Thursday, April 09, 2020

WHO attacked by Trump and Taiwanese Racists

SCMP (extracts):

World Health Organisation chief slams US for politicising coronavirus crisis

World Health Organisation chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

Photo: AFP

Tedros denies he is favourable to China and thanks the US for its generous funding, but says the two countries should work together

He also singles out the Taiwan government for condoning what he says were online attacks against him

The World Health Organisation’s chief slammed the US for politicising the Covid-19 pandemic and singled out the Taiwan government for condoning what he said were online attacks against him.

In a series of scathing attacks, WHO director general Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus also blamed the media for “adding fuel to the fire” on Wednesday amid escalating geopolitical tensions from US President Donald Trump, who blamed the WHO for being China-centric and threatened to stop funding the international body.

Tedros denied he was favourable to China and thanked the US for its generous funding, but said the two countries should work together.

“Now, the US and China should come together and fight this dangerous enemy,” Tedros said. “[There is] no need to use Covid to score political points.”

“We don’t do politics at WHO,” he said. “We care for the poor. We care for those who are vulnerable.”

Trump threatens to cut US funding of World Health Organisation amid coronavirus pandemic.

On Tuesday, Trump threatened to withhold US funding from the World Health Organisation. He had castigated the WHO on Twitter earlier that day and issued a veiled threat against the agency:

The W.H.O. really blew it. For some reason, funded largely by the United States, yet very China centric. We will be giving that a good look. Fortunately I rejected their advice on keeping our borders open to China early on. Why did they give us such a faulty recommendation?

Responding to a question about Trump’s criticism, Tedros told a press conference: “Please don’t politicise this virus. It exploits the differences you have at the national level. If you want to be exploited and if you want to have more body bags, then you do it.”

Tedros also turned to what he said were personal racist comments that started in Taiwan.

“I can tell you personally attacks which have been going on for more than two, three months: abuses, or racist comments, giving me names, black or negro,” he said. “Maybe for the first time I will make this public: even death threats. I don’t give a damn."

“Three months ago, this attack came from Taiwan … And Taiwan, the foreign ministry, they also know the complaint. They didn’t dissociate themselves. They even started criticising me in the middle of all that insult and slur. But I didn’t care – three months."

“Since I don’t have any inferiority complex when I’m personally affected or attacked by racial slurs, I don’t care, because I am a very proud black person or negro. I don’t care being called even negro – I am.


  1. How can Taiwanese be accused of racism against China ?
    Taiwanese are not an inch less Chinese.
    It's a political matter, not racism.

    1. read carefully (your usual problem) - Taiwanese were racists against Tedros

    2. Taiwanese is a generic term!

      Some r Chinese - born in China, live in Taiwan due to historical reasons. Very much a dying breed now. Some r born in Taiwan but consider themselves Chinese for whatsoever reasons. Some consider themselves pure Taiwanese w/o a clear demarcation of what the fart they r releasing. Amongst them r those 台毒 morons who still thinking that their adopted uncle Sam will take care of them, come what may!

      So, where's the political angle when these mfers DON'T consider themselves Chinese? They act, curse & condemn ANYTHING CHINESE/CHINA - just liken to those dickheaded HK 废青!

      Most likely they would behave just like those dickheaded HK 废青 now demanding the SAR govt to courier them back from those covid-19 infested demoNcratic countries that they so cried father-mother to panegyrize for a citizenship!

      In fact many of those 台毒 morons r now silently working in Shenzhen bcoz there r NO jobs for them in Formosa. Nothing wrong if not bcoz these 台毒 morons have vowed not to step onto the soil of China since she is considered authoritarian!

      They r racists, pure & simple!

  2. Well, this breaking news (9th April 2020 ) hosted by CNN Jon Lemon might take the wind out of all those who persisted that the Chinese brought all the virus to the US.

