Monday, October 11, 2010

MCA - dare to say, dare to do?

Malaysiakini - MCA: We are loyal but won't blindly follow

... so said MCA President Chua Soi Lek. At the party’s 57th AGM he stated: "There will be occasions when MCA will take a different stand from Umno. MCA needs to be sensitive to the needs and aspirations of the rakyat, so that we continue to be their voice in the government."

"We have to overcome the negative perception of the Chinese towards MCA. We have been perceived as a party that has been unable to voice out the aspirations of the community."

Well, let’s see. As a start what do MCA MPs say about the Dewan Rakyat’s Speaker saying there’ll be no debate on the 'racist' principals as they’re already disciplined.

All of us including the Speaker himself and Chua know that’s not true.

Besides, the debate is more than just about the disciplining. It’s about the nature of official indoctrination of public servants by the Biro Tatanegara (BTN), which has already been reported by many participants as having a sinister racial content, and the DPM's staggeringly stupid statement that he couldn’t do anything about the slow pace of bringing the racist duo to heels, and of course the inordinate heels dragging to discipline the two publicly-paid bigots even until now, yes, up to the very instant when the House Speaker brazenly claimed they are being disciplined.

There there is the question of how PM Najib's various policy statements, namely 1Malaysia and zero tolerance towards racism, etc stand in the face of such defiant public servants.

I take this opportunity to also advise the MCA and indeed the Gerakan and MIC to bear in mind that the Barisan Nasional is a coalition and not UMNO with several non-Malay affiliates or branches. Therefore MCA (and Gerakan and MIC each) should stand up as a sovereign party that is a full partner in a coalition or alliance. Don't behave like a subordinate branch of UMNO.

What does this entail then?

While the BN as a party should of course, as far as possible speak out together on policy issues, the operative term should be ‘as far as possible’, meaning there may be times the MCA should be able, and indeed dare to speak out differently on an issue of interest to the community or constituency it represents.

When there is an general or state election pending, the seats should be allocated not just as per a coalition formula BUT through meaningful negotiations among the parties. In other words, there is no such thing as the BN chairperson (meaning UMNO) dispensing seats out like Father Christmas and MCA and Gerakan keeping mum.

Also and very importantly, the selection of candidates to seats assigned to MCA shall be only at the discretion of the MCA leadership and should never ever be subordinated to approval by the BN chairperson (eg. Hulu Selangor where the MIC president was humiliated as being no more than a mere UMNO branch leader).

It’s an insult that MCA candidates have to be approved by an UMNO man.

Finally (for now), where an agreement or consensus cannot be arrived at between, say, MCA and Gerakan, these two BN parties should be permitted to fight it out. For example, in Australia, the Liberal and National parties, both partners in the Coalition, are allowed to compete against each other in some seats.

An added advantage in this is to prevent UMNO from employing its old tactic of divide and rule over MCA and Gerakan. Fighting it out is better as it will weed out the Chinese based party least supported by the voters. Better still, the MCA and Gerakan should merge into one single party.

Let’s see how determined Chua and the MCA (and Gerakan) will be.


  1. These are standard scripts prepared for AGM, to try selling MCA for support. This only works if Rakyat are stupid and uninformed.

    Tok Kok Oni

  2. ...Let’s see how determined Chua and the MCA...

    KT are you kidding ?
    All Amno goons got to do is utter '377' and Chua VCD will immediately lose his erection; so how to stand up against Amno ?

  3. ktemoc,
    I am not really interested with MCA. MCA reminded me of Mussolini who has finally lost controlled of Italy. Or was it Gerakan....Hahahaha...
    Gosh, I love history lesson. I am more interested with Galas, Razaleigh. Hmm.....I respected Razaleigh. Just as Erwin Rommel, though his disdain towards UMNO, he lan lan got to defend mein fuhrer or is it UMNO
    Can Galas be the D Day? Rommel failed to defend the Allies from penetrating through....Perhaps, you can commend on that.....
    Batu Sapi would be the Forgotten War of Burma? My imagination gone wild these days

  4. Political parties such as mca,mic,ppp and gerakan are no longer relevant .
    We can now safely discuss about their demise and ways for them to ride into the sunset.
    Like any stars before turning into a dwarf star they will explode into a red giant thus making hell lot of noises . This is the stage where mca is now at.
    And yes, umno or perkosa can lodge a report that Soi lek engaged in oral sex.

  5. Chua claimed that voting for PR means allowing PAS to enforce hudud laws.

    The first one to be stoned to kingdom come for adultery will be the old geezer himself. That's why he is so scared

  6. The porno king
    The law just waiting
    The parrot by the magician
    Knock his head he will do the tricks

    Equal partners in coalition
    Through decades it becomes king and squirrel
    Feeding the king the squirrel jumps along
    Collecting the crumbs thinking it is right

    The chunks of the wealth
    The king takes it all with glee
    Only the squirrel still jumping on the trees
    Thinking it conquers the world

    Read history of the coalition
    Decades of keeping quiet
    Now the breeding roots bound
    Exposing it to the sun

    The copper tone lotion
    It just cools the heat for a while
    The cracking up on the skin....
    Ah.. it is coming on time!

    One 13 gone
    One 13 in the land of the Horn Bills
    One 13 in the next GE
    And the porno king sings

    The magic wane has gone
    The reality people must face
    Enough of lies, deceits and corruptions
    Wise up let the X makes the force

  7. How about if Ong Tee Keat/Sivarasa/DrHsu-DatoGark-Kim with the last true MCA/MIC/Gerakan who would speak against APARTHEID splinter from the sinking MCA/MIC under a new political party friendly to Pakatan but independent of Pakatan? - nominally as a 3rd Force?

    Could anyone push for this? Cos MCA and MIC are of historical value and shouldn't just die off like this, its a total waste and would give carte blanc to Pakatan Rakyat and create a new hegeomy situation.

    Google "Third Force for Reform" and join the discussions there. All it takes for evil men to triumph is for good men to do nothing.