Sunday, January 08, 2012

The man who would be PM

I gifted you the mortal world
To rule the lands and do as you please
And now you impious earth worm
You dare to claim your father's throne?

- Pretender To The Throne (opus I: The Usurper's Spawn)

Malaysiakini - If Ku Li can be PM, why can't I, jests Azmin

Anwar Ibrahim states that, should he be jailed after the 109 court verdict, Pakatan will have an interim prime minister until he (Anwar) is released by a Pakatan government.

Azmin Ali, when asked whether Tengku Razaleigh (Ku Li) will be headhunted to act as the interim PM, was reported to have ‘jested’ why shouldn't he (Azmin) be the interim PM?

May I just comment that I doubt he was jesting!

Just a reminder - this post is about Azmin Ali and not Anwar Ibrahim. However, in writing about Azmin’s ambition, it's not possible to avoid mentioning Anwar as well because really, without the latter’s unquestioning support and endorsement of Azmin, the question in Malaysian politics would likely have been: “Who in the world is this Azmin Ali?”

Anwar’s unreserved support of Azmin Ali is well-known to all, and thus I’m not revealing any State or PKR secret, nor am I bashing Anwar.

Azmin Ali’s ascendancy to become PKR’s No 2 has been charted by him personally (in this, he’s certainly ambitious) and endorsed unquestioningly by Anwar Ibrahim. Like a dodgem car, he had bulldozed both Nallakaruppan and Zaid Ibrahim aside in PKR party elections, naturally with the ‘help’ of Anwar and the inner coterie.

We have been told that in a PKR party election some years back, Anwar instructed Nalla not to contest the remaining VP position because the former wanted Azmin Ali to take up that post, a vital one for Azmin if he is to eventually ascend to the deputy presidency.

Naturally an outraged Nalla left PKR in acrimonious circumstances, not unlike Anwar himself when he was expelled unceremoniously from UMNO. Both felt a sense of grave injustice to their respective selves, perceived or otherwise. Given this, it's bizarre Anwar didn't consider Nalla's feelings, but then again, maybe not!

But I wasn’t surprised when the anwaristas pinned the label of traitor or UMNO Trojan Horse unjustly on Nalla, as they did REPETITIVELY on anyone who left PKR in unfriendly circumstances, usually in dispute or in disgust with Azmin Ali or/and Anwar Ibrahim.

It would not be too far-fetched to say, without that dictatorial and most un-reformasi marginalization, Nalla could well have been PKR’s No 2 today, what with the depth of the Indian ranks then in that party.

As for Zaid Ibrahim, I have always lamented his incorrect decision to opt for membership in PKR instead of DAP, but I suspect he wanted to provide himself as an alternative to Azmin, who was not well thought of by many in PKR but whose position has been so well entrenched because of his godfather’s favouritism.

As I had written in other posts, Zaid attempted to persuade, firstly, Khalid Ibrahim to go for PKR’s No 2 position, and then, when Khalid dared not challenge Azmin, encouraged Nurul Izzah to do so (a poor choice if I may say, because of her age, lack of seniority and inexperience).

Initially Nurul showed some interests, very much to Azmins’ alarm who ‘advised’ her not to because (the brazen hypocrisy of it all) people would ‘talk’ about her relationship with dad. She suddenly withdrew for reasons you may wish to speculate on. I would not be at all surprised to learn that Azmin is far far more favoured than her – no, most certainly not at all surprised!

Thus, when Zaid saw both Khalid and Nurul declining, he knew that unless he offered himself as a candidate for the No 2 position, Azmin Ali would have a free ride all the way to the top, and I mean the ‘top’ because we all know too well that Wan Azizah has been and still is a reluctant politician, thus making the PKR No 2 virtually the de facto president.

Obviously de facto-ism exists abundantly in PKR.

Azmin of course had long since seen Zaid as his most likely and dangerous opponent, a capable man of some standing, experience and competency who would be unlikely to stand aside for him (Azmin) on Anwar’s say-so.

