Saturday, January 21, 2012

AG's Appeal - "black as hell, dark as night"?

RPK borrowed and paraphrased the opening phrase of a soliloquy in Shakespeare's Hamlet for the title of his latest post in his Corridors of Power column.

In To file or not to file, that’s the question, he reckoned the AG’s appeal against the dismissal of charges in the infamous Sodomy II case has to do with Najib’s kowtowing to pressure from UMNO hardliners to ensure his own survival as UMNO president.

Pakatan has obviously picked up on that suspicion, as reflected in The Malaysian Insider’s Najib ceding to Umno hawks over court appeals, says Pakatan.

I am not too sure about that, based on what I posted last week, namely Najib + Anwar versus Dr M?, where I referred to the writings of 3 other bloggers, namely RPK (quoting Haris Ibrahim), Mohd Arshad Raji and the blogger of Corrupted Barisan Nasional website.

Though the last two are pro Pakatan bloggers, the message in each either hinted or alluded to a deal done between Najib and Anwar Ibrahim which resulted in his Sodomy II charges being dismissed by the court.

The alleged deal was supposed to shore up Najib’s position in UMNO, specifically against Dr M's moves, which led the 3rd blogger to write:

The acquittal surprises many people – from opposition parties, Najib administration, former premier Mahathir and even Anwar himself.

But was Anwar really surprised with the verdict? For a person who was about 90% to be sent behind bars for the second time for the same sodomy charge, Anwar doesn’t seems to be the happiest person in comparison to his wife, daughters, the thousands cheering crowds and his buddies from the opposition parties.

But the question I have been asking has been: OK, if there is a deal, how in the world is Najib going to ensure Anwar fulfil his part of the alleged ‘deal’ once he’s released?

Mind you, just extending from that idle pondering, I wonder whether RPK and Pakatan might both be wrong to suggest that Najib had surrendered grounds to the ultras by allowing the Ag to appeal and continue with the mockery of the scandalous case.

Thus when I read Malaysiakini’s Anwar's sodomy acquittal a Pyrrhic victory, I wonder whether the ‘appeal’ has been to serve as a ‘Sword of Damocles’ over Anwar's head?

I know my God-fearing MBS headmaster used to tell me (reinforced forcefully with six strokes of his cane) that ‘idleness is evil’, but I still couldn’t but help having idle thoughts, that if Najib were to win big in GE-13, then the ‘Sword’ will be removed.

Perhaps Hamlet’s immortal words may not be the appropriate quotation for RPK to use, but rather the last two lines of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 147:

For I have sworn thee fair, and thought thee bright,
Who art as black as hell, as dark as night

... where, incidentally, it can also apply to the 3rd blogger’s claim in his post
Anwar’s Acquittal – What Are The Hidden Messages? that ‘Big Mama’ was actually the one who prompted Najib into this action, wakakaka.


  1. Ktemoc's capacity for reading/ postulating past and future bad intent/ action on the part of Anwar Ibrahim is almost limitless.

    If only he spent similar energy into exposing UMNO misdeeds and dark plans...

    Such brilliant narrow mindedness...brainy but nevertheless misguided

  2. I see Anwar and his blogger supporters are all shivering in their pants because of the appeal.
    I was so happy that I slept fitfully last night.
    Why are these people so scared of the appeal?
    Saiful and dad have always wanted the appeal from the start. It was his butt that was sodded. He has every right to get justice.
    If Anwar lost the case, he would have appealed too and will be playing the delaying tactics.
    Justice doe not end with Anwar being freed.
    Saiful is a victim which must be given all avenues of legal recourse.
    Allah is on the side of the truth.
    Anwar must have full trust in Allah and the judges which he sad was fair.
    It's got nothing to do with BN trying to stop Anwar's political ambition as claimed by some.
    He's such a copycat. Now he has a Facebook account under Ah Wah account to compete with Ah Jib Gor.
    Heard Monsterball is a facebook friend of Ah Jib Gor.

  3. buttercup,

    you believe in Allah?

    C4 is ok? why no appeal ah?


  4. how come the AG not so proactive in the mongol killing case. double standard!

  5. How many other people in Malaysia, other than Anwar Ibrahim have been tried for sodomy in Malaysia since 1957 ? - a span of more than 44 years.

    If the accused was not Anwar Ibrahim, the case, on its merits, or rather lack of merits, would have been thrown out a long time ago, and the AG would not have bothered to appeal.

