Sunday, April 05, 2020

Pak Hadi's duplicitous deceitful dirty letter


Hadi's letter an attempt to mislead world Muslim leaders - Amanah

Amanah today responded to a letter purportedly sent recently by PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang to world Muslim leaders, saying that it was an attempt by Hadi to mislead the latter on Malaysian politics.

Party communications director Khalid Samad in a statement lambasted Hadi (above) for trying to make Pakatan Harapan component parties look as being anti-Islam.

"Amanah regrets the content of the letter, which was full of allegations and accusations that are baseless, fake, misleading and defamatory in nature.

"It is clear that Hadi through the letter tried to give a false impression on the political situation in Malaysia. We were informed that Hadi had written the confusing explanation after several global Muslim leaders started questioning the logic behind PAS' actions and political stand of late," said Khalid (photo).

Last week, a letter in Arabic purportedly signed by Hadi and its translation had gone viral on social media. The PAS chief had purportedly attacked Pakatan Harapan and defended the Perikatan Nasional coalition in the document.

However, attempts to get confirmation on its authenticity had been futile as PAS leaders, including an aide to Hadi, had not responded to requests for comment.

Hadi had allegedly written the letter in his capacity as special envoy to the Middle East.

He purportedly said that Harapan's victory in 2018 had sided with the non-Muslim majority and that Dr Mahathir Mohamad had been used to topple former premier Najib Abdul Razak, and there were opportunities for foreign powers who were anti-Islam to meddle in the country as was what had supposedly happened in other Arab countries.

The letter also took a swipe at Amanah which it said were "secular liberals" who relied on support from Western embassies for strategies, media, and finances.

"All these accusations were made to support Hadi's argument and to convince recipients of the letter that Harapan is purportedly an enemy of Islam and a threat to the religion.

"Based on these lame arguments, Hadi tried to justify PAS' action in leading the move to form a backdoor government," Khalid said.

He also took a swipe at Hadi's purported claim that there was an internal conspiracy in Harapan to topple Mahathir as prime minister so that those who are anti-Islam can get into power and thus, forcing PAS to take over the government together with its allies.

"This is purely fictional and an imagination," said Khalid.

PAS mum when BN assisted Saudi against Yemen

Meanwhile, another Amanah leader, former deputy minister Raja Kamarul Bahrin Shah Raja Ahmad (photo) today questioned Hadi's appointment as a special envoy and his function in the capacity.

"Hadi had through Al Jazeera recently said that as a special envoy to the Middle East, he would be continuing Mahathir's policy that was used when Harapan was in power.

"The question now is, what is actually the foreign policy of Perikatan Nasional government? The main problem of PN now is that it does not have a manifesto or common policy that is agreed upon by component parties.

"This was because they were too desperate to form a backdoor government in a hurry," he said in a statement.

Raja Kamarul Bahrin said the real task for an envoy would be to introduce the new prime minister, Muhyiddin Yassin, and his government to the Arab countries, which are not comfortable and scared of the way transition of power happened in Malaysia.

This, he claimed, was the reason why Hadi purportedly wanted to ride on Mahathir's policies, which are well accepted by other Muslim countries globally.

Raja Kamarul Bahrin also questioned the letter's content, where Hadi purportedly claimed that Harapan was working in cahoot with the US and European countries to bring down Mahathir.

He said while Hadi had mentioned this, PAS did not object when Malaysia joined an alliance with Saudi Arabia and the US in attacking Yemen.


  1. I am disappointed that Menteri Pak Unta in his letter did not list as top priority as Special Envoy to clear up once and for all the alleged "donations" made by the Saudi Royal Family to Jibby.

    Jibby is now slapped with a RM1.5 billion tax arrears by LHDN based on 4 billion donations received between 2011 - 2017.

    Menteri Pak Unta can use his high cables and get the Saudi Royal family to send a representative to testify in Jibby's trial.

    Either way, yes there was a donation or no there wasn't. Sort things out in double quick time.

  2. Don't feel bad you lost the game Khalid, every dog has it's day. Stop barking, turn around, join TSMY/Hadi or you can wait for GE15. Give it a thought? In the meantime, (if you haven't), read this this book: Anwar Ibrahim - Illuminisme, Liberalisme, dan Pluralisme ( ~ Pusat Pemikir dan Penyelidikan Islam Alam Melayu - Kuala Lumpur 2018).