Thursday, January 05, 2012

How soon we forget, save for 3 good men

On Christmas Eve, 24 December 2004 (before I started my own blog here), I published a post titled 3 American Heroes at My Lai over at my other (then shared) blogsite, BolehTalk.

The title of that post was unusual because, and I have to ‘fess up, I abhor, despise and would usually condemn the USA’s neo-colonial imperialistic adventures in Vietnam, and in various parts of the world such as Afghanistan, Iraq (Gulf War II) as well as its various intrusive avaricious meddling in the Middle-East and South America.

So it would require a fairly humongous sea-change-type of effort by those 3 American soldiers for me to deem them as heroes.

In that BolehTalk post, I wrote:

Thirty six years (by now, 44 years) ago in My Lai, one of the most shameful episodes in US military history occurred when around 60 American troops massacred 400 to 500 Vietnamese civilians, mainly women and children at My Lai. They raped, mutilated and tortured their victims during the bloody mayhem. The only man court martial-ed for this terrible atrocity was Lt William Calley. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murders but released 3 years later, when pardoned by President Richard Nixon.

But a few among the US soldiers did refuse to participate.

On that dark bloody day, a few good men stood out like bright shining stars, as heroes, true American Heroes.

This Christmas Eve, as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, we remember the Three Wise Men who came from the East to honour Christ. We should also use this special occasion to honour and remember the Three Good Men from America. I post this in deep respect of the three US Army helicopter airmen for their incredible bravery, human decency and honour in carrying out their duties as courageous soldiers on that fateful day at My Lai.

I salute Hugh Thompson, Lawrence Colburn and Glenn Androetta.

For the story of courage, please read
here, here and here.

Today, RPK, once a hero to many PKR supporters, is considered by them as a 'zero', cast afloat on an angry roiling sea, facing character massacre a la My Lai from his very same but erstwhile PKR admirers.

These wonders have already made up their minds, all because RPK had the blooming effrontery to criticize their Icon. I’m a bit sick of their mindless anwarista-ish fanaticism.

But on this dark bloody moment for RPK, a few good men stood out like bright shining stars, as sane, balanced, moderate and fair heroes, true to their own perceptions.

While not necessarily agreeing with RPK’s opinions of Anwar Ibrahim, and even chiding RPK for what they consider as his intemperate and untimely attack on Anwar, they have struck a generally fair path. Their comments have been:

But whether Anwar is convicted or not, and whether or not RPK is in the pay or the thrall of the government, it seems to me that both of these controversial figures have played important parts, indeed starring roles, in awakening major portions of the Malaysian public to the perfidies of Umno/BN.

And now it’s up to every Malaysian to be sufficiently inspired and emboldened by these shining examples, however tarnished they now may be or possibly have yet to become, to stand up as leaders rather than just followers; as fighters for their principles rather than passive supporters of public figures.

The above was by Dean Johns in his column
Principles beat personalities at Malaysiakini – incidentally, the article’s title is also indicative of Dean’s high level view of the imbroglio.

Then we have:

RPK, whom I continue to respect and love as a brother and friend, even though we may be diametrically opposed in specific instances - and to whom I will always be grateful for his magnificent role as a powerful galvanizer of political awareness - may have decided that Anwar Ibrahim is "morally unfit" to be appointed our 7th prime minister. He has every right to his personal opinion.

The above was by my matey (wakakaka) Antares in his post at his blog
Magick River - poor Antares gets annoyed when I address him as ‘my matey’ wakakaka, and I do apologise if my brief extract of his post conveys any incorrect picture of his views.

But the most touching came from a man I truly admire. He wrote:

Many of you may already have forgotten why RPK and Marina are now in exile.

I’ve linked 3 posts below.

The first and the second I wrote in 2008, whilst RPK was detained in Kamunting.

The last, before he and Marina took flight to go into exile.

Please read them all. Read the comments too. Who knows, you might just be reading now what you wrote then.

Have we misrepresented ourselves to RPK?