    "NYT reported that studies show that most of New York coronavirus cases came from Europe." Already, there are news circulating that Italy was first introduced to the virus via an European traveler from Bavaria, the virus being of a slightly different strain, "an older strain". This last bit is a bit uncertain though, need an epidemiologist to explain.

    Btw, Jon Lemon of CNN, who had been openly castigating China for weeks now for being responsible for the spread of the virus and without fail, been blasting China for massive 'cover-up' of this pandemic, looked distinctly deflated when he made this new report from NYT and in quite the subdued tone, so totally out of character, spoke to the invited guest, an Asian, what to make of this report. Yup, we too are all agog too...let's wait for further news on this, hehe


      Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told a briefing Tuesday (April 7) in Beijing that his social media posts were "a reaction to some US politicians stigmatising China a while ago."

      In response to a question about whether the tweets represented the government's official stance, Mr Zhao said, "This also reflects the anger of many Chinese people about this stigma."

      so now no more virus originated from usa kah? merely anger? but this zhao "factual" accusation has been widely spread like wuhan virus to the worldwide ccp lover, which u, ck n kt play a part, so how?

    2. Mfer, yr England is really pathetic & yet u want to play wordsmith?

      Has US replies to Zhao Lijian's personal tweets YET?

      So where the f*ck is that question of "no more virus originated from usa kah" arise in Zhao's reply?

      Mfer, England tak pakai. Mandarin only pakai when spoken/written with 台毒 flowery styles. Keep doing yr monkey show lah - I'm sure there r many r laughing no ends!

      Ooop… forgetting, these r the very typical 台毒水炮 shameless stand-up comedian show!

      Bravo, for the entertainment.

    3. CNN Don Lemon has been captivating China ? Don't make things up Ler.

      His entire show is devoted to attacking Trump every day.
      He accused Trump of being racist when Trump first banned flights from China.

      Europe infections are just extension of the infection chain from Wuhan, China.

    4. u accuse us then onus on u to prove the accusation, but of course we know anything with chinese characterictic, it might work the other round.

      "a reaction to some US politicians stigmatising China a while ago."
      show me yr good england how u interpret "a reaction"?

      cina macam kindergarten, england macam primary 3.

    5. Mfer, when did u turn virologist?

      "Europe infections are just extension of the infection chain from Wuhan, China."

      Substantiate with FACTS (more likely farts) lah!

    6. Mfer, the correct english word is repudiate!

      I repudiated yr f*cked-up interpretation of Zhao Lijian's briefing about his personal tweets as "a reaction to some US politicians stigmatising China a while ago."

      So, what is there for me to prove, as all yr farts were there for all to read?

      In diplomatic parlay, PERSONAL tweets DON'T represent the government's official stance!

      Keywords - personal tweet! Of course, Trump's personal tweets r as official as they can get!

      The questioning reporter SHOULD have know this rule & yet wanted to trap Zhao. Zhao's reply was a diplomatic classic that all diplomats should learn by heart.

      Learn something about how a reply with Chinese characteristics works lah, mfer!

    7. Jon Lemon is typical of the CNN cohort...24/7 Trump bashing although that Orange Buffoon shot his own foot millions of times that it's a wonder he can even walk, hehehehe

      FYI, Jon Lemon was not born yesterday. Ever heard of using an enemy of your enemy to win/score points ? Because of his CNN's almost hysterical anti-Trump warpath, China is the perfect foil...thus, in the example of Trump who did the right thing to call for the ban of flights from China to prevent the spread of Covid19, this lemon conveniently accused Trump of being racist, not out of love for China or the Chinese. But where Trump is not in the equation, the lemon have no qualm using very broad brushstroke against China devoid of any nuance and even a basic grasp; but then he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, the quality of his program is boringly mediocre at best. There's a lot of such lemons in CNN though, hehehehe

    8. so y zhao stop pursuing his fake oppppps the correct eng work is fact.

    9. Again… I don't get it England le?

      I don't mind if u farted them in yr 台毒 Mandarin if that can make yr farts more coherent!

