Friday, April 03, 2020

End of the road for Captain Brett Crozier USN

Straits Times (Sing):

Coronavirus: Pentagon removes captain of virus-struck US aircraft carrier over scathing letter

Captain Brett Crozier 

WASHINGTON (REUTERS) - The US Navy on Thursday (April 2) relieved the commander of the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, who wrote a scathing letter that leaked to the public asking the Navy for stronger measures to control a coronavirus outbreak onboard the ship.

The removal of Captain Brett Crozier from the command of the 5,000-person vessel, which was first reported by Reuters, was announced by acting US Navy Secretary Thomas Modly, who said the commander exercised poor judgment.

Modly said the letter was sent through the chain of command but Crozier did not safeguard it from being released outside the chain.

"It raised alarm bells unnecessarily," Modly said.

USS Theodore Roosevelt 

Over 100 personnel on the ship have tested positive for the coronavirus so far.

In the four-page letter, Crozier described a bleak situation aboard the nuclear-powered carrier as more sailors tested positive for the highly contagious respiratory virus.

He called for "decisive action": removing over 4,000 sailors from the ship and isolating them.

He said that unless the Navy acted immediately, it would be failing to properly safeguard "our most trusted asset - our sailors."

The letter put the Pentagon on the defensive about whether it was doing enough to keep the warship's crew members safe, and alarmed the families of those aboard the vessel, whose home port is in San Diego.

The carrier was in the Pacific when the Navy reported its first coronavirus case a week ago. It has since docked at US Naval Base Guam on the southern end of the American island territory in the western Pacific.

US Naval Base Guam 

I had written in my previous two posts on this unique issue, that of the crew of an American naval aircraft carrier being threatened by Covid-19. We need to remember the complement of a modern American Navy's nuclear powered aircraft carrier is more than 5,000 - the effect of an epidemic onboard the close confinement of the vessel would be scary and quite unthinkable.

But nonetheless, notwithstanding the caring, careful and courageous actions of the ship's captain, he paid put to his personal naval career when he raised the unhealthy situation onboard. I am sure he knew the consequences when he chose to do so.

Those bureaucrats in the pentagon may even consider court-martialing him, such is the American paranoid of embarrassing exposure of its military.



  1. One offending email which got picked up by the US press and it's end of the road for this Captain. Just one email. Kaput.

    The Yanks hold such high standards of professionalism.

    But in Malaysia when the Health Minister, a medical doctor no less, goes on national TV to give ridiculous (and dangerously misleading) advice to fight COV19 and what happens?


    Not even a public smack on the wrist by the PM.

    Instead the PM appoints a Public Health Advisor.

    So why do we need a Minister of Health and TWO Deputies...?

    Dr Jemilah Mahmood appointed as PM’s special advisor on public health
    31 Mar 2020

    PUTRAJAYA, March 31 — Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has agreed to appoint Tan Sri Dr Jemilah Mahmood as the Special Advisor to the Prime Minister on public health.

    “She will be responsible to advise the prime minister on the policies and initiatives regarding health matters,” said the Prime Minister’s Office in a statement today.

  2. It sounds callous, but in wartime, his carrier may be ordered to carry out a necessary but "low probability of survival" mission AKA Suicide Mission.
    His response to the current situation makes it suspicious that he may not be up to it.
    A fair weather captain - and he is not the only one - is not fit to command a weapon of war.

    1. Mfer, what u have farted about applies ONLY in time of war.

      In time of peace, the commander MUST has the heart for his men/women under his care.

      Wasting these trained personnel in a mess-upped & life threatening health issue in this pandemic DOESN'T indicate the commander has what it takes to achieve a tough mission of suicidal kind during war. Instead it shows the callousness of the top brass!

      U want soldiers to due for u in time of war, great them as decent human in time of peace.

      Remember that, while u exploit yr old money generating game!

    2. its a war, against wuhan virus.

    3. at this moment, ccp wuhan virus.

    4. So, when will be yr beloved Formosa's last stand?

      Yrs & those 台湾水炮 can help bcoz it's CCP Wuhan virus, right?

    5. Si celaka is more dahsyat than the 'we lie, we cheat and we steal' Pompeo, hehe. He insisted up to this day that it is Wuhan virus. Our very own celaka double up : CCP Wuhan virus ! He certainly knows how to lay it thick, podah celaka hahahahaha

  3. sorry a bit confuse, it is okay to expose or not okay? in msia case, i recall u said not okay?