    Cukup-lah. If Peguam Negara wants to be a politician , he should just join UMNO.
    He's earning something like RM 70,000 PER MONTH. What a waste of taxpayer's monety

  6. Wishing all my buddies,Monsterball,KT and all the anons a "Happy And Prosperous Chinese New Year".

  7. Likewise .likewise to all...including Anons..especially Bruno & KT.

  8. Anon 11.12pm...the so call showing his true color who is his boss.
    He is no Govt. AG
    He is UMNO b party appointed stooge.
    Don't look for logic and sensible actions.

  9. The good news is Buttercup is back.
    The bad news is I have to ignore to usher in the Water Dragon....most powerful of all Dragons.
    The good news is 2012 is the year all corruptions days are gone...under PR government.
    The bad news is rouges and thieves days are numbered...including Buttercup's cup.
    BN ghosts ...goblins..cups...Arm Chair Critics..ALL..out with a mission to get me...angry at this period...will not ..
    The good news is there is so much true love surrounding me right now....the dark side..trying hard to irritate me..will not work.
    The way of the Dragon will sweep away all evil and devilish Malaysians to be timid and change for the better....or else....balls will roll...heads will turn...making KTemoc's blog..the classic example of REFORMASI being applied here.

  10. "Saiful is a victim which must be given all avenues of legal recourse" - Buttercup

    But Saiful later claimed it was consensual sex ? (sukarela?) It seemed he even brought along his own KY jelly? So where's the victim?

    If sodomy is a crime in this country, then BOTH ought to be charged ? But like what Rocketman said, in all the 44> years, why only Anwar be charged such, when many sodomites can easily be found cohabitating quite freely in this 'islamic' nation.

  11. Hahaha, so going by the conspiracy theory, big mama is the brain behind pink lips' fight for his life against that number one rancid curry mamak? ( N vs 3M )

    Ada jugak some gray matters underneath all that huge beehive hairdo, hehehe. Brain cells + guts + deviousness = mampus kau oh mamak greediness.

    She would have achieved 2 things at one go - neutralise the man who walks on water by letting Anwar roam free, and at the same time with the appeal, the sword is hanging over Anwar's head so that he will not dare to renege his alleged 'deal' with pink lips.

    This theory makes more sense than the story that pink lips is on course with his so-called reforms and that the judiciary is now all so independent.

    We now see in action the famed Malays' unsurpassed art of court intrigues....things are not what it seemed on the surface and they can change sides in a blink of an eye, before you could even utter the word 'sodomy'.

  12. Khoo Kay Kim has just discovered a homosex relationship between Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat! So to save the trouble of having a court case, he declared them to be non-existent!

  13. What lot of bunkum horse shit.... Buttercup is talking 10.24 PM last night.
    The entire comment he made is based on his dream and desire....not facts.
    His lying and rumor mongering is worst that Ah Jib Gor.
    Tonight is the night.
    Right now..still last minute of last year.
    Observed that Buttercup is getting worst.
    Feeling shameful...dare not high 5 KT anymore....he has no style to insult me.
    Mahathir told Najib...he must do all he can to get Anwar into jail.
    He said loosing the 13tth GE to PR.. not important.
    Getting Anwar into jail......most important.
    Go and read between the lines and all smart Malaysians will know exactly why Mahathir said that.
    Buttercup thinks without Anwar...or Anwar in jail...PR cannot occupy PutraJaya.
    Buttercup has become an idiotic government nutty.
    Now this is facts...few are giving Buttercup a lesson on.... how to have a balanced mind...and stop talking cock and bull.

  14. Gong Xi Fa Chai KT, Ball and everyone.
    KT must be having a reunion dinner right now since Oz is ahead of us in time zone.
    Mr Ball owes me Angpow, RM10 for every mention of me, which means hundreds of Ringgit.
    Don't choke on your food, Ball.

  15. Trying to be friendly and joking with me....during CNY?
    Are you afraid of the Water Dragon with Monsterball...riding it?
    LKS is strapping ROCKETS onto Sarawak...and with so many Water Dragons is like God listened and answering helpless Malaysians prayers.
    Anyway...thank you for your concern.
    We are not greedy and will not choke taking food.
    As for your claim I owe you hundreds of must have given so many credits using your cup...and confused yourself.
    In my life...I owe no one money...but UMNO b have stolen hundreds of ringgits belong to me too...besides from the 27 millions people.
    It is idiots like you that the rouges and thieves stole from...yet do not realize that at all.
    Perhaps you even think your salary is paid by UMNO b and not from tax payers.
    What cow brain have you got.