Friday, October 15, 2010

'Mister Professor Doctor' revisited

The Malaysian Insider’s trivia for today tells us that “In Malaysia, surgeons use the title Mr, not Dr.”

Well, it is not really such an astounding revelation because many Malaysians are aware of that. Furthermore, it’s not something unique to Malaysia. In fact the practice originated from Britain, where our surgeons who trained and graduated from there adopted, continue and spread that practice locally.

A surgeon friend explained that the rather common title of Mister remembers their history when the original surgeons were barbers – for more, read my June 2006 post Mister Professor Doctor.


  1. In Malaysia, bomohs call themselves "Doctors" with purchased PhD as proof.

  2. How about this one whose name you can't pronounce without taking another deep breathe to complete....?

  3. '-) yup, proving my point that even though a prof already he still hangs on to his Dr