From RPK’s Malaysia-Today - we read of the following in his post

PKR denies sabotaging Zaid Ibrahim in the Ulu Selangor by-election in spite of the reporters who leaked the story confirming that the doctored photograph of Zaid with the beer bottle was handed to them by Azmin Ali and not by Umno.

We’re also sadly aware of the scandalous shameful shambles that had been the last PKR party elections, which saw Azmin Ali established as the Deputy President of PKR.

In a post in December 2010,
PKR without Anwar Ibrahim & Azmin Ali, I commented on a Malaysiakini news report titled 400,000 PKR members, where art thou? questioning the kosher-ness of PKR’s true membership figures, I wrote:

Questions have been raised about PKR’s real membership figures, especially as only 10% of the claimed 400,000 voted in the recent party’s election.

Prior to this MKINI report, a reason tossed about was that PKR had deliberately inflated its membership numbers to justify/stake its large share of the seat allocations among the three Pakatan component parties.

If that has been the case then PKR had fibbed to its Pakatan allies; if that wasn’t, then PKR has had an abysmal turnout for its party election, raising doubts about the legitimacy of Azmin Ali’s election as the new deputy president of PKR.

Out of 10% of the claimed 400,000 members who voted, Azmin only received slightly less than 20,000, a mere fraction (5%) of the total numbers.

Is 5% of membership support sufficient to justify his No 2 position in the party. With Dr Wan Azizah a known reluctant politician and a passive president (only in name), Azmin Ali is now virtually the leader of PKR, on the basis of the 5% members' support he received.

And even that 5% is questioned for being not kosher.

Because Azmin Ali has been supported, protected, endorsed and perhaps even pampered by Anwar Ibrahim for years, he usually got what he wanted. As Anwar has always supported him in what he desired, he would not be wrong in assuming he is Anwar’s natural heir.

But he should be mindful that impression is only good within PKR. Pakatan, unlike PKR, does not belong to Anwar. It’s not for Anwar to bestow his (agreed to) position in Pakatan to anyone in PKR, even and especially his blue-eyed boy, a junior within the Pakatan senior leadership ranks already packed with luminaries like the two Pak Haji's and various other personalities in PAS, and Karpal Singh, Lim KS, Lim GE and more in DAP.

To be fair to Anwar, I did read his response to a query about the 'interim PM" where he remarked that the next senior Malay Pakatan member is Pak Haji Awang.

However, Azmin Ali might be entertaining the fallacy that he automatically inherits Anwar’s position as Pakatan’s nominated PM in a Pakatan government, should Anwar be unavailable to take up that post.

I acknowledge that the current (lack of) political maturity among Malaysians won’t accept the idea of a non-Malay PM, thus it will be probably a PAS person who will most likely act as PM until Anwar is released by a future Pakatan government – note: I won’t go into ‘what if’ should PAS renege, which can be another post discussion.

While nothing in politics is impossible, I seriously doubt the PAS leadership will countenance an Azmin Ali’s presumptuously imperious expectation/demand to be interim PM (on behalf of Anwar Ibrahim).


  1. Azmin Ali is smart and very brave.
    He is the tower of strength for keDAILan.
    He acts and do things... more than speaking.
    If it is Anwar supporting him to be VP of keDAILan party..Anwar has foresight and doing the right thing.
    I wonder what is the reason and why KT...put out so much one sided news about Azmin.
    KT...should comment about the two high ranking Police odds concerning Monday permission to assemble....and look how Azim stand firm and defy,
    Is he doing the right thing....KT?
    KT certainly don't like Anwar.....and don't tell me he cares for keDAILan party much.

  2. This evening I will be meeting my Bhikkhu again....a very private meeting amongst old friends.
    KT better learn not to be to selfish concerning politics and country matters.
    Think of Malaysia and Malaysians and let personal feelings..hatreds aside.
    I wish I have the power to make KT have a bad stomach ache and shit like hell...and teach him a lesson of love for others.
    I guess if I have the power...first will be Buttercup feeling very painful and itchy all night long with his cup...for months.

  3. GE 13th is anything but Umno(ABU).
    All the Buttercup's and all the QD's will not be able to save Umno.
    Umno/BN will be thanking their lucky stars if they can get 1/3 of the minority,with2/3 majority going to the PR.ABU,ABU all the way.

