PATRIOT" movie again..and be inspired.

  17. Good night Bruno...KT and to all that the loving Malaysians...that will vote for change.
    Others...Water Dragons and Hornbills will take care of them.
    The time is right for the taking.
    Again..Good Night....CHEERS!!

  18. Good night monsterball,KT and all you guys.Sleep easy.

  19. A few reminders for good night readings.The only politician who can match Mahathir in riches is Sarawak's Taib.

  20. Wah....we have a tag team Dumb 'N Dumber here - the renouned Buddy Team - Bruno & Monster Bola, wakakaka.

    "KT,if Mukriz can be MB of Kedah,why can't Monsterball be political adviser to LGE.Monsterball has more brains then him." saying that his BUDDY monster has more brains than Mukriz, this Dumb is not even aware he is insulting his Dumber buddy. So, Dumb N Dumber.....always goading each other on...hehehe.

    Anyway, joke aside, that botak M is sadly lacking the brains of his evil dad. Plus a personality as exciting as a piece of dry wood, totally deprived of even a single iota of charisma. When the son speaks up, after the first sentence, nobody pays attention. How to make it as a politician here? All he has todate is DADDY KASI - his billions, his position, his very posh life, wakakaka. He is indeed full of dedication.

  21. Anon 11:33pm

    you are the dumber smart ass here.mukriz can sit on your face anytime.monsterball and bruno too.

  22. This the morning of he next day...awake and what to I see...cats away..mice began to play.
    Idiotic...Anon crooks dare to sit on anyone's asses...and sure smarter than us..if you count the billions he has.
    All billionaires are smarter than the poor people...that's supposedly is a fact.
    But UMNO b billionaires are all came from..stolen money.
    I guess their false titles thrill you too.
    You dum dum good for nothing UMNO b scumbag...admiring crooks and thieves shamelessly for what?..for a steady job?
    Soon you will be digging holes to plant trees in the streets.

  23. And ANON 11.33pm..if Mahathir is so smart like you say he is...why is he so afraid of University students?
    Mahathir is the smartest in dirty politics...and if that's what you admire most..then you have become a creature of the night...depending on UMNO b's hand a first class beggar.
    So you admire Mahathir lied 14 times to Royal Commissioners too?
    Tell me....idiot...did Mahathir openly take RM1.2 billion from EPF to save his own son's failures?
    What kind of Malaysian citizens are we having now..not listening to logic and facts.
    Why are they so pro to UMNO b's crooked and corrupted government?
    What do they gain by that?
    Will they be shivering..when Anwar is PM?
    Don't worry la...he will not sack you.
    He will ask you to wash toilets and take over jobs done by foreign laborers.
    The Govt is over staffed.
    Take it or go begging.

  24. You know why Mahathir said he dare not sack Samy Vellu?
    Because Samy said...if Mahathir touches him..he will bring him and few jail..with him.
    You know why Nazri said UMNO b Ministers need not declare their assets?
    Go la...use your brain and think.
    You are happy these crooks cheat Malaysians because you have NOTHING for them to cheat pariah dum ass.
    But you are cheated...and that's too deep for you to understand.
    By the time you will be mending shoes at the road side.

  25. OK...see U 10am.
    Got to do my "things" do yours...I do mine.
    Reading a nice book and watch educational discovery channels...much better than talking to a bunch of nitwits.

  26. Anon 12:11 AM

    Me no relish anybody sitting on me face....hahaha. Especially huge mamak arse who has grown fat freeloading from the sweat and tears of the rakyat. One huge smelly assh*le on top is too nauseating,to say the least, hhehehh.

    As for the Dumb N Dumber buddy team.....genuis IQ they might not possess, but at least they are harmless and they don't rob.

    Anon 12:11, don't forget to wipe the smirk off your face after you've done licking that mamak sonny's arse, wakakaka.

  27. Anon 11:33pm and anon 12:11am

    The both of you deserves each other.Both of you can take turns sitting on each other's faces.Monsterball and myself will enjoy watching you two gals licking each other's asses on the sidelines.Hahaha.

    If you two gals do need any more company,we can always ask Saiful to join you.Have fun.


  29. Gals?...females?
    WOW...UMNO b female members very itchify la.

  30. All quiet again.
    Talk big when we are not around.
    Come on someone backsides and assholes....and I will get sharp shooters...from Watusi land...make both your cups not only cracked like Buttercup's cup...but broken into pieces more real...part flesh ...part plastic...after surgery reconstructions.
    Calling Freedom Fighters...dumb asses?
    Come and lick my Monsterball...if Saiful is still crying...not in the mood.
    Something better than nothing..when times are bad.
    My buddy Bruno...can watch monsterball ride UMNO b's ichify by one.or two problem.
    You will find the pain is worst that pushing a baby out from giving birth...that is if both you bitches are slightly used virgins.
    So painful..then so nice...want more and more.
    Want to talk cock with Monsterball?