      Or am I wasting my time with a faked 理中客? Wakakakakax2

  3. tis ccp no inferiority complex proud dog is really funny as if there is no personal attack or name calling against chai trump or anyone else. cho is not working for the poor, cho action n decision show that its no diff with any political entity.

    taiwanese r so graceful, black or negro is just a label, cant really tell what this tedros mental or moral values are, a dog is a dog, lets be frank n honest like msian.

    1. 台毒 r not graceful!

      They r just pure exhibiting pure personal vindictive towards Tedros simply bcoz WHO doesn't consider their application to join WHO!

      Nathan Rich has a very good take on this 台毒/WHO spar.

      These 台毒 mfers have spread all sorts of lies about the origin, transmission & their expertise (wakakakaka…) to the western media who r so willingly to quote twisted source to blacklisting China.

      Obviously u would do the same since u r all shitting together. The more the merrier. Right?

      Indeed, a dog is a dog, lets be frank n honest like msian??!

      Be precise lah.

      'Frank & honest' like u as u understood those terms with yr kind of England!

    2. There's quite a fair number of Tim Pool here locally...sounds like seriously into drugs, that's why they spew incredible delusional conspiracy theory. Their brains are truly fucked. As CIA Director William Casey famously said in 1981 : " We'll know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American public believes is false".

      US is sort of losing its hegemonic grip a bit now due to an invisible virus bringing it to its knees with a whopping 17 millions claiming for unemployment benefit and the country, in fact the whole world, is in recession now. All this while, it goes around talking softly and carry a big stick, though under Trump, it is like talk bigly and carry a big stick. But the stick is kind of not working its usual bullying walloping magic. That's why it is whining in paranoid insecurity that China has hidden agenda by giving a helping hand to 85 countries swamping in dead Covid19 bodies. Ohh..China is trying to usurp the world stage, China is pretending benevolence, bla bla bla.

    3. nathen rich hv the tendency to select those view that supports his accusation, when we know democracy n freedom that american n taiwanese enjoy allow diverse of opinion.

      show u one example, nr accuse usa media bias by telling how nyt criticise ccp, while everyone in the world except ccp lover know nyt whack trump 24/7.

      how childish u r to quot nr? not only england primary 3, otak juga.

    4. we all know usa is sucks, tell us something we dun know la.

    5. What an example - "nr accuse usa media bias by telling how nyt criticise ccp, while everyone in the world except ccp lover know nyt whack trump 24/7."

      Mfer, haven't u forget about yr diarrhea about scmp's news about CCP?

      SCMP whacks CCP China. SCMP praises CCP China.

      In yr demoNcratic word - freedom of expression mah! Right?

      Nancy Patricia Pelosi, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives wacks trump 24/7. Yet she too curses CCP China as much as Trump. They both show the tendency to select those views that support their accusations, in the glaring display of 'know democracy & freedom' that ONLY selected American & 台毒 f*ckheads enjoy in the name of 'diverse of opinion'.

      Where's that 'diverse of opinion' when there is ONLY shared hatred?

      Or 'diverse of opinion' is the front for genuflecting morons, like u, to fart about?


      "know usa is sucks"!!!

      Do u?

      Or u have selective anemia whenever stories of CCP China causing u sleepless night?

    6. Ya, like YOU don't have 'the tendency to select those view that supports' your own accusation, wakakaka. Pordahhh lah.

      But note the difference ...Nathan Rich rebuts those points raised with reasoned and rational arguments, be it those related with US media like NYT or with conspiracy theorists like Tim Pool. And he did a damn commendable job when he covered the rioting in Hong Kong, and not least when he shows such meticulous and proper reading of the basic laws governing the 1S2C which many ordinary layman and politicians had misinterpreted and made such sweeping accusations based on faulty and carelessly understanding.