  4. Everything is clear,a young and naive Azmin Ali is easier to handle by Anwar than other. ;) Well, usual umno tactics or perhaps "British colonisation tactics".
    For umno, just switch this to Just switch to "corrupted representative is easier to control compare to clean and ambitious candidates."


  5. KT, you could just see for yourself....any dirt will not stick to the teflon duo AI and AA for these anwaristas.

    Dictatorial rule, underhand tactics ( main kotor) like doctored pics, electoral fraud (and yet have the gall to publicly castigate its twin devil the EC), bullying like a taiko ( Umno-style).....all these just slide off these anwaristas like water off the back of itek.

    Instead of addressing all these un- reformasi behaviors, these anwaristas turn around and praised AA as brave, smart, a tower of strength, hahahha.

    The more they continue to behave with this Umno type of behavior, the more we should remind ourselves not to be taken in when they spew eloquence about eliminating racial discrimination, being democratic. Anyone could is cheap, especially to orators who could even bring down a bird from a tree.

    It will be the greatest shame if the weakest link brings down the whole Pakatan ship. Malaysians would do well to think hard who we should have as our future PM should Umno be defeated.

  6. " (a poor choice if I may say, because of her age, lack of seniority and inexperience)". IMHO, those reasons does not fully explain why Nurul "not ready".

    Strong judgement, strong culture support and awareness to withstand the temptation of power corruption(like Penang CM LGE let his hand "tied" by the state rules than breaking it ), standing strong on own value and protect it(as like Karpal Singh did), etc, most of those value we seen in "matured" 1st world democracy country.

    Nurul are not "ageing" enough to show those value. And surrounded by too many ex-umno fella, it will do more harm than good for her own personality.

  7. Don't have to apologize that this is about Azmin Ali and not Anwar Ibrahim.
    When you talk about Azmin, it's like you are talking about Anwar.
    He's the errand boy cum crown prince.
    Azmin is not jesting. Rumours are going round that Anwar has said Azmin will be PM, Finance Minister and Home Minister.
    Wow, tough man, for that nicompoop to handle.
    He will be going to Sg Buloh everyday to get advice on how to do the job. Maybe a direct line will be installed in prison for that.

  8. What makes you so sure PR will win GE13?

    Like it or not, you either vote BN or PR, spoil the vote, or abstain from voting.

    The way things are going, BN will win, courtesy of Utusan, RPK, Hasan Ali, Karpal/Ramasamy feud, Nga cousins ...


  9. So KT you will be happy to know that PAS has just sacked Hassan Ali.
    For me it's a bad move. So Anwar Ibrahim is controlling PAS too.

  10. Azmin has been very quiet on the RPK's alleged corruption case on Azmin via his bro-in-law. Also, the alleged electoral fraud in the last PKR's election have not been settled satisfactorily. Looks like PKR with Anwar & Azmin represents the same corrupt practices of UMNO. To vote for PKR,is like replacing UMNO thieves with PKR's robbers. DAP and PAS should form their own organisation and exclude the ex-UMNO PKR

  11. KT...not happy.
    Buttercup not happy.
    PAS control by Anwar.
    What else..Buttercup?
    ah yes...Hasan Ali "SHOCKED" sack..and consulting PAS religious leaders...hoping all will pull out from PAS.
    Then Buttercup...extremely happy...want to high 5 KT again'
    Lee Chong Wei beat Lin Dan...first 2012 tournament.
    Next in Malaysia...Lin Dan usually get stomach ache..pull out.
    Met my beloved Bhikkhu...just now.. with my eldest son.
    It is a happy day for me.
    Yes....Bruno...all the Buttercup's and all the QD's...cannot save UMNO b.
    D-Day tomorrow.
    Najib ran away...Hussein quiet as a mouse.
    Buttercup's butter turn soar...become tasteless cheese... no quality..give free also no one wants.

