Thursday, April 09, 2020

Jellyfish has more spine than KHAT

Lim KHAT Siang has been either famous or notorious for his persistent vociferous attacks against the government in both parliament and public - in earlier days, when he was still my idol, he even made courageous and righteous-rightful attacks against then-PM Mahathir. And he did all these when he only had a few DAP MPs in the Dewan Rakyat.

But things have changed for him since 2015 when he hobnobbed with Atuk which allowed him and his party to become the Pakatan Harapan government for two years. Then he shed off his previous shining knight's white armour, becoming Lim KHAT Siang from his previous Lim Kit Siang - he became a wuss. He was seduced by power, well, at least vicariously through Chye-Chye.

Nowadays, when out of government, even with 42 MPs in the Dewan, he has become ultra cautious not to, as Malaysiakini columnist S Thayaparan would say, 'spook' the Malays. We witnessed that long ago, for example, in his KHAT kowtow. He's still hoping for Harapan to return to power thus he won't dare 'spook' anyone except the political weaklings.

So sucked up to Mahathir, he even defended Mahathir's integrity in the question of the latter's willingness to hand over power to Anwar, saying he will resign from Parliament if Mahathir fails to honour that promise - Wakakaka, we are still waiting for him to fulfil his pompous kerbau. If he's decent enough, he should resign.

Even with his 42 MPs in Parliament he remains diam-diam and kuai-kuai when the originally issued approval to operate under MCO for Heineken and Carlsberg were abruptly revoked because of (columnist S Thayaparan again) instigation by religious extremists. To wit, Mr KHAT remains silent in the face of the toxic religiosity that permeates this government. What a cowardly opposition. 

OK, pro Pakatan forces at my blog have been railing against Wee Ka Siong and Wee Jeck Seng for remaining silent in the Heineken backflip by the PN government. Yes, I agree they have, the MCA being insignificant minorities in both parliament and cabinet whom no one listens to anyway. Maybe they are cowards - OK, let's accept that.

But what about a normally vociferous noisy cakap ayam Lim KHAT Siang, who has a very significant opposition bloc of 42 DAP MPs in Parliament and a very significant Penang government?

Why has he remained kuai-kuai silent?

Conclusion, Lim KHAT Siang Boe Lam Phar!!!


  1. KT already said an earlier blog.....LKS has no power to influence the government, so why KT keep picking on him...?

    In any case the Race and Religion (R&R) PN government is making such a fool of themselves...let them dig their own graves.

    Here is the official roll call of jellyfish, the Boh Lam Phar, play Sudoku, Buat Tak Tahu Geng...all Missing In Action.

    Still waiting for the cartoons and mocking pictures...

    Wee KHAT Siong MCA (Kepala Jellyfish)
    Saravanan Murugan MIC - Missing In Action Jellyfish
    Maximus Ongkili PBS - MIA-J
    Ronald Kiandee Bersatu MIA-J
    Alexander Nanta Linggi PBB/GPS - MIA-J

    Deputy Ministers:
    Lim Ban Hong MCA - MIA - J
    Arthur Joseph Kurup PBRS MIA - J
    Wee Jerk Seng MCA - MIA - J

  2. Hmm, what about PAN? Perhaps, a rebut from Mujahid Yusof Rawa.

  3. Completely debased understanding of government accountability.
    A member of the Ruling Party, with Cabinet Ministers simply let off the hook, while Ah Mok continues to act out his vendetta to excoriate the semi-retired Lim Kit Siang.,
    Lim Kit Siang's main duty as an MP out of governmen during this crisis is to do his best to aid the vulnerable in his constituency, which he is working hard on.

  4. Talking about KHAT, as an ulang-kaji...

    It was Wee KHAT Siong who introduced KHAT/JAWI into the primary curricilum back in 2013 when he was Deputy Education Minister. But nobody raised an issue then, even KT.

    Then when Teo Niw Ching became Deputy Minsiter all hell broke loose; KT was hounding and pounding all over the poor girl over KHAT and UEC.....I quote KT:

    "The issue of khat has been a humongous setback and embarrassment for the DAP 'Tigress' who, though did not die of distemper as Awang Besul did, 'died' of dumb-temper (in her political vibrancy, charisma and credibility) after she became deputy minister to Bapak Kasut Hitam.

    As someone said, 'The DAP politicians who became ministers and deputy ministers turned from being lions to lambs'.

    It's not just Bapak Kasut Hitam's perpetual eff-ups that she had to parry and fend off but she also discovers her bizarre new found silence and kuai kuai compliance, an amazing belakang pusing from her pre GE14 vivacious but vitriolic vicious verbalisation during her election campaigns.

    She had then voiced her determination to annihilate MCA and Gerakan but alas, now is quiet and timid as a mouse under the proximity of cats.

    UEC? Zilch, Nie Ching.

    Khat? Podah, she has been far too eager to 'wrap' up everything A.S.A.P, but shamelessly lied in saying a 'consensus' has been reached with Chinese and Tamil vernacular NGOs when there were still tons of details not yet discussed.

    When push comes to shove, she shows her true colours and characters.

    Well, well, how the tables have turned, now the Deputy Education Minister is again MCA....Menteri (Melalui Pintu Belakang) Senator Dr. Mah Hang Soon, MCA Deputy President no less, big balls, and a cardiologist too...ha ha ha...

    So now SIX WHOLE WEEKS have passed and KT has still not even mentioned Mah's name yet and enquired on his favourite 3 education topics:

    1. KHAT,
    2. UEC and
    3. TARUC matching grant (where's the picture of that hawker throwing a stone...will he throw one now at MCA service centre, because still no matching grant..?)

    Instead KT keep attacking poor LKS and Toonsie....must be hatred....

    Wee KHAT Siong hijacks coronavirus aid for the needy

  6. the one in power now is racist party bersatu umno mca n mic, plus a racist cum theocracy pas, no more dap la. moreover lks duty is mainly jaga hal ehwal najib, not yamseng.

  7. The problem is that PH and in particular the DAP tried to change things too fast and too soon after achieving power. And this created a lot of problems for the other coalition partners who has difficulties maintaining their base support. After all PH won not because the Malays wholeheartedly supported them and their policies, but they won because of the Malays' intense anger against UMNO. But then only 25 percent supported PH only because Tun was around. So the support was very unstable to say the least. PH is a goner he moment the 25 % Malays abandoned them. As for being racists it takes two to tango.

    1. i think the main reason is too slow. people see nothing change.