If a nation values anything more than freedom, it will lose its freedom: and the irony of it is that if it is comfort or money that it values more, it will lose that, too – W. Somerset Maugham

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends

Many of you appear to be of the view that RPK has betrayed us, and has sold out.

I think you premise this on his interview with TV3 last March and his latest interview with NST and Utusan.

I do not share this view.

Mine is premised on the man and Marina that I believe I have come to know.

We cannot both be right.

Let us all hope and pray that the error is yours and not mine.

You have my word, though, that should I discover the error to be mine, I will not hesitate to disclose all that I know to you.

Meanwhile, this divergence of view aside, we are all committed to see the end of UMNO and BN’s reign of tyranny and rape and plunder.

Let not this difference of opinion distract us from the work before us.

In my last post I had said that by God’s will, we will, together, plant love, tenderness and respect in this land of ours.

To those of you who believe that this man who once served us all so selflessly has, for whatever reason, left us, I urge you to let the process of planting love, tenderness and respect begin now.

If you truly believe this, rather than hate, pray that God returns RPK to our course.

Whilst I do not advocate this, if you must hate, save it for all that UMNO and BN do.

For me, I will pray that I will never ever have to say sorry to you for being wrong. You might want to add this in your prayers, too.

The above are extracts from Brother Haris Ibrahim in his post
Oh Lord, how soon we forget! at The People’s Parliament blogsite.

Indeed, Brother Haris, how soon we forget! But obviously your sense of friendship runs deep and long like Antares' Magick River

I salute Dean Johns, Antares and Haris Ibrahim.


  1. KT,no man can be a river.Not RPK,not anybody.Everyone has a weakness.All you have to do is find that particular spot.Powerful people can only be fell by greed and women/men.

  2. Soldiers are not politicians KT. My uncles fought the communist at the height of the emergency for reasons which no politician hold true in their hearts. The same can be said of the three US soldiers who refused to take part in the massacre at My Lai. Do not shame the honour of those who fought and those who died fighting by comparing them to politicians for that is all RPK and the likes of him are. All who come into politics have a price. It is only a matter of finding the right price and the right time to pay it. Even Lim Guan Eng has a price KT. Just wait and see.

  3. Long winded KT quoting grandfather stories of RPK...that are worthless now.

  4. I love to get KTemoc's deep thoughts about the present RPK...contribution towards a change of government...this coming 13th he did at the 12th GE.
    Are his past one year speeches and actions...contributing to get voters for change or confusing them?
    I am glad Anwar responded that 13th GE is not about himself...and thanked RPK for him helping keDAILan.. at the 12th GE.
    That's a grateful mam speaking.

  5. Once and for all...let all who hates Anwar knows...vast majority Malaysians do not care two hoots about Anwar's private life.
    He does not steal and totally he is even smarter than Mahathir.
    Mahathir shivers talking to anyone smarter than him...especially University student.
    He must have idiots and puppets...with the power of money...he make sure all steal like him for 22 years.
    Back to Anwar..he does not rape..or force anyone have sex with him...or have sex and kill the poor girl.
    UMNO b politicians are crazy for sex...yet Mahathir kept all and choose Anwar to perform his dirtiest politics to stay in power ...working towards becoming a dictator...and steal.
    Worst of all..he bluff his own race more tan others..and so all have to follow his style...for all are filthy rich..through corruptions.
    Back to Anwar again...condemn him..label much as you like.
    If Lim Kit Siang ...Karpal...Nick Aziz..and all trust and respect him...who are you scumbags and worms judging him...indirectly insulting all PR highly intelligent and honest politicians.
    There is a limit to everything....and Anwar represents the spark of hope..for country and people.
    Get it very clear again..dead or alive...Anwar will be PM...and we do not need idiots like Hasan propose anyone to replace Anwar..if he is not around.
    Every bloody BN supporter love o talk about Anwar right now.
    The more you talk..bad about him...the more powerful he will become.
    Think of the country and people..and to talking cock and bull about Anwar.