  12. Here comes another smart the name of.."Sick& Tired " talking cock and bull.
    Talk like half drunk.
    Talk about corruptions that only idiots can believe.
    The more UMNO b idiots come...the better.
    It will make the blog.....more exciting.
    It will give freedom fighters...chances to use their skills to fire at will...laugh and enjoy.

  13. Hasan Ali ..SACKED....from PAS....hahahahahahahaha.
    Buttercup no chance to touch KT with high 5.
    No happy happy.

  14. I don't know who Azmin Ali is, but as far a Nallakarupan is concerned, UMNO Trojan Horse is definitely not an unjust label...

    Ktemoc, The enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend....

  15. Ktemoc is a fuckwit.

  16. Now Zaid Ibrahim publicly apologized to Anwar subscribing to dirty politics.
    DAP Godfathers and Warlords... ..closed rank..under the command of Karpal Singh.
    Karpal declare Anwar will be declared innocent and no jail sentence.
    All events...speed lighting done.
    Buttercup's cup crack up...reading so many bad news for his master and done up feeling quite despair and downhearted.
    Hasan Ali can go to tell.
    He is history.
    Look at his can tell he belongs only to UMNO b where else.
    You can imagine how disappointed Buttercup is unable to high 5 KT..touch KT...for cheap thrills.
    Tomorrow I see my Bhikkhu and ask for forgiveness for all my sins again.
    Najib can go to a mosque or Mecca and ask for forgiveness...for stealing hundreds of millions and commit murder...mine is ..small small matter..for God's problem.
    Buttercup need no forgiveness.
    He floats in the air...stinks like a bee...high 5 like a QD bitch..confess all sins...God also get groggy..don't know what to do.
    God see Buttercup coming....he run away.
    Actually God also sleep and rest while Najib talking to himself at holy places.
    Lee Chong Wei made Malaysian proud.
    What is he going to do with his US75,000 prize for 1 hour work?
    I guess he can employ Buttercup to sell all the Osim massage chairs...he won..with Big Dog..also sack... as his bodyguard.
    Go see Chong Wei hentam Lin repeat and repeat and repeat shows at Astro.
    How else do you think Astro can be so rich if all shows are not repeated and repeated?
    End of the month...recall and know you are paying through your nose for repeats.

  17. KT is an admirer of any one with brains that can twist and turn...fool Mahathir.
    But his heart tells his brain not to be like Mahathir.
    KT is suffering from split personality...annoying few who does not understand him.
    I plenty smart.
    I can feeeel his love for the country and people and will vote for change.
    He is just fooling around to enjoy himself.
    He love sex..women and free milk.
    That's a real Penang Freedom Fighter.
    That's one for all and all for one...only for KTemoc..
    That's Penang typical smart buggers ..trademark...leading you to no where..confuse you and hide their true personality..
    There my POPE..see how your Drama King protect you.
    Still want to claim salary from me?
    My Bhikkhu is so happy to see me not change one bit.
    Surely KT can see that too...his
    "very senior visitor" I am age...but not in body and mind.

  18. Kt

    A pertinent question. You are running the blog or Monster ball?
    He must be a loud despair and a desperado.
    I never despair anything because my cup runneth over and is always creamy. Yuum, always buttery.

  19. KT,with Hassan Ali down for the count,Monsterball is up 3-0 on Buttercup.Abrahim Ali been leashed up and caged by Dr Mahathir in anticipation of a PR win and Monsterball will be laughing all the way to the bank.Monsterball's Bhikkhu's predictions have all come true.Beware of Monsterball's
    streamroller going full steam.You have to be extra nice to Monsterball from now onwards.

  20. Hi KT, as much as I despise Azmin, this piece is over-imaginative and reflection of your over-grown hatred of Azmin ;-)

    You assumed and constructed the whole argument based on what he openly said in a jest.

    Is this to kill any hope that azmin may have been harbouring silently?

