Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Uthayakumar going too far

Malaysiakini - Help Indians, Human Rights Party pleads to Manmohan

I used to support Hindraf so much that I once disliked Haris Ibrahim for it, well, admittedly for a very wrong reason. I thought Haris was unkind to Hindraf. My blogger matey Lucia Lai chided me for being unaware of what a great bloke Haris was (still is).

Then one day I read one of Haris’s posts in Malaysiakini, called Jambuism which touched me enormously. I realized then I was wrong about Haris and my matey Lucia was right.

If you wish to know why I was moved by Haris’ article, feel free to read my Omnia Vincit Jambuism posted on 22 June 2008.

So for Hindraf I had incorrectly disliked Haris (for a while). Then around the same Jambuism time, much to my great disappointment I saw Uthayakumar for the person he really was/is – an arrogant bully-boy making threats to Lim Guan Eng to get what he wanted (or so he had hoped), and being inexcusably biadap to Dr Rama, the DCM of Penang. Chinese would describe him as ‘peh boe boe kar see’ (his parents failed to teach him manners or civilities).

Let me make one distinction here before I continue – it’s not Hindraf I was disappointed in but Uthayakumar himself.

After Uthayakumar’s no doubt very trying spell under the draconian ISA, during which time DAP had made several appeals on his behalf, he emerged to bizarrely attack DAP with such ferocity, arrogance and offensive insolent incivility, all because he had, very hubristically, DEMANDED that Lim Guan Eng must save Kampung Buah Pala at any cost, regardless.

With equal insolence, impudence and unmitigated effrontery he also abused Dr Rama of being a mandore. Such a boorish oaf cannot be unforgiven without proper apologies.

That’s the unreasonableness of Uthayakumar. That’s the biadap-ness of Uthayakumar. That’s the arrogance of a man who had thought all should kowtow immediately to his royal dictates.

Next to his insolent arrogance I dislike him for referring the problems of Indian Malaysians to foreign leaders, with his latest nonsense being to get, of all people, the PM of India, Manmohan Singh to INTERVENE in a Malaysian domestic issue regarding Indian Malaysians - how f* insensitive, how most un-Malaysian.

While there’s no doubt a need to uplift the lot of Indian Malaysians, should Uthayakumar coopt the PM of India to intervene with the PM of Malaysia? How would India like it if foreigners interfere in its internal affairs?

And using his logic (or lack of), should Chinese Malaysians also appeal to Chinese President Hu Jintou to intervene and force the Malaysian PM to introduce asset-testing in the NEP programs? Sheeesh! I cringe at the very thought of inviting foreign intrusions into our domestic affairs!

For a start he will only succeed in riling PM Najib and most Malaysians. So how would that really help Indian Malaysians? It’s not as if he isn’t aware of this likely outcome, so we really need to ask what his grandstanding agenda really is?

I don’t believe the Indian Malaysians have been, are or will be well served by this person.


  1. The Bor Kar See believes that the Malaysian Indians will love him for standing up for them - no matter how ridiculous it may be.


  2. better than trusting a malaysian chinese or a sinocentric party!

  3. oh! btw,since ,when did the malaysian chinese are known for their manners?

  4. I am disappointed with the racist comments here. The post is about one person, not an ethnic group - as I have written: "Let me make one distinction here before I continue – it’s not Hindraf I was disappointed in but Uthayakumar himself."

    In fact the message in my post is that the Indians won't be well served by this man. Why take it out against all Chinese - please take it out on kaytee.

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  6. Now that Manmohan Singh is in Putrajaya, Uthayakumar should ask to borrow a couple of nuke bombs from him.

  7. have you ever asked LGE or Anwar why they cannot provide land for tamil schools? i know you won't because you only care for your self. you criticize uthaya to please DAP. As a indian i support uthaya and Hindraf. most of the majority Indians are with him.

  8. psst... uthayakummar, whatever happened to your demand that queen elizabeth ii pays Rm1 million to all malaysian indians? Why don't you request Obama to pay USD1 million to all niggers there?

  9. When you get a foothold
    Don't try to forget the troubles

    The people on the streets
    They have reasons to get there

    Unleashed their own forms of demands
    Lapped it by the politicians.........

