Monday, August 14, 2006

Malay Patriot who's whiter than white!

Bernama reported that the PM’s son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin had happily sold his shares, although suffering losses, to a Malay entrepreneur rather than non-Malay concerns although he received better offers from the latter. He wanted to ensure the Malay’s shareholdings are not diluted in any manner. What financial losses for Khairy. What sacrifices. What a Malay patriot.

Khairy also vowed that as the PM’s son-in-law he must be 'whiter than white'. That’s why he has been willing to sacrifice his personal assets to take into consideration other people's perception and to allow himself to focus on politics.

I wonder whether he will thank Dr Mahathir for being the catalyst for his actions to become 'whiter than white'? And I do wonder too whether we may tease Dr Mahathir for becoming a bleaching agent?

Notwithstanding the head of the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC), Shahrir Samad (UMNO MP for JB) stating that there was a conflict of interest in the merger between ECM Libra Bhd and Avenue Capital Resources Bhd, Khairy confidently revealed to us that the PAC had ruled the merger was according to procedure.

Of course it was, if Khairy says so! As if it wasn’t.

However, Khairy admitted the PAC's concern was only on the fact that the government had lost control over Avenue Capital which was a government-linked company. Ala, just a small issue saja, don't worry.

Despite Sharir saying at the onset that there was a conflict of interest, Khairy didn't feel any pressure from the PAC's investigation. He believed the PAC have done their job and since no one has been found in the wrong, he reckoned the merger has been the best step for the two companies.

Did anyone for one instant believe anything sinister in that merger? Shame on you people. Everything was 'whiter than white', if you don't mind!

But I must admit my only concern was poor noble Khairy losing around RM 612,000 in disposing off those several millions of shares. I am a worrier by nature so I wonder how would he able to settle the loss, bearing in mind he had bought those shares from 'lucky' loans. As I mentioned, one visitor commented that my worries are needless, that Khairy would have made a profit ot at worst, broke even.

The visitor to my site provided very interesting arguments to demonstrate his conviction, which in itself opens up a can of worms. Does this mean then that Khairy had falsely claimed he made a sacrifice with losses, as reported by Bernama, or has it been the visitor to my posting who was wrong about Khairy making a profit or breaking even?

As Khairy has made a resolution to be 'whiter than white' I am going to believe he has been correct in declaring his losses. Therefore my worry about his ability to repay the loan is still relevant. But I am confident somehow he'll pull through.

Maybe another 'lucky' episode in his successful business career that he may wish to share his experience and trading skills with us.

All hunky dory, mate
eight bells and all’s well!
T'is 'whiter than white'
Can't you bloody tell?


  1. As long as he doesn't want to be whiter than Michael Jackson... now, that would be really scary!

  2. walski matey, you're witty, but just imagine - MJ in Neverland, and our KJ in Bolehland - les frères blancs - indeed terrifying

  3. From promoting 'pepper sprays' to 'bleaching agents', Mahathir is sure rocking the AAB boat!

  4. Hi,

    Question 1 - are the shares KJ selling (ECM Libra Avenue), the same shares he bought (ECM Libra)?

    Question 2 - KJ bought 2/3 of his shares from non Bumi and he is a patriot for selling only to Bumi??!! Nice accounting they are teaching in Oxford!