    Still it is not fair observation. Keep your balance mate ;-)

  21. "My cup runneth over and is always creamy, Yuum, always buttery" said Buttercup.
    What a fine way to describe his cup is always filled with yummy juice.
    All know a cup is empty for drinks.
    Where got cup with yummy juicy?
    Buttercup's self confession that his cup is his natural born with organ ...not a cup as we think it is.
    What organ ..mouth..nose...anus...go and conclude yourself.
    Nose fill with creamy stuff..he cannot be proud to talk like that.
    No one uses a say.'my cup runneth over"
    Leaving asshole....and that sound like Butterccup's cup to the dot.
    Complaining a pondan...than talk cock in his cup.
    What a character....same same as crew loose.
    First 2012 challenge..Chong Wei hentam Lin Dan seeing stars.

  22. Everyone say he is quite despair and he denies it.
    Just like Mahathir...denying.. denying and denying.
    All know KT owns the blog and he has to ask a silly question.
    Go read..few love reading my comments and laugh till stomach ache.
    If Buttercup can tell a joke...I will shave off my hair and see my Bhikkhu to accept me as a month...for THREE DAYS no F Buttercup.
    A person who hero worship Hasan Ali is a downright racist and a UMNO b idiot..wasting his one valuable vote to support the devils ..just because he can makan gaji Big Dog.
    I will stink like a bee..float like a butterfly...doing the twists and rumble with all racists and hypocrites.
    Seeing my Bhikkhu....he blessed me.
    I wonder how many holy men have bless Buttercup?
    I also feel very proud the late Ahmed Deedat call me his long lost brother.
    Leave Christian priests alone...I was educated in a Missionary school.
    I have the best of three world religions.
    What are you Buttercup?
    I fight for freedom.
    You carry balls...yet you dare to complaint about me?
    Becareful...hell is real place and waiting to welcome all who sell their cups for politic favours and reasons.
    Buttercup stands right behind Mahathir...smelling his backside all the time...with no shame.
    Those who sell cups for a living out of no choice....they are not sinners. They sell ti feed their families.
    GOOD NIGHT DEAR FRIENDS AND KT...excluding Buttercup and his admirers.

  23. Wow KT, your blog now is a regular battleground of titting and tatting between Buttercup (aka Quiet Despair aka Bedul) and Monsterball.

    Actually Monsterball is one side of the same coin with Buttercup on the other side. One hero-worships Anwar and the other hero-worhsips Mahathir.

    Both will deny, deny and deny any wrong-doings of their masters even in the face of an avalanche of facts or even when they are caught red-handed. Such are the characteristics of die-hard worshippers. They will deny, deny and deny. But most time they will just brush aside unpleasant truths aside and pretend not to see, and move on with a counter tirade attack to distract attention.

    They might not realise it but they are actually quite alike, although one will run off at the mouth (but admittedly quite amusing and hilarious at times) and the other is quite expressive with a more restrained wit except when he exhibits his racist tendency when he uses his QD persona.

    So shake hands, Buttercup and Monsterball. Both of you admire Umno leaders and both condon corrupt practices but will deny til blue in the face. So don't fight, ok ? Just make up and admit you guys have more similarities than differences.

  24. "So Anwar Ibrahim is controlling PAS too." By Buttercup

    Hey you Umno people, make up your mind lah. One minute you people said DAP controls PAS and the chinese will take over the country and make christianity the official religion. And now you guys accuse Anwar (PKR) of controlling PAS.

    PAS got no mind of its own ah? All these ulamas with their Syura Council and their moral police.....mereka langsung tada power ke? They allow themselves willy nilly be pushed like sheeps to north or south by the likes of LKS and Anwar ah ?

  25. "Both of you admire UMNO leaders" is a classic example of an idiot trying to be too smart.
    He either does not understand English or think Freedom Fighters can twist and turn like Mahathir.
    Look his entire comment and let Bruno make sense of it.
    I went for a pee and open to read...out come one who is a typical UMNO b man...thinking his nice words can cool down Malaysians..change their minds and vote for no change of government...OR...he is trying to say I am a UMNO b man too.
    I cannot believe Anon 1.59 AM wrote that.
    He must be floating drunk..or a shameless faceless nameless piece of shit...whose cow brain is worst than Buttercup.