    The marching the news
    It helped a cause for misplaced wealth

    Yet instead of carrying it ahead
    Leaders shouldn't think of their own aims

    It will fall flat.....
    It isn't about them

    It is about people
    Of the cake of uneven distribution

    Don't forget the helpers
    The sympathizers on the sidelines

    Yet there is this grandeur
    The leaders think own agenda

    To make the changes
    Leaders shouldn't fight for themselves

    The road to changes
    It is with the people

  10. I am a malaysian indian.I did support the hindraf movement but of lately Uthayakumar's behaviour has tarnished in some ways the Hindraf movement.He is i think is frustrated as nothing seems to be going his way.Sad to say he does not have the qualities of a leader.


  11. Hindraf Rally 25th Nov11:49 pm, October 27, 2010

    Uthaya can be commended for the Hindraf Rally (though he was no where at sight at the thick of action, returned only after the police called it off. The rally was on auto-pilot, moved only by the spirit of the people gathered, without any central leadership).

    The Indian community appreciated his daring challenge to the UMNO government, and he was hailed as instant hero.

    Post Hindraf is ugly and embarrasing as each of this politically immature Hindraf leaders only interested in robbing the glory of the rally upon themselves, and proclaiming themselves as only leaders.

    Now there is no Hindraf - Uthaya can only capitalise his past achievement. He (or other Hindraf leaders)lacks leadership skills and intellectual capacity to lead Indian society in broader Malaysian context (his brother is somewhat better than him).

  12. Among the Indian community, Dr Rama is virtually unknown in politics before the waves of Makkal Sakti. He joined DAP only after he retired from UKM. He was never in anyway playing important roles in any NGOs or Civil Society movement as well- which played important roles in pre internet days.

    In academics, his contributions is also seriously limited. We cannot see in what way he is an outstanding personality as a leader. Just contrast him with people like Tunku Abdul Aziz, intellectualy both are far apart. So, what's the basis for DAP placed him so high? It backs to the logics of Malaysian politics - race.

    Uthaya is right, Dr Rama rides on the Hindraf rally. He owes his triumph in politics mainly to Hindraf. For the record, he was not even bothered to attend the Hindraf Rally. He claimed solidarity only after the ral;ly was a success.

    Saying the above, I really hope Dr Rama can demonstrate true leadership and commitments to principled politics. And I also hope he moves beyond the politics racial rhetorics when he meets the Indian voters. Wishing him good luck in this new vocation.

    But KT a bone of contention with you. Earlier, your shadow cabinet placed him as Minister of Education. I think, that position should be reserved to visionary serious academicians - when Pakatan takes over Putrajaya, they can head hunt people - maybe people like Dr Lim Teck Ghee. Lets move beyond being racially correct. We need best people to lead the country.

  13. a.p., Dr Lim can be a good choice too, but he has to become a Pakatan federal candidate in the next election to be legitimately qualified for consideration as the Education Minister. Yes, we can also appoint him minister via the dubious senate back door, but then how can Pakatan do that after criticisng BN back door ministers like Koh TK, already rejected by the voters?

    But you're incorrect to diminish Dr Rama's political-leadership credentials. His low profile and humble demeanour don't mean he isn't capable. Sometimes only empty barrels (like Uthayakumar) make the most noise. One additional correction to your statement - Dr Rama came to prominence because of DAP, not Hindraf. DAP recognizes Dr Rama's capability. His dignity in the midst of Uthayakumar's disgraceful abuse of him was an outstanding example of a lion in the face of a yapping hyena.

  14. Senatorship as system of bringing in good people may not be a problem in itself. It becomes problem only when it is abused.

    I agree with you that Dr Rama can develop skills to be a good leader-and I truly hopes so.(Btw, I am not making comparison between Dr Rama and Uthaya)

    Dr Rama joined DAP as a protest to UKM when his contract was not renewed. Its an act of protest and not prompted by idelogical factor.

    When the Hindraf 5 were in ISA he gave his unflinching support. DAP picked him as candidate for GE13 at the height makkal sakti euphoria, recognising that he can represent the dissenting angry voice of the Indians.