  31. Where have they gone to?
    aiya...where got and run away.
    Stay and fight for your heroes peanuts with cups as big as your moon fut faces.

  32. Anon 12:11 AM sez: you are the dumber smart ass here. mukriz can sit on your face anytime. monsterball and bruno too

    Anon 12:11 AM on his part will be appreciatively mouthing and tongueing Mukh's hugely erect cucumber and loudly declaring, "Oh, my gosh, it is such a glorious privilege to be allowed to do this, and as an added bonus it is so unbelievably delicious! oooo mmmm sigh!"

  33. Anon 12.11 AM got fucked so many..fainted.
    A very good early morning to all loving Freedom Fighters.
    Signing off....
    PS: Watch for UMNO b rats coming out soon. They only talk big..when we are not around.

  34. "Monsterball and myself will enjoy watching you two gals licking each other's asses on the sidelines" we all know why these 2 buddies are so thick together ! Perverted voyeurism in old age can cause blindness tau tak? If not blind pun, boleh jadi cock-eyed in BOTH eyes, hahaha This is no old wives beware lah.

    Btw, why are you turning us guys into gals? (as in girl, female ah?)
    You only shiok to see women licking each other ? Aiyoyo.....old men and their perverted taste, wakakaka.

    PS - Try to respect the opposite sex a bit more lah. A true gentleman don't run them down like that.....don't you people have mothers, sisters, wives etc ?

  35. with all the above 'licking' wakakaka, by now all the asses in Malaysia would have been licked clean, so let's all change tack for improved comments

  36. Don't worry...KTemoc..improvement will ultimately be the job of the Water Dragon.
    He has arrived and waiting for 13th GE.
    We are just foot soldiers paving he way for his arrival.
    Ass licking is what Najib is fond at accusing others and we are throwing back the insults right at the faces of his trained robots.
    The moment I signed rat came out.
    They started talking ass licking and Freedom Fighters will continue.
    I hope KT's request is respected.
    Otherwise...all asses in Malaysia licked not enough..lets go International...and make the whole world laugh at us.
    After all...Rosmah is reported to be addressed as the First Lady in Sydney and shopped 60 designed dresses for herself...and God knows what else...yet she denied.
    Out come the few Australians proving they are no liars like her.
    Najib's ass must be contained and controlled or else Rosmah will keep on spending the stolen loots and when we are in the position to claim all back...millions will be spent by her and his sons.
    Same goes for Mahathir and his sons...not forgetting Abdullah...Nazri ...Rafidah...Rias Yatim...Rustam..all multi millionaires..and of course...the famous cow lady...Shahrizat and her hubby.
    Mahathir stole the most...and some are lying off laundry money that cannot see daylight.
    Ass kicking we will expose all these rouges & remind young voters the facts of life to vote the crooks out at all cost.
    How can Bruno and few here allow crook's robots to insult us?

  37. "try to respect the opposite sex"...said Anon3.36AM
    That's the typical UMNO b idiots trying to blame Freedom Fighters for what they are.
    I am sure ALL the female Malaysians..not involved with UMNO b are quite clear who we are talking to.
    Does any Malaysian female out of UMNO b and respect Shahrizat now?
    A pariah Anon 3.36AM...teaching us manners?

  38. At one time Mahathir keep teaching Malaysians how to behave too.
    Since the day he deny being half Indian..half Malay...his comments are always about how to hold on to power by his more teaching Malaysians.
    His skin is much thicker than Samy Vellu..and the rest of all dirty politicians.
    Chua Soi Lek appeared nude is nothing compared to Mahathir's lying and cheating....fooling his own rob and steal...his whole life.
    This is the world biggest crook...con man...that Malaysians have to live with it for so long.
    The end of Mahathir's UMNO b is guaranteed.

  39. anon 11:33am and anon 3:36am

    I know who you are.Buttercup is QD is Bedul.My buddy monsterball will crushed your cup when he catches up with you.Enjoy while you can I will sent monyet king to have you caged.

  40. KTemoc...get to know how we feel.
    We cannot be like you...respect Mahathir and hate Najib...and may or may not vote for change in Penang..but who cares.
    You know DAP will win again and again.
    That's the beach-head...that the Water Dragon will start flying all over Malaysia...liberating Malaysians.
    You should be smart enough and leave your personal emotions aside.
    If you are so must not respect a devilish man.
    And back to ass licking...lets see if Anon 3.36 AM respect your wishes or trying to be too smart to Bruno and few of us.
    Even Buttercup is speechless...conscious pricking him hard.