  26. It seems weekends you get more half past six and crazy nuts..from UMNO b visiting this blog ..than usual.
    They even cannot make up the mind ...who they are accusing .controlling PAS.
    Accuse and accuse like idiots...the tong sampah products from that Pariah Godfather...the one and only mamak who claims he is full blooded Malay.
    One who deny he is half born from a snake womb.
    How can a person deny his blood heritage?
    Think of Tunku Abdul Rahman...and vote with your bloody ungrateful UMNO b "begotten" sons and daughters... the devil worshipers....biggest hypocrites in the Muslim world.
    So idiotic they are...supporting robbers ad thieves dressed with false titles...all because of having need to work...relax and pass time with computer it a day.
    Bosses stop work at lunch golf.
    That's UMNO b Govt.
    Everything is OK to UMNO b bosses as long as you cast your vote for BN.

  27. Guys,keep your fingers crossed.Least than six hours from now and the Anwar verdict will be out.

  28. 9.00 AM
    Diplomats and Khalid in court room.
    6000 supporters outside.
    Good news do come in pairs.
    Hasan Ali seen with Ibrahim Ali...doing an interview.
    That's one good news.

  29. NOT GUILTY was the other good news!!
    Anwar is free!!

  30. F*ck...Al-Juburi not guilty !????
    The cat has nine lives after all..but he has spent all nine...

    Now..can UMNO please focus on burying this idiot politically ?

    Al-Juburi is bad for Malaysia, this much I can agree with Ktemoc.

  31. F'ck as much as you like.
    Better still...join Hasan Ali and Ibrahim Ali...keep F'ing Anwar.
    Who cares...toads talking cock here.
    I am concern Buttercup's cup have more cracks now that repairs maybe impossible.
    His next comment will indicate the condition.
    His cup sure runneth over....leaking.......HAHAHAHAHAHA

  32. The day Najib keep traveling overseas was the sign.
    When Karpal is cocksure Anwar will be found not guilty...he seldom makes mistake about laws...that is is the court us not a kangaroo court.
    5 minutes speech by Judge..that is all it takes to free Anwar.
    The overwhelming support for true justice open judges minds to serious stuff with no politics involve argurs well for the laws in our country....getting back to good old days.
    F'ck ANON 1.59am deep deep.

  33. Anwar not guilty verdict.
    Monsterball 6 Buttercup 0.
    Monsterball the winner by the length of the stretch.

  34. Kt why did you delete the comments I sent 15 minutes ago.
    Anyway, here goes.

    So, you all are happy? Yeah happy chewing your own words.
    He's a victim? What a shameful thing to go to court wanting to fight.
    Can we hear praises that the judge is fair?
    Din Merican and cohorts are gloating.
    Only a few hours ago, they are in grief as though someone has died.
    Moral of the story: Don't be so prejudiced and think others are out to destroy you.
    Who cares? This is a case of you and Saiful. No one else.
    Okay, back to earning my bread and butter. Anwar is not paying me.

  35. Why do you all give so much attention to Buttercup
    He is just a bapok and friends with Sayfool. Maybe he knows Anwar too.
    Angry because Anwar tak mau pakai dia.
    Only pondan like him use a moniker like Buttercup.
    The worse thing he and Monsterball take other people's comments from other blog. No mind of their own.
    I suggest they both meet and have an orgy which Anwar will be envious of.
    Imagine drag queen meeting a monster??

  36. Now that Anwar has been acquitted of sodomy 2, will buttercup kindly run off to the nearest police station to complain that he has been sodded by Anwar last night, thereby setting into motion another 2 years of court cases for sodomy 3? By the way, buttercup will get handsomely paid by umno for his exposure.

  37. Anon 10:44am

    Can you guys be a bit nicer to Buttercup.He could be my buddy QD.

  38. Kesian Buttercup. Saya rasa dia kawan baik Azwan Ali, pondan yang juga adik pada Azmin Ali.
    Dia macam juga Ummi Hafilda tau sangat tentang perangai Anwar.
    Itulah sebabnya dia hot sangat dengan Anwar dan Azmin.
    Saya kenal baik dengan anak Ali ni. Mereka memang suka berkawan dengan orang bernama pondan macam Buttercup.