  6. Robbers and thieves promoting themselves as Patriots....accusing the real patriots as disloyal..ungrateful Malaysians...the enemies of the country.
    Similarly...FOR change commentators...out numbered AGAINST change.
    Some project themselves..sitting in the middle..have not make up their minds are actually BN supports.
    They want to talk Agree to Disagree ..not For or Against...and that never favors change at all.
    These are the real scumbags...smarter than an idiot like Buttercup....and these are the ones..we need to hit hard and expose them..regardless intentionally or unintentionally...favoring time to be fair..this and that.
    Just hit hard and expose them.
    If the cap fits anyone...wear it.
    13th GE is near...We talk FOR or AGAINST...not ifs ..buts and why.

  7. ..."both of these controversial figures have played important parts, indeed starring roles, in awakening major portions of the Malaysian public to the perfidies of Umno/BN"

    KT, totally agreed to the above. Warts and all, these two indeed played huge roles for the awakening of many Malaysians.

    We should just aknowledge their contributions without going into the whole 9 yards of one old fool here even gushingly declared that Anwar ' does not steal and totally he is even smarter than Mahathir' ! Hahaha....even my toes are laughing ~

    What's that stuff all these Anwaristas been smoking ? This is so unreal....

    Anyway, coming back on track, we should emulate Harris with his magnanimous soul and common sense. ABU ! ABU ! That should be our clarion call for now.

  8. KT,it should read powerful people are most vulnerable to fall due to greed and sex.

    And my advice to you guys is not to upset Monsterball.He is at present in top form and can go on for many more extra rounds.You and Buttercup will be knocked down and Monsterball will walk over you guys.

  9. That one old fool here is talking facts.
    You ANON...1.28 AM can only insult be a worn..crawling under a sarong....faceless and nameless.
    You are supporting Najib.
    What are you afraid of?
    Front...afraid of BN...back afraid of PR..making excuses..afraid to be arrested...this and that.
    You have no balls to even create a "smallball"....yet talk country and people living conditions in Malaysia.
    Which worm is your true color.

  10. I smoke 10 cigars a day....Anon 1.28AM.
    What do you smoke..weeds?
    Yes...Anwar is ten times smarter than Mahathir.
    A fool laugh because he does not know he is a fool...same goes for a cracko...a weird one...which sadly...RPK has become.
    I guess you are thrilled how fantastic Mahathir can turn and twist like a snake..with his very thick skin..and talking dirty one can match him. Is that it?
    Then you are smart people like Anwar and even University students have no time o stoop so low in talk like him.
    Mahathir is born with snake blood flowing in his body.
    One who up with false titles...and keep fooling his own race for 22 years and on not human.
    Sirs..Lords in England do not steal.
    In Malaysia..the more you steal..the higher your title is.
    The very few deserving Malaysians with titles are dragged into the basket of UMNO b's robbers and thieves. y
    You get an ANON smart Mahathir to fool so many for 22 than can never go far in life..unless he has the luck to carry earn a living.
    I must hero worship him..being soooo smart saying "I forgot" 14 times in half hour questioning by Royal Commissioners too?
    The whole world is laughing at Mahathir...snaky character...yet we have Malaysians thinking... how smart he is.
    To know real TRUTHS is very difficult.
    That's why you are an idiot and I am simply..too smart for you..ANON 1.28 am.
    Anymore idiots want to talk cock with me?

  11. Small futs and tiny tots here.. do not understand..when one controls the laws..and police...whatever that idiotic man speaks ...all sounds smart.
    Right thinking Malaysians know..that's downright bullying buggers with no balls.
    Keep talking and analyzing politicians and political minded personalities..for what reason?
    For the fun of trying to find out who is smarter?
    Malaysia is in need to get rid of this proven..corrupted government.
    You want to see your daughters need to go overseas as maids too?
    I am a father of 5 children...and 7 grandchildren.
    My children need not worry anything.
    I also don't care personally....who is next PM......but out there....millions are not so lucky as me.
    Their lives depend on the right PM..and right government.
    Try think for others and feel for them...than talk to smart Mahathir is.
    All gangsters who rob and steal are as smart as Mahathir too.

