Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Boycott, Keris, Arson or Hornets - Your Choice!

Last Friday, UMNO Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin, in response to the Middle East crisis, called for Malaysia to boycott US and British goods.

His father-in-law, PM AAB stated the smartest and most statesman-like advice ever in commenting on Khairy’s statement.

AAB told UMNO Youth to stop talking big about boycotting US and British products when it’s not a practical proposition. He said UMNO Youth should think long and hard on the implications such a move can have on Malaysia

He advised those big-mouths including his son-in-law: “Let’s not talk big because when we want to implement [the boycott], we would be hit bad and have to turn back because it will be burdensome.”

Of course that is not to say the Oxford graduate didn’t know that, but obviously young laddie had been trying to raise his own profile in the Youth group. It’s the old UMNO formula. I recall one other bloke who talked about keris dripping with blood and burning down the Chinese Assembly Hall, or UMNO trained hornets zipping in fiercesome formations at parties it didn’t like.

They are in the same category - stirring emotions for their personal interests.


  1. I would say this as another sandiwara, just to prove to people that the FIL and SIL do not have to work in concert all the time. Bullsh*t!

    Btw, have you seen the protest footage? His finger waving and checkered arm bandage kinda reminds me of The Most Wanted Man on Earth.

  2. Big Brother Is Watching You

  3. Damn fools, the US economy is so gigantic that even the market capitaliation of GE ; a single company listed on NYSE is bigger than the value of the whole KLSE( Bursa M ).

    The wealth of their two richest men ie. William H. Gates and Warren Edward Buffett
    are comparable to the foreign reserve of Bank Negara !

    If the US stops trade with Malaysia , the Malaysian economy will be disastrously affected but they won't even notice the diffence !

  4. I challenge the idiot to make a difference by going to Lebanon to join the Hezbollah in fighting the Israelites' atrocities on the Lebaneses !

  5. What else can Umno Youth do but bullshit about what they are going to do to the US. These shitheads born with a golden spoon permanently up their asses do not know what the Muslim world is up against. They believe all the rhetoric about the US being a declining Superpower. These UMNO Youth clowns know shit about the modern economy. For their information the modern economy is based on intellectual prowess and not physical resources. Microsoft, GM (financial division), GE, Google, Walmart are only a few of their better known companies. The US has thousands of world class companies controlling technology which we can only dream of.The speed at which they developed and put into operationthe bunker busting bomb is only a glimpse of their tecnological prowess

    Maybe UMNO Youth can develop something to neutralise Israeli air superiority in Lebanon.

    That will be the day.