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2012 DAP

Malaysiakini - Battle-ready DAP heads for the high seas

Today, the DAP holds it annual convention in Shah Alam. Last year on 04 September 2011 I posted GE 13 - Multi-ethnic crossroad for DAP where I wrote:

Since March 2008, Chinese-majority constituencies have become blue chips for Pakatan politiicans, providing much higher assurance of victory for them, regardless of whether they’re DAP Malay or Indian candidates, PKR and even PAS.

PAS in fact is banking on the Chinese factor for victory in many of its staked 70 federal seats for GE-13. Such is today's lamentable lot for Tunku's UMNO when the Chinese (even MCA members) see UMNO as its least desired or (as the case may be) most despised/hated political representative to an extent that they would be willing to vote for PAS instead.

In other words, the ABU doctrine!

It is also timely and with joyous reception that I read of DAP’s bold preparedness to allocate 10 of its blue-ribbon seats to its Malay members, to ensure the face of DAP, post-13 GE, will physically reflect the multi-ethnic character of the party.

The time has come for the DAP to stop worrying too excessively about potential frogs, provided of course the induction process of any new members have been carefully based (as best as is reasonably possible) on the candidates’ character, competencies and commitment to democracy, C.A.T and putting the rakyat first.

There can be no frog-free guarantee in any party – I won’t go into notorious examples to prove this point. Besides, it’s highly racist to presume that frog-ological proclivity are confined only to Malay candidates when we have witnessed shameless examples among non-Malay politicians, both in BN and Pakatan, even in the DAP.

Even if the constituency doesn’t have a Chinese majority, the more Chinese voters there are, the better the chances of victory for PAS and PKR candidates.

That has been why PAS, PKR and now even PSM are drooling for such Chinese-majority seats, traditionally DAP’s turf [...].

A very recent example of this ‘drooling’ over a blue chip seat has been being Dr Jeya’s ambit claim for Jelapang.

I also wrote:

Back to Zulkifli Mohd Noor and his important and very relevant wish to have Malay candidates contest under the DAP ticket in Penang, which I strongly support, having expressed so in my earlier post Gerakan & DAP – the missing songkok factor.

I’m going to be fair and very bold.

As the DAP has now come of age as a prominent political party, to the extent of striking cold fear into UMNO, which until recently had considered DAP only as a minor irritant and a MCA-Gerakan problem, it should stop putting the same candidate in both a federal and state seat.

Today, UMNO considers DAP (not PKR or PAS) as its principal political foe.

Its days as a minor party with limited choices of good candidates for federal and state parliaments are over. I’m thinking of Lim Guan Eng as MP in Bagan and ADUN in Air Putih, and Teresa Kok as MP in Seputih and ADUN in Kinrara. […]

Let’s start with sweetie Teresa. […]

…….. I believe Teresa will serve better by dedicating her exceptional ability to federal parliament, so I would like to see her surrender Kinrara to a new DAP candidate. To be fair to Teresa, while she was/is/will be virtually invincible in Seputih, I recall she expressed her surprise in winning the Kinrara state seat, thus I don’t believe she’ll demand to cling on as the candidate for that state seat.

Now the radical and far more important proposal!

Lim GE must decide whether he wants to continue being CM Penang, a job which he does very well, and whether he is confident he will continue to be one in 2013, which I personally believe he will.

Without being too presumptuous or arrogant, I forecast Lim GE will be CM of Penang for at least another 30 years. Penangites like political stability and in this, had kept Gerakan in power for nearly 40 years despite its abysmal performance during the last couple of decades. Thus, 30 years would be a fair and moderate expectation, of course with the usual conditions (eg. DAP doesn’t become another Gerakan, once the brightest and mightiest non-UMNO party but which sadly deteriorated like an unsalvageable opium addict into a useless and despised political entity).

If so, he must surrender his federal role as an MP and thus his constituency of Bagan to Zulkifli Mohd Noor [or another Malay party member]. I am sure Zul will become one of the several DAP MPs after the next GE election.

Thus I don’t support Karpal Singh’s statement that the DAP would be making an exception in this regard for Lim GE.

I want to see Zul in Parliament as one of DAP’s MPs, if not the first one. My Penang Larng (fellow Penangite) has my complete support.

On 11 Oct 2008 I posted Gerakan & DAP – the missing songkok factor where I wrote:

As a DAP supporter (but not member) I have urged the DAP to rethink its Malaysian Malaysia ideology, which is afterall a policy that had originated from Lee Kuan Yew’s PAP when Singapore was part of Malaysia, and to also reconsider its campaign to abolish bumiputra privileges.

