Saturday, January 07, 2012

Just a name!

Something light for you at my other blog KTemoc Kongsamkok – see What’s in a name! which is based on my personal experience wakakaka.


  1. Your personal experience is a happy go lucky man talking cock and bull most of the time...a natural born idiot me.
    But I can be flexible and versatile.
    You can be very stubborn and blog like a blockhead..which is why... Buttercup and he likes you.
    Until one day..we meet face to's through words ....we are friendly and respecting each other.
    Once we meet..we may not like each other at all.
    Lets hope that should never be the case.

  2. Tan Ah Kow....Ah Kow Tan...poooo nia boh te papayan.
    What's in a name?
    Why to others may not be important...but to means you have no class addressing him wrongly.
    For example....Monsterballl is not Monster-Ball nor Monster Ball. not Spiderman nor..Spider Man.
    And our Buttercup...certainly not a Butter cup...nor Butter-cup.
    That's why we talk about his Buttercup's cup and he dare not talk about Monsterball's balls.

  3. Aiya stupid la this monsterball. Your balls need my cup to beget a mini monster.
    Ask the bontot king if you don't believe me.

  4. Now he is talking!.
    Now we know what the CUP is.
    Buttercup is by-sexual.
    Now we know why he hates Anwar.
    He read so much about Saiful....what about him?
    His cup is real itchy...need servicing.

  5. His cup is a pussy!???
    How can a HE has a pussy?
    He knows I am 100% MAN.
    Whose stomach will carry Monsterball Jr.?
    Leave it to UMNO b screw loose.

  6. monsterball, are u aware of what "poooo nia boh" means? You are not only crude & obscene in your comments but very hurting to the "son" - please exercise a bit of decency and respect

  7. Actually Bruno is the first to discover..Buttercup's cup is a pussy.

  8. means..blowing hot an ass...but if it has another meaning..that is crude...sorry.
    By the way.."karn neen nar" is not vomit blood.
    "limpeh th'or hu-oih" is
    Check your post. You do give half translation.
    You know...KT..there are so many ways to interpret chinese dialects.
    You are aware...a Hakka interpret different from a mandarin sound...and so on ad so forth.
    Do you speak hochiew?

  9. I was pooing no one...not even your beloved Buttercup.
    Check it out...I was actually hitting at Englishmen...knowing nothing about Chinese names.
    Go read you post and crude joke.

  10. owe me an apology...but this is your blog...and log owners are kind of practicing dictatorship.
    If you apologize to me...I go buy RM100 on one number...strike I split half to you.
    I strike...I will announce it.
    You tell me where to send.
    You must have POSITIVE dream...and right now...I am positively sure...Anwar will be PM.

  11. The one and only who called Anwar-Anu-war is QD.Pronounced qui-yeeet diss-pairrreeeed.