  39. BN supporters going nuts in this blog.
    Judge is fair...judge is fair...satisfied Buttercup?
    And look at that "Fairness" nut a drunkard.
    KT can have Drama Queen...fat and ugly.
    I go for slightly used..sweet young and be done with strings attach.
    Yes...last chance for Buttercup to report..he is raped by Anwar....and start Sodomy3.
    Saiful said no justice this world.... maybe next world will do justice for him.
    Read between the he trying to commit suicide?
    One moment Buttercup said he earns mullions every year.
    Now he said got to work for his bread and butter.
    All revealed!!.. UMNO have liars and crazy nuts as members.
    Got to light "pumping" and be loosing temper...for next few hours.

  40. I've said it many times before - if this was simply a case of one private individual accusing another private individual of committing sodomy, this case would either never reached a prosecution stage, or have been thrown out without the defence being called a long time ago.

    I'm not sure if the public realises many criminal cases are never brought to trial, or thrown out because the DPP thinks
    a) The police investigation was too slipshod to stand up in court
    b) Evidence is flimsy or tainted
    b)The complainant's story lacks credibility e.g too far fetched or too many inconsistencies.

    The Anwar Ibrahim trial clearly belongs in this category. Any verdict other than an acquittal would have been an injustice.

    BTW, I'm not an Anwar supporter.
    I'm an inactive MCA member.

  41. Anwar Ibrahim owes Karpal Singh and DAP BIG TIME...

    If and when they get to topple BN from Putrajaya, DAP will be collecting its payback....apart from the Cabinet, the Federal Government gets to appoint or influence the appointments of thousands of positions throughout the country....

    Don't get too greedy, ya, or the voters will kick you out again...

  42. Don't mix politics with excellent defence made by Karpal and his fantastic legal brain.
    Had it be another country...the trial would have been thrown out immediately.
    Judgement is right..but why drag it on for 3 years?
    The police is another. Still one say say yes...but out there..the one said no balls shrink too.
    You will find thousands upon thousands UMNO b members become inactive too...and Hasan Ali will be the latest applying...with Butttercup as his seconder.
    Najib no more excited to win one and looses so many.
    2012...the 2 cekat 1.
    Who is the 2?...Bruno and monsterball. aiyah... the 1 all know who la.
    Out there DAP and keDAILan cekat UMNO b.
    In my house there are 2 mini monsters trying hard to strangle grandfather to death in bed wrestling.
    KT loves free milk.
    Buttercup's cup runneth over by a steam roller. ..having major surgery...all OK..ready for sodomy 3 act...if Najib wants him to do it..with 2 Ali as witnesses...Hasan and Ibrahim.
    The show must go on.

  43. Anwar too hot for Najib to handle.
    Lets see Teoh Beng Hock and many being murdered receive justices like Anwar.
    Then the police start arresting the few big fishes and charge then for corruptions...and the court act fast for verdicts...not like snails.
    Have that...then we can say...the Judicial and Police are finally free.
    As we all will not happen under UMNO b.
    Vote them out and no more twists and turns..straight forward laws being argued by Defense and
    Prosecution intelligent lawyers.
    That's moving forward.
    Look at Ibrahim Ali..look at Hasan Ali..what do you see?
    Two idiots of the highest order.
    How to move forward with these kind of people that Najib and Mahathir value so much?

  44. Hi Monsterball, I am Anon 1:59.

    NOw, now....calm down, calm down. We don't want no grandfather to have a heart attack here, do we ?

    Don't get so riled up just 'cos it was pointed out that both you and Buttercup are actually one of the same coin lah. Take pause and refleck rather than just over react.....or maybe you did realised for once about seeing your reflection in Buttercup although kononnya calling yourself freedom fighter.

    The truth hurts, right ? Hence the usual diatribe flying out from your trap almost hysterically - idiot, snake womb, typical Umno b man ( btw, where's the proof I am an Umno man?), floating drunk, piece of shit, cow brain, crazy nuts, tong sampah.....

