Wednesday, October 13, 2010

3 quickies (2)

(1) Malaysiakini - Nurul Izzah fails to qualify for PKR No 2 race.

She received only 1 nomination and thus failed to qualify as a candidate for party election to the No 2 spot.

Though I did mentioned in a previous post Nurul Izzah Anwar - PKR deputy chief? that I thought her perhaps a wee too young to be a deputy leader of a party, I find it hard, in fact ridiculous, to believe she, the much reverred Putera Reformasi (of many PKR members & supporters), couldn't muster a mere two nominations.

This is the ultimate BBB (brains-baffling bullsh*t).

I wonder ...?

(2) Malaysiakini letter by Padmanathan Ramanair - Whatever happened to the Indian postman? stated:

I have never seen an Indian postman employed by Pos Malaysia for the last 20 or more years. [...]

In Seremban, I have never seen an Indian clerk at the post offices. The list goes on and on.

Me too, Padma. In the days of my youth, almost all postmen were Indians. What happened?

(3) The Malaysian Insider - Chief Sec says to follow rules in disciplining principals, BTN man.

It reported: Mohd Sidek Hassan said today that the government will follow proper procedure in dealing with two school principals and a Biro Tata Negara (BTN) official for making racist remarks

But the Chief Secretary did not say whether the three had been found guilty or whether they had already been disciplined.

Translated: We’re not going to do anything but instead heel-drag these issues until you are too weary to raise it again.

Well, what did you expect anyway? Remember that biadap civil servant who ranted against a State’s Chief Minister in an UMNO forum? Well, it sure as hell demonstrated the Chief Secretary’s questionable 'allegiance', a very worrying issue for Malaysians.

See my post Why Malaysia has gone to the dogs (1) to anticipate how Mohd Sidek would act, and the related Who is biadap?

Sometimes I feel desperate enough to invoke the spirit of the late Tun Ghazalie Shafie to rescue Malaysians from the pathetic top echelon of the Malaysian Civil Service


  1. In the days of my youth, almost all postmen were Indians. What happened?

    I think dei all spray skin-lightening dyes on their skin and all convert to become bumis. If the mamak could do it, so could dei

  2. Indian clerk ? got , one very xxxx woman in ipoh garden post office !!

  3. spray skin-lightening dyes on their skin?

    Nope, they all guna lotion SKII as the previous PM did, when he declared himself to be "fair" to all malaysians