Sunday, April 05, 2020

Menteri Air Suam just a clueless clown

TMI (extracts):

Does Menteri Air Suam have a lukewarm attitude towards fighting Covid-19?

... ever since the gut-wrenching coup of February 29, we no longer have that same peace of mind. Adham [Baba] has shown glaring inadequacies, with his half-baked conduct earning him ridicule both at home and abroad.

For the past two months, Noor Hisham is the one who has risen to the occasion instead, showing both commitment and leadership where his own minister has failed spectacularly.

Furthermore, he has had to make up for the latter’s exasperating blunders. Yet despite being noticeably worn out, he has maintained nothing but a calm and professional front throughout.

Noor Hisham’s tireless efforts certainly haven’t gone unnoticed. In a 20-minute video he recorded with Dr Siti Hasmah Mohamad Ali, former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad himself paid tribute to our director-general, expressing gratitude and appreciation for Noor Hisham’s dedication in leading the war against our invisible enemy.

Likewise, netizens have also lauded him a national hero. What’s more, Noor Hisham has also been chosen as one of the signatories to a new international coalition formed to tackle the pandemic, the Covid-19 Clinical Research Coalition.

So here’s the nagging question. While Noor Hisham has been very diligent, what has Menteri Air Suam been doing? What about his two deputies?

We don’t even hear from Menteri Air Suam’s right hand men, should we be thankful? The nation is going through such a distressing time with cases going through the roof, yet they have been notably absent.

From comments suggesting that the virus was showing signs of a plateau to warm water killing Covid-19, Adham’s ignorance has done nothing but harm and damage to our country.

His latest senseless antic was to ban Malaysians from seeking medical treatment at facilities beyond 10km from their homes April 1 onwards, which he had to retract yesterday after sparking outrage in patients and healthcare providers.

Malaysia needs a health minister who can help us weather this storm, and it’s not Adham. While Dzulkefly has shown us just what a competent and effective gentleman he is, Adham on the other hand, has shown us that he isn’t just shockingly unqualified, he’s a clueless clown too.

Health is a human right. Therefore, Malaysians deserve better.

The Health Ministry staff deserve better. Our frontliners deserve better.

Dzulkefly, we miss you dearly. And Noor Hisham, we’re so proud of you.

As for you Adham, shame on you. Please have the sense to resign before you cause this country even greater embarrassment. – April 5, 2020.

* Lara Ling reads The Malaysian Insight


  1. How can one be a hero by reading the same text (with updated numbers) daily at 5.00PM with two or three assistants by the side? And answering almost the same questions from the reporters everyday? The heroes are them who are sweating in their surgical masks and hazmat suits, in need of rest and away from their beloved ones.

  2. The Menteri Air Suam and his TWO Deputy Ministers are so dangerously incompetent that Muhyiddin has to engage Tan Sri Dr Jamilah Mahmood as his special advisor for Public Health.

    But the Ministry of Health already have a Deputy Director General in charge of Public Health. Why can't he advise Muhyiddin? Why have to appoint Tan Sri Dr Jamilah?

    Obviously to cover for the incompetent three at the top.

    Please give HER ministerial rank, she deserves it, based on her credentials working with the UN, Red Crescent and Mercy Malaysia. I hope she teams up with the DG and give the daily updates on the war with Covid-19.

    Oh and by the way Tan Sri is Truly Malaysian, growing up in a mixed parentage family, in which she has 13 siblings and half-siblings of different beliefs (of Islam, Christian and Buddha) and she attended a Missionary school.