    Hahaha, so typically Monsterball. But I have no problem with such diarrhoea coming from your mouth although I do take some exception to your 'use and dispose' of young girls. I swear I am not that straightlace and am quite 'liberal-minded' but it send shivers when I read that a 74 years old, to quote you " I go for slightly used..sweet young and be done with strings attach ".

    In my book, this simply does not gell with the Freedom Fighter-Democracy-Lover and Morally-Upright image of Buddhist-Loving meeting Bhikhu asking for blessings of better karma in the next life.

    Other than that, keep your attacks coming. Some of us here could cope with the foaming at the mouth which at the same time, provide us with some comic relief.

  45. Smart ass talking cock again.
    The fact he/she is talking to me as enough to tell you that's a balless braggart talking.

  46. Suddenly...the art to be friendly applied by UMNO b hypocrites is on again.
    Whenever thee is good news for PR..these balless....faceless need to be in the good books of PR supporters.
    PR supporters or the Malaysians that support change of government..never twist never change.
    But one like KT...whose vote is hanging at his balls..W...where to throw it....FOR or AGAINST...keep all guessing...and he love Buttercup so much because Buttercup love to touch and feeeel thrills.
    Forewarn is foretold.
    High 5 are asking AIDS to attack you.
    I see him coming..even if it is 4 feet balls shrink and run like hell...not because I am afraid of him...but the carrier of AIDS germs...don't fool around with him...especially he has said..."MY CUP RUNNETH OVER"
    My walking boots usually run all over anyone trying funny with me.
    If there is a protective suit I can wear to ward out AIDS germs from him..than that 4 feet dwarf with his 6ft Big Dog.. don't scare me one bit.

  47. Anwar is free and KT is not putting out a post to talk about the event....where Malaysians are rejoicing all over Malaysia.
    Hate him as you like...but to ignore must be a bloody fool too.

  48. "KT is not putting out a post to talk about the event...."
    Man-man lei...Ktemoc is sharpening his knife to stick into Anwar.

    Anwar released from his sodomy charge has actually lost a lot of his ammunition to attack the government, while Najib can appear statesmanlike (we know the truth that Najib stinks, but that's politics)

  49. monsterball has a secret delight
    'tis none other than Buttercup
    he longs fervently for her sight
    so from her cup to greedily sup


  50. KTemoc is in a f'cking mood....using me as a punching bag.
    Nice to see he can write sonets or peoms.
    I guess that's how he gets his free milk all the time..making cows giddy with words of wisdom....because Penang Malacca..seldom travel out to see other males performing.
    I simple tell jokes and make all girls laugh till they surrender to me.
    Buttercup is a girl?????
    If she is the only girl in Malaysia...I will not be Adam.
    I will be a matter how creamy and yummy her cup is.

  51. There you F him...out come a post on Anwar.
    He is a slow smooth operator.

  52. KT can bluff a girl much so...he is bachelor for he never know when to stop and now..stop...too late...his tool not as sharp as before.
    He gets thrill by touching...and get Buttercup open her cup to fill with yummy creamy juicy KT's joy juice..from his joy stick.
    If Anwar is like KT....he will be jailed 200 years with 50 girls filing reports being raped by him.
    I pay for strings attached.

  53. Buttercup will tell KT..."Stop stop stop. My cup runneth over"
    Yea though I walk through the valley of death..I fear no Monsterball now...for thou art is with me..they joy stick comfort me...bla bla bla...and so KT have free rides again.
    Smooth Operator.

  54. Suddenly....Buttercup tell KT.."do do do it one more time. The heat is on"...and I am on my way for a nice dinner..get the hell out of here...leave both in peace..for their joyful rides.

  55. dear monsterball, don't despair
    if you can't bonk bonk too far
    for you a remedy to help repair
    your ability, 'tis called viagra


  56. I don't use artificial stimulants.
    I use will my god gifted will power.
    I say stands. I relaxes.
    I see UMNO b gangsters trying to do me muzzles hardened and tell them "Come on. Lets rumble"...all run away like hell.
    PS: They punched me...sure die. I know it all the time..then they get arrested...charged for murder...and few UMNO b voters...cannot last contribution to our beloved country.
    Nice of you to be concern over my fucked up happy life........hahahahahaha