  12. About Haris and RPK....Haris should stick to his NGO work.
    He should not ask Malaysians to forgive and forget....for PRK knows EXACTLY what he is doing all ...hitting hard at Anwar...contradicting himself...for reasons he knows best.
    There is nothing to forgive concerning Malaysia
    s future with Anwar as PM.
    RPK...has always been clear minded.
    So are Malaysians.
    He can can Malaysians.
    What is there to forgive and forget.
    PRK is not a small boy...nor an idiot.
    He knows Malaysians by the millions love and care for Anwar.....and we know about Anwar as much as RPK may think he overseas?
    There is nothing to forgive nor forget.
    It is a matter of personal opinions...and PRK has spoken...and he is contradicting himself.

  13. Why do we pin our hopes on flawed characters like Anwar and RPK.
    The whole world is laughing at us for wanting a PM who is a sodomizer.
    How about we jail the two in the same cell?
    Who will sodomize who? Pray tell.

  14. KT,
    Come to think about it! Who is actually having a la My Lai Massacre? You say RPK but what then about Anwar Ibrahim? Have you forgotten who is on trial today?
    You are asking for forgiveness. Just wonder why so much grudge against Anwar>

    Didn't Anwar rape your sister's cow? Do you know that when you point finger at others, 3 fingers pointed at you? RPK went in with the eyes open. One got to pay consequences
    Who have been through ISA more? Perhaps you can answer the question. Seriously Zairil's message......Why stab that fella with a steely knife?

  15. looes, RPK sacrificed his family and himself for Anwar when he (RPK) needn't do so, but who did Anwar sacrifice himself for?

    Anwar went to jail not for anyone but because of his failed attempt to gain early powers in UMNO, in other words, for his self interests - yes, you may say he was fixed but that that was the price to pay for failing in the game of power struggle for top position in UMNO - Ku Li also paid the price but with a lower cost.

    Please do not ever forget that Anwar was a very nasty UMNO minister and DPM; his supporters say he has changed since, but I doubt that as his Perak frogology, 916 and PKR party elections proved he's still the same old UMNO Anwar. Leopards never change their spots.

  16. KT...Have you any evidence that Anwar was a nasty DPM?
    I know he enjoying life...waiting for Mahathir to retire and he takes over.
    Come to UMNO .braggarts..idiots and nasty ministers...plenty..greedy for to accept expensive gifts...plenty.
    But we are voting UMNO b out..not because of nastiness.
    We are dead set to vote BN out for CORRUPTIONS and love to be known as Malaysians...not by race identity.
    Anwar went to jail...because Mahathir chooses to play the dirtiest politics....fooling his own race and pinning Anwar with sodomy1....later found...not true.
    And again KT...Malaysians hate UMNO b crooks who can commit all sins and yet...others cannot.
    It's like they are the Chosen do as they like and all Malaysians...toe the line..or be arrested...if you talk too much..under ISA ....treating all like communists agents...and slaves.
    Ku Li..trusted Najib promising the Youth votes...when he stood for UMNO b against Mahathir. UMNO President.
    Had Najib kept his promise...Mahathir would have lost.
    All UMNO old timers know Najib played out Ku Li....and for a good part of Mahathir's 22 years as PM...Najib play around ...protected by Mahathir...the Dictator.
    Granted Anwar went to jail...because he was thinking selfishly....and so are all Malaysians...except Lim Kit Siang...daringly..alone.....keep exposing corruptions...with no fear....opening Malaysians eyes .waking up think of the country and people.
    Yip...Anwar paid the price and he changed for the better and better and better.
    Ku Li is still the same old selfish man. you also have an axe to grind against Anwar?
    What is it..spell it out.
    Don't tell are putting all the long long posts ...explaining how good Haris bad Anwar is...all for a Malaysian Malaysia.