    You said: His dignity in the midst of Uthayakumar's disgraceful abuse of him was an outstanding example of a lion in the face of a yapping hyena" Well, I think you are grossly wrong here. Just ask students in mid 1990's in UKM - he almost punched a Oxford trained professor while an evaluation was taking place for purely academic discussion. A little later, he punched the son of late MIC President, Manikavasagam over a discussion on Indians affair (in the airport!) and I think the case is still ongoing. He also almost punched a well known professor from UM that now serves as economist at the UN - all because he cannot tolerate different IDEAS!!!

  15. Have you seen the feature video that Malaysiakini put up on Tamil schools a while back? It had a segment where Uthayakumar seemed to think that setting up Tamil schools was as easy as the stroke of a pen.

    And apparently the Pakatan Rakyat governments seemed to have failed in their governance, because they have not done enough for the Indians.

    That's all you hear coming out of Uthayakumar these days. Indians. Indians. Indians. Indians. Yes, they are getting the short end of the stick, but sometimes you can't help but wonder what made Uthaya the broken, deluded record that he is today.

  16. Agree with KT.
    That Utayar is getting way out of line.
    He is not asking for help nor helping the Malaysian Indians but more for publicity for himself.
    Maybe the ISA stint short circuited his brain.

  17. Almost all Indians are with Hindraf/HRP. They are a source of inspiration to many ethnic minority communities in India, especially in the north east, in the diaspora in Guyana, Trinidad, South Africa, Mauritius, as well as to the Kurds in Turkey. They have attained cult status among minorities the world over.

  18. Hindraf Rally 25th Nov12:19 am, October 30, 2010

    Sorry Shatin, Not for me though. I will accept him as gentleman the day Uthaya and the rest of Hindraf leaders can sit and discuss in civilised manner. Recognising differences and disagreeing in civilised manner is a mark of true leadership. Quarrelling and name calling over petty issues in public is demeaning. This goes with other Hindraf leaders as well. They have to educate themselves to manage differences and keep it themselves for the SAKE OF LARGER IDEALS.

    As for true leader, I would like to see a person who is intellectually competent and can lay out his vision (and mechanism) to improve the socio-economic of poor Indians AND capable of bringing the entire Indian community into the fold of Bangsa Malaysia with high self esteem as an Indian. Sadly, none exist in this caliber in BN or Pakatan.

    Unfortunately, what we have are reverse - we have leaders who survives in ethnic and political rhetoric vis a vis UMNO/PKR/DAP. Thats really our misfortune, so until such great leader emerge, we have to strategies to bringing in all energies in the broader political forces for the sake of poor Indians and larger national issues.

    (btw, Uthaya's service for individual poor Indians is commendable with gratitude, but not enough to be a national leader for Malaysian Indians)

    1. Original Memo randam to the QUEEN. It was stated that our fore fathers came to this country as labourers.This fact can be disputed To my knowledge and believe my parents(I am the first generation) came here to do bussiness and the were sucessfull.there were many Indians in this catorgery.The Siks,Malayalees (TOP EDUCATED CLASSas admistrators, The Ceylonese Top Educated as admistrators Chettiars as finnaciers, Sindhis & Gujaratis bussinessmen. -What is he talking about?.

    Secondly he request for finnancial help for a Q.C, to fight the Queen.Sorry to say he is taking the OOOR INDIANS-TAMILS I BELIEVE FOR A RIDE.
    Secondly It is like one of the oppossite fighting for ones own survival.
    I am Glead HARIS a non-Indian has open the eyes of many.Secondly some of its leaders have left the country & are working from outside, where is their loyalty.

  20. Hindraf Rally 25th Nov10:04 pm, November 01, 2010

    Anonymous 11.22,

    A respond to your opinion on Hindraf and Uthaya. They have a made a number of mistakes and still pursuing a direction that are questionable for many. We should highlight and continue to contest it. Its important to state our stand on issues they raise.

    However, we should not belittle or downplay their contributions. Uthaya and the Hindraf 5's single most important contribution is the awakening of political consciousness among the Indians from all walks of life. This is is undisputable. (In the process, they also earned the labels such as racist and so on). In my opinion, the class action suit is a brilliant and very original idea to attract world wide attention on the issues they highlighted.

    The ultimate question now is, how they can organise themselve and move ahead beyond narrow context and be relevant to national struggle for betterment of Malaysia. Thats the challenge.