  41. hahahahahahaha...again my buddy Bruno guided me to see the truth.
    Sooooo Buttercup is disguising himself again?
    Best news...I will roll him with my MONSTERBALL..and make shit pancakes out of him.
    Come on a your true colour...not be a rat....disguises here ...disguises there.
    Come to think of it...Bruno is always right.
    He is like Sherlock Holmes...can see through bloody Buttercup's more high more burning rubber{condoms}.
    Now talk ass licking.

  42. A piece of advice for you monsterball, you're very fond of accusing people for whatever things you have imagined of their intentions, thoughts or preferences, like what the Japanese did during their occupation of Malaya, so I suggest that check very carefully before you write stuff like "KTemoc...get to know how we feel. We cannot be like you...respect Mahathir and hate Najib...and may or may not vote for change in Penang".

    And believe me, I don't want you to be like me, nor I you wakakaka.

    Secondly, you accuse various people of alleged crimes - I hope you can back your words up in court should they take you there.

    Just my advice wakakaka.

  43. Waiting eagerly to go to court KTemoc.
    No need to advise me...WAITING.

  44. yIP...KTemoc...we are totally different with different personalities.
    I am a rough are well polished.
    But it will be millions of rough diamonds like me...protecting your ass too.
    Have been nearly killed few times by "mysterious" people these 8 years commenting.
    Children are concerned..but my cup runneth over...I fear no evil...devils..ghosts...or plain gangsters all my life.
    In any case...thanks for your kind concern.
    WAITING ...waiting and waiting.
    Big Dog was the to threatened put me in jail..8 years ago.
    KTemoc....get it clear...not all UMNO b influential people..police or gangsters and crooks too.
    Be happy and well..KTemoc.
    Let me finish my job.
    It's getting closer and closer and I will leave commenting after 13th GE.

  45. KTemoc..Why not talk about Najib accusing all Malaysians supporting PR are Devils.
    Which is worst?...fooling Malaysians or accusing the corrupted the rouges and thieves stealing our money?
    Come on KTemoc..if Anwar can do so much..what is mine comparing to his sacrifices.

  46. So..."You help me. I help you" with our OK.
    Najib famous flip flopping .lying...threatening...provoking..and many more...all OK.
    Mahathir keep fooling the Malays...all OK.
    You want proofs?
    Are you blind?

  47. Now Nazri..trying to fool all Malaysians with his most idiotic reason why ministers must not declare their assets...all OK.
    aiyah...dear KTemoc...why you so clever to be friendly to some crooks at this time.
    Be 100% FOR or if .buts and why.
    Najib declared war against TRAITORS.
    He said all UMNO b guys are PATRIOTS.
    Do you believe that?
    Die for the country and people...most welcome.

  48. "ding dong"..door bell ringing...police arrive so fast?

  49. No la...postman with registered letter.. need signature.
    I guess a big cheque arrived for more shopping...hahahahahahahaha
    Got to rest...bye.

  50. " accuse various people of alleged crimes - I hope you can back your words up in court should they take you there...."

    Yea, we know that's why UMNO is really as clean as a new born Babe.
    In 54 years, no more than 3 or 4 mid-echelon UMNO leaders have ever been charged in court for Corruption

    Najib is the cleanest politician in Malaysia...after Samy Vellu, of course...

    Almost makes me want to vote for UMNO..but please let me puke first...

  51. Before you are taken to court, you will be taken first to that infamous building where one can practise flying down a window from the 14th floor.

  52. 14th floor or any not fear me.
    Throw me if they want..and like Teoh Beng Hock...dead .yet still very much Malaysians hearts...all wanting to vote this sickening government out...then we both can rest in peace.
    Natural death...I cannot get one more vote.
    Flying down from 14th floor...maybe at least 14 more UMNO b members will pity me and fuck the killers voting UMNO b government out.
    I will be a laughing fear never ever get hungry..for my children will keep feeding me...dead or alive.
    Meanwhile...Anon 1.51AM..give me a bright idea..practicing flying...and first place I fly to is to Buttercup's cup...for good old time sake...and one for the road.
    He will suffer worst in living hell..with ghost rider after his cup.

  53. Get that fucking bastard,scumbag, idiot of idiots MONSTERBALL out of your comments section, KTemoc!! monsterball is an eyesore and has been rejected everywhere from MT to Malaysiakini, why do you debase your blog by publishing his comments. FUCK MONSTERBALL!!!!