  17. Buttercup's cup is not cracks...smooth as have.
    Feel it..he tells all..lying there.smoking pot.
    His brain is upside down...inside out..tossed around..when UMNO b guys toss him around for fun.
    He does not or night ...night or day..smoking pot in his park room.
    He says the whole world s laughing
    at Anwar...a sad sad case of one who reads thrash and talk Ibrahim Ali.
    Such is one on the many thousands Malaysians mind and souls ...all surrendered to the devil.
    KT is in between...not sold yet...not easily bought too..not so smart..yet terribly smart to put out excellent long long post..a defender of the weak and Haris and RPK.....right now.

  18. I think KT had so much free milk..all cows love his jokes and companionship..that he has no time to get married...and now Playmate of the year...also don't thrill him.
    He is turning to God...because he was a terrible terrible sinner and fear to die and go to hell.
    How many cows he had milk for free...god only know.
    He is harmless..yet quite irritating ..talking like a lawyer burok...condemning Anwar not for Malaysians or Malaysia...but for what??..only he knows.
    The only logical reason is he is a BN supporter in the support change of government...but make sure Malaysians don't want Anwar as Ibrahim Hasan Harris Ibrahim and RPK.
    But all..not one word...condemning Najib or Mahathir..or Mhuyiddin..or Nazri....all love race and religion dirty politics..diving Malaysians.
    KT...declare yourself.
    Don't stand at the middle.
    It's not as safe as you think.

  19. monsterball, if you had read newspapers you would have found out the following (also capured in my postings):

    where Saifulbahri Kamaruddin, a former Malaysian journalist told us that at one Umno youth rally in 1987, Anwar ranted and raved, urging Chinese Malaysians (people like YOU) to ‘go back to China’ if they were not happy in Malaysia, but which was not published for fear of damaging his image.

    Read also this

    which narrated: Under him, the Education Ministry forced non-Muslim school children to compulsorily perform the doa a la Islamic style. His ministry’s appointment of non-Mandarin educated principals and headmasters to SRKJ(C) was the cause of the inter-ethnic brouhaha that led to Ops Lalang. And as acting PM (when Dr M was away in Ghana) he boasted of UMNO Youth physically wrecking the APCET II forum in Kuala Lumpur like hoodlums, stating: “Our mission was to stop the conference and we did just that.”

    As blogger whatalulu once said (at my blog): "AI, even up to today, tries to be all things to all people.

    I do believe that he served an unfair sentence, but that does not negate my certainty that he is not to be trusted.

    It amazes me how he was in government for 16 years, watched what he now calls "injustice" and "wrongdoing" happening, but didn't do anything."

  20. What about the Najib threat to wash his Kris in Chinese blood ?

    I know you will say evidence not clear, but its the same as the unpublished hearsay on Anwar from a journalist

    I Don't like Anwar, but I dislike Najib even more....

  21. KT...why do you keep bringing up what Anwar was in the past where conditions to survive and live.. have no choice..but to toe the like...governed by a Dictator?
    Why not talk about the present Anwar...his deeds...his speeches...which you driving Malays away..from supporting UMNO b...Mahathir and Najib.
    Like I said...CORRUPTIONS is the main issue.
    Prove Anwar taken millions and he is finished...not Sodomy.
    We move forward...and please tell much Najib... Chua Soi Lek has moved forward?
    Non stop talking race and religion politics...making sure Malaysians stay as it is...or move backwards.
    It that not true?

  22. yip..threats..provoking anger..fanning clashes in religious matters...even use cow heads...pig fan more and more.
    Now planning to be a Police State..passing all the nonsense to Police.
    Police are not buying seen and tested by fears Freedom Fighters.
    All the fanning and provoking....not working...because Malaysians are much smarter than 1969 Malaysians..not easily be fooled like before.
    They put out fire...Malaysians will act like water.
    They act like water..Malaysians will show their furious power.
    So many are getting mad in politics..for not getting what they before.
    That is exactly why Najib dare not announce 13th GE date.
    He knows his days are numbered..and fear the worst for him and Rosmah.
    You think he really really cares for Malaysians?