      " show u one example, nr accuse usa media bias by telling how nyt criticise ccp, while everyone in the world except ccp lover know nyt whack trump 24/7."....OMG, are you serious ? maybe I should go down to the most simplistic analogy so that you could finally understand a bit...hehe...there's this pair of evil is named Democrats and the other is named Republicans in a country known as US of A. This pair fought like rabid crazy dogs but the only thing they both have common is their hatred for another country called China whose governance is totally different from the US' Oligarch system of governance in which 1% of the population, the elites, owned 60% of the country's wealth and at least 60% of the bottom rung have to live paycheck to paycheck with hardly $500 savings for emergency, and this country is hailed as the Superpower, the richest country in the world. So anyway, this twin Democrats and Republications fought like crazy and will take turns to rule the country, and both uses words like Democracy, Freedom of Speech, Human Rights to rule and to push home their point that their land is the land of the free, hahahaha. So anyway....NYT is a news media aligned to the evil twin Democrats and typically will 'whack' the current POTUS the Orange Buffoon Mr Trump who is evil twin Republicans' representative. So these two crazy dogs will fight tooth and nail 365 days a year and every year on and on, and of course Republicans too have their own set of media to 'whack' Democrats too. Got it so far, Mr Dangdut ?
      But these media together, whether aligned to Democrats or aligned to Republicans will attack China relentlessly.

      So far so good, my dear OCBC ? And Nathan Rich is rebutting NYT point by point for its blatant spins and even outright lies when reporting on matters concerning China.

      Phew ~ hope there won't be another case again having to talk to a brick head.

    7. i know u hv been busy with yr thesaurus to show yr strong vocab, but yr problem is when each word string together, i hv no idea what u talking abt. can u write in simple eng? primary 3 is fine.

    8. jj, so pls tell how nyt is bias, or which country of the 19 1st patient is not mainlander, or how cho is not playing politics by reject taiwan, n ignore taiwan warning that wuhan virus do transmit from person to person on 31st dec?

      tulis panjang lebar copy from internet conspiracy ranting aside, whats yr point or argument?

      do me a favor, learn how to respond to a point with something that is actually responsive.

    9. Mmm...that is never once respond to any rebut that had debunked and buried your illogical and senseless wild accusations, not that you even get the drift what's the issue all about, hehehe. Talk about talking to a brick wall, hehehe. Look, this is getting tiresome...I know you have lotsa time seeing that you are terkurung di rumah but instead of showing off your ignorance and stupidity here, why not brush up by more on any topic that's crurently under discussion and then come back here to put in your 2 cents worth.

    10. Mfer, let me do u a favour!

      In a trial/argument/contest, when someone put forwards 'FACTS' to his/her opponents, those facts MUST be able to be substantiated with PROVEN & peer review (also known as refereeing) materials/sources.

      Where's yrs?

      Apple daily! NYT!

      And u got that f*cked-up mind to ask yr opponents to debunk yr twisted arguments that couldn't stand-up to any decent scrutinies!

      Taiwan warning that Wuhan virus do transmit from person to person on 31st dec?

      WOW! WOWx2!!!

      Did those Taiwanese who put up the warning know MORE about the toxicology of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in such an early time?

      How many covid-19 patients had they encountered/treated by Dec 2019 to learn so much while the majority of the scientific community r struggling to gather more infos about this novel virus?

      Shot from the mouth, like u (most likely, same shithole mah!)?

      Oooop… could they be part of the uncle Sam's SARS-CoV-2 incubation team out of Fort Belvoir! Wakakakaka… that will explain nicely about their prior knowledge about the virulency of the novel coronaries. This conspiracy fits VERY WELL with what u have just claimed!

      One more thing, know anything about Occam's razor?

      Mfer, this is not tulis panjang lebar & copy from internet conspiracy ranting. It's to f*ck yr shot from the mouth points or arguments!

      Before u 'advise' others about how to response to yr messed up line of thoughts with yr foul big mouth (ooop… gangrene hand to swing yr pen), DO some proper researches (from respectable sources - not yr fly-by-night 台毒水炮, apple daily etc etc) that is actually TRUTHFUL & responsive!