I suggest that the DAP looks at three issues:

(1) develop a new political vision to replace its Malaysian Malaysia that will ameliorate the fears of the Malay.

And I am pleased it has!

(2) develop a fresh strategic policy to accept the NEP but one that will be managed fairly and exclusively for bumiputera interest. This does not in any way disregard the currently marginalized Indians or the less fortunate Chinese. Preserve the NEP exclusively for the needy Melayu and other bumis.

And may I add, our highly marginalized fellow Indian Malaysians deserve urgent rescuing from MIC.

Forget about Anwar Ibrahim’s claim that he would get rid of the NEP or that the policy has outlived its usefulness. […]

I personally believe that the NEP still has use for a large segment of the Malay and Sarawak/Sabah bumis. It’s the misuse of this apparatus for affirmative action that’s the problem, not the NEP per se.

(3) get rid of its socialist label* – most Malays don’t understand what it stands for, other than it must be a part of the Satanic communist diabolical plot.

* at least in its label if not in ideology

I wish DAP and its members, especially the “new ones”, a successful convention to come up with proposals, strategies and programmes so as to serve Malaysia and Malaysians even better in the years to come.


  1. In fact, NEP are NOT economy viable, because Malaysia government REFUSE to produce any scientific thesis report to assess from many years of data.

    Too much money is spend on NEP for the sick of "giving the fish",rather than "teaching to fish". Even Grameen bank achievement is way better than NEP.

    Nevertheless, for Malaysia current political mindset, without the "NEP", many Malay feel insecure, even it is totally irrelevant for most of them without connection.

    Getting rid of the socialist label is a good idea. I agree that, most Malaysia are just too dumb to understand it. A visit to any 1st world country, there is always always some practice of socialism, but many people REFUSE to admit it. A rose is still a rose when you call it with other name, hahahaha.

  2. Thanks moot, however it's incorrect to believe that NEP is just about "giving the fish" when programs under its auspices could well and indeed, should well consist of "teaching how to fish". Alas, this point has been missed because of UMNO's abuse and misuse of the NEP funds.

    Incidenatlly, Islam has the most equitable and organized socialist program, in zakat. It also has the most equitable and moral socialist program in another of its 5 pillars, fasting. Thus Islam, much as many Muslims refuse to or just can't see it, is socialism by the call and with the blessing of Allah swt.

  3. The die is cast.
    Millions of Malaysians are waiting to talk with their votes.
    Little time left for 13th GE.
    Only for or against..change of government and why important.
    For that Buttercup have shown his true color ...but he never given reasons...he just support like an idiot.
    KT is a sort of story teller that if you listen too much to his story can go crazy.
    Olden days...OK...KT would have been a Penang legend in story telling...where people have so much time to listen to grandfathers stories.
    No news about Penang is good news about Lim Guan Eng's leadership.....correct KT?

  4. I have 2 malay friends who did not get any form of help, NEP or otherwise, from the government. But the moment the discussion on the issue of NEP to be phased out or to be eliminated is raised, they get very worked up and felt that their malay race is being sidelined and betrayed.

  5. KTemoc : I agree with you on the "Rehabilitate NEP". It is scientific reality : any non-transparent work/experiment will lead to corruption and fraud. I prefer to call the NEP as NER : New Economy Religion.

  6. I agree with Anonymous of 4.11

    The NEP have created an entitlement culture so much so that it is now regarded as sacrosanct.

    Whoever meddle with it will face the wrath.

  7. dap will always be a sino-centric party,if you can't see that ktemoc, then you are lying to yourself or a coward to say

    just can't trust a chinese in the sense of past,present and future!

  8. How do these statements sound when spoken aloud ?

    * You just can't trust a malay in the sense of past, present and future !

    * You just can't trust an indian in the sense of past, present and future !

    * You just can't trust a chinese in the sense of past, present and future !

    I suppose the lain2 are too insignificant to bother about whether to trust or not ? Not much of a 'threat' there perhaps?

    Now have fun..... fill in the blank WHY these major races in our country can't be trusted and detested each other.

    Inspite of his great age now, our great dear leader still feels that his work is not done yet...... all he has managed to do is just to instill distrust and resentment among his people. Still some way to go ........ BTN, Perkasa, Perkida, Utusan, roll up your sleeves and work harder !