  23. KT..I don't read politic news in papers.
    I buy Star to read sports and international news and movie stars gossips.
    But first thing...I turn to the page to view who is dead and any of friends .to send my condolences to the living.
    Political news in papers SUCKS!!!
    Do you like Patrick Teoh of "NIAMAH" blog?
    My old dear friend..friend to everyone..but friend to few real life.
    He is witty like you..but he stands side...not at the you.
    You read and read from political blogs.
    I walk in rallies and talk to kopitiam fellas.
    I am a serious freedom fighter.
    You are an opportunist or fun man...using your pass time.
    You will not be marked for trouble.
    I fear no a freedom fighter.
    As long as I can walk and talk..I will F anyone trying to fool or confused Malaysians.
    Take old friend in unpaid Pope..grumbling and Drama King and resigned.
    Pope work for free la..KT.
    From talk MONEY.
    No wonder you hate Anwar so much.

  24. Buttercup, you wrote: "The whole world is laughing at us for wanting a PM who is a sodomizer."

    Most people (except those who are religious) won't care what a politician's or a leader's sexual preference is or what his sexual pecadilloes are as long as the leader is honest, fair and able to administrate the country competently.

    His/her sexual pecadilloes, if it hurts no one and does not contravene any laws and if he doesn't brazenly flaunt them like the way a certain Italian leader flaunts his, are his private business and nobody else's.

    On the whole, Buttercup, your comments are mostly reasonable and certainly a useful contribution to the discussion. Your calm reaction (non-reaction actually) to monsterball's verbal provocations is admirable!

    And monsterball you need to curb yourself a bit as you come across as over the top sometimes. You may end up being totally ignored just like the man in my neighbourhood who walks along the streets talking loudly to himself - other people ignore him or they cross the road and walk on the other side when they see him coming.


  25. Anwar could have just taken his money and left. He did not run in 1998 and he is not running away today. RPK ran like a pig being chased by a tiger. Both have their reasons for doing so and we may never know why. Let's just leave it at that. Remember RPK is just another multi-headed snake who seeks benefits from all sides of the political divide. To believe him is to be stupid or naive when it comes to politicians. I have a simple question for you KT? Have you ever been in any political organisation in Malaysia be they BN or PR affiliated? I have and all I can say is that the PR people save for the ex-UMNO ones have yet to learn the art of stealing and getting away with it. Hopefully PR takes a long time to learn how to be like BN..

  26. RPK has always prided himself to be a master strategist with Sun Tzi's Strategies of War at the back of his hand. He knew exactly why/when/what he was doing. So the pertinent question is why he did he do what he did with TV3,just before the Sarawak State Election and now with NST just before the sentencing of SODOMY version 2.0 keeping in mind he despised both the MSM so much?

  27. Candid-La...You can ignore me and stop taking cock to me.
    You can praise Buttercup as much as you like.
    The fact that you are doing it...shows who you are...what you are and where you came from.
    It's you...people will ignore.
    I have countless friends walking in the streets.

  28. You think Buttercup is calm?
    Why that idiot have no ideas nor talent how to battle me...but balls carrying Najib...he is the best and so is seems like it.
    Go play with your kind and stop being an Arm Chair Critic.
    Only BN buggers think how smart they are doing that....all over all political blogs.

  29. Anwar fire on in all his road shows..attracting huge crowds .listening to him.
    Does he sound like a mad man talking too?
    You all racists days are numbered.
    Your heroes are all hiding their faces...don't know what to do.
    Talk big...kris waving...declare war against Freedom Fighters...all sorts of bullying tactics...all applied...not working.
    And here Buttercup carrying Mahathir and Najib balls...donning the label as Patriots...supporting Najib's..fooling all Malaysians...and you praise him for his calmness?
    You may as well praise all the UMNO b crooks...for their calmness comments...when Anwar keep exposing who they are. foot!!
    Supporting corrupted crooks...including you...Candid-La...needs calmness and thick skins.

  30. Anonymous of 2.36

    Mahathir was also calm in his mannerisms, wrote books in impeccable English... What has he wrought?

    Buttercup uses derogatory names in his comments.

    That's telling those two-timers at it's best.

  32. This monster bola running off at his mouth, like a rabid dog foaming at the mouth, attacking indiscrimately.......aiya, this confirms more than ever that there's no fool like an old fool.

    Good advice from Candid-La....let's all give this mahluk a wide berth and cross to the other side of the street when we see him coming :)

  33. like hell when you see MONSTERBALL.. coming.
    Great...Mahathir is an old fool too.
    You are insulting your father and mother too...not forgetting your Uncles and Aunties.
    Leave it to UMNO b members...great minds...talking.
    I am enjoying.

  34. Sorry for late reply. Was away on work asignment and just got back.

    Mahathir is more than a fool. He is evil personified as far as his public image is concerned for a big majority of the citizens.

    Not ALL old people are fools. Try to get the real meaning of "There's No Fool Like An Old Fool".

    When one is young and commits foolish acts and says foolish things, he can be excused on basis of his youth, still wet behind his ears. But when one who has many years on his back, and supposedly have lots of experience and eaten more salt than rice, then when he starts saying and sprouting foolish things, then there's no fool like an old fool. Got it ?

    Btw, my dad, mum and aunties, uncles......they are old ( or rather older than me, of oourse) but fools they are NOT. They are dear to me and occasionally i find great wisdom coming out from them and i value their insights.

    Have a good day, monsterball. It's just that when i find foam coming out of your mouth, i prefer to keep a wide berth, hehehe.

  35. I don't foam in my mouth when I am talking.
    Either do I spit out saliva like Lim Kheng Yiak ..when he was talking.
    One who have foams showed from the mouth is one short of breath..and need to relax and rest.
    How can I be foaming..or showing signs...short of breath...when I talk so much?
    No fool like an old fool can be a compliment too...but here..the young toads...with one track minds and know half truths....have become narrow minded and foolish to think that's an insult..not can mean who wise that old fool is.
    Wise man say....fools rush in.
    Check it out...who is the wise man and who is the fool.
    Foam coming out from my mouth?
    Are you sure? You can smell that too? young know how to talk and act big ...pocket empty.

  36. How may of you have posts put out by blog owners complimenting you?
    I have close to a dozen and counting.
    I also have two posts ...from BN bloggers...insulting me...6 years ago..when I said....Mahathir was slapped by Agong...all got mad..and start a mission to finish me off....from commenting and from living too.
    Still commenting...still alive.
    Then in Rockybru blog...I wrote a song...."Come on ...lets twist again..changing the words...after the 12th GE result...more than 10 commentators from UMNO went mad.
    Today...the madness has cool down...but I am still the target for BN commentators ...while all of them are my target too.
    Two can play the game.
    Winner takes all.

  37. That shabby cheeky minimini moo minister debating about oil and talk cock all the time did show foam was forming a his mouth...while talking.
    That is because Toyo made the wrong dentures for him he talk talk talk...cannot swallow saliva easily....thus some left to foam and smell like shit...which suits all UMNO b ministers all are shit..unqualified main bontot buggers....same family tree....different producers and directors only.

  38. " young know how to talk and act big ...pocket empty "

    Good thing i came back to check some stuff and saw your 'insult', Monsterball, hehe.

    Don't be so presumptuous lah. That's the trouble with you old farts. I might be young but being young does not equate to empty pockets. Anyway, is money everything?

    FYI, am worth millions of ringgit lah, so don't look down on this young one ok ? Look what you've done.....makes me sound like a money-crazed braggart when actually I am a perfectly humble, low-key, peace-loving guy who did his share of charitable works, and one who detests those who flaunt their wealth driving cars that looks too young for the owner's age....hahaha.

    A good piece of advice from the young to the old : When you have the money, keep a low profile, speak softly but hit where it deserves. Like an airplane, the higher you climb, the smaller you should appear, don't be such a show-off.

    Have a good day, Monsterball.