Thursday, April 02, 2020

Do we remember Sukumaran Sanmugam?

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Najib Visits Car Wash Uncle & Gives Small Contribution, Shares Experience on FB

Najib with Sukumaran Sanmugam & family 

In case you missed it, this story of S. Sukumaran Sanmugam who washes cars so he can buy his daughter some school books went viral last [year]. The whole nation was devastated when they heard his story and tried to help him, including our former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

... the Pekan MP has revealed on social media that he has taken the effort to visit Sukumaran and his family at his humble home. After his visitation, he took Facebook to share some information about Sukumaran, which he learned whilst he was there. He wrote in his post:

“I would like to share the unfortunate story of brother S. Sukumaran.”

“I would like to bring attention to his unfortunate situation and I hope people would help him.”

Sukumaran Sanmugam & daughter 

Najib further wrote that Sukumaran has limited abilities due to an accident that happened in the past. So, that is why he now makes a living by washing cars at Seksyen 9, Shah Alam’s parking area. He mentioned that Sukumaran doesn’t have a fixed price for his service; instead, customers can pay whatever amount they want.

Najib revealed that Sukumaran used to work as a security guard but he left the job because the contract ended. On top of that, the Pekan MP said that he was sad when Sukumaran shared that he used to sleep in the bus stop because he didn’t have enough money to rent a house.

“I understand that he’s stressed about the increasing cost of living and the lack of job opportunities. Thus due to this hard life, his daughter doesn’t have enough money for school.”

“I am no longer a prime minister and I cannot instruct government agencies to help. Still, I’m an MP who gets a little salary from the Parliament. I know my small contribution will not help him greatly but I hope it can ease his suffering a little.”

Before he ended his post, he urged the public to go to Sukumaran’s carwash spot at Seksyen 9, Shah Alam if they ever need to wash their cars. He also advised the public to pay an appropriate price, if possible more, to Sukumaran and not just as little as RM1 because it isn’t right.

During this challenging period, do we still remember Sukumaran Sanmugam?

I wonder with some concerns as to how he is faring since the MCO has invariably curtailed his car washing efforts to earn a meagre living?

I hope some charitable organisations like Tzu Chi or the Hindu Endowment Board or good Samaritans would look into this. May your Karma grow strong and beautiful!


  1. What a lot of crap !
    The Kleptocrat has Billions of Runggit

  2. I hope the new Duta Khas PM ke Timur Tengah can contribute something.

  3. This was so fake, like Menteri Hazmat trying to do good to get publicity. It turned out so contrived and ostentatious it's laughable.

    Jibby you have so many cars, we saw pictures of them which you tried to hide in the Pavilion carpark when the polis raided, most had number plates "11", your favourite number. Why didn't you give the poor man the permanent job as your car washer?

    And Rosmah, if you look hard under your bed maybe you can find one, just one Birkin that the polis missed...? 250K cukup derma lah. Ha ha ha...

    Instead Jibby gave rice, Milo and condensed milk? So patronising and an insult, like Kamalanathan kissing Muhyiddin's hand.

    MIC could afford 1 million donation to bring back stranded Malaysians in India....and these are Malaysian Indians who could afford to fly there in the first place.

    How about MIC help this poor family?

  4. Humbug la...Poooodahhhh

  5. Shame on you all. You just reserve your comment for either Najib or Hadi Awang. Not one of you have the compassion to say anything helpful for Sukumaran Sanmugam

    1. I have been , and continue to provide thousands of ringgit of my hard earned money (honestly earned) to support NGOs who are helping the needy during this emergency.

      What about you ?

      And podah to the Kleptocrat whi has Billions of Ringgit. He's just a dirty crook.

    2. Action speaks louder than words la. We here are busy gathering stuff and some money for people like Sukumaran. Lots of orang asli are literally left to their own devices in this time of MCO and we don't need to politicize..we just roll our sleeves, don on face masks and hand gloves and go round getting essential stuff for these desperate people and their starving children. Podah, stop doing PR work for your BigThief...

    3. so you believe Sukumaran is my Big Thief?

  6. KT is absolutely right, I am so ashamed. I must show compassion for Sukumaran instead of my hatred for Jibby.

    There, I said it, I hate Jibby. I feel better after saying that.

    Now will KT admit he hates Toonsie, Guanee, LKS etc....?

    No Shame Either KT.

    It's very therapeutic, and your gonads shrink only a tiny bit.

  7. Did KT ever express any compassion for Guanee for going to jail for 12 months publicly defending a poor Malay girl who accused then Malacca CM Rahim Tamby Chik of statutory rape?

    Even ONE blog?

    If Yes please provide the link.

    If No please do it now or Shame On You.

    The following letter was published in the December 1998 issue of ALIRAN MONTHLY.

    It was written by Narmi Saila from Petaling Jaya, Selangor addressed to Lim Guan Eng when he was incarcerated in Sungai Buluh prison by the BN government.

    Dear Guan Eng,

    As you languish in prison, I have had plenty of time to reflect on you and your idealism....

    ...Your conduct and role in pursuit of truth in that scandal earned my deepest admiration. The series of events following that scandal, culminating in the judicial proceedings against you, have turned out to be a classic example of how a verdict in a ' court of law' has become subordinate to the 'court of public opinion'.

    Ask any MALAY mother anywhere. Few would agree that the famous grandmother in that scandal should have been abandoned by UMNO, and the under-aged girl should have been so blatantly violated and her family silenced.

    By your words and deeds, you challenged the government, police, media, and the judiciary, and exposed yourself to certain incarceration and vindictive punishment by UMNO and the political elite.

    I am a MALAY with a family of my own....

    ...I shall remember you as a CHINESE father who fought for the rights of a MALAY grand-mother and her sexually abused grand-daughter.

    I know that when you decided to take on the case, you knew the price for your action would be heavy for you and your family, personally and politically.

    Today, you are still paying the price.

    You languish alone in prison. Ironically, as in Nelson Mandela's case, the longer they lock you up, the greater will be your stature, the more powerful the focus on the issues you fought for.

    I also know that, all through this, you can look into the eyes of your wife, children and parents,and say, with deserved pride and honour, that "Guan Eng has not prostituted his dignity, decency and self-respect in the face of oppression and tyranny".

    You have truly given new meaning to the maxim, 'Politics With Honour'.

    More importantly, you have made me look in the mirror and ask, 'Who Am I?

    What have I done to speak out against the evil forces which confronted two Malay kampong women? Why have I remained silent? Have I lost my decency and self-respect?'

    In all honesty, I cannot say I have the guts to look into the eyes of my family members and say I have done them proud. I have kept silent.

    I owe it to you, Guan Eng, for opening my eyes and stirring my conscience.

    Our inaction and apathy have allowed oppression, tyranny and injustice to continue. We have to search our hearts and souls to find ways to make up for our negligence and ineptitude.

    To you, Guan Eng, I offer prayers from my family.

    May the blessings of the Almighty continue to give you strength, courage and tenacity to do what is right and just for all Malaysians.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Narmi Saila
    Petaling Jaya, Selangor

    1. read my blog (including my quote of Marina Mahathir)

  8. Shame on KT, he just continuously hound and pound Toonsie, Guanee, LKS etc since end of February.

    Not one of his blogs show compassion or say anything helpful for them or the PH government after they were kicked out via a coup de etat. No words of encouragement like chin up folks, you did a great job compared to PN etc etc...

    KT just continue to hog, dog, mock, blog and say unkind things about them. Keep digging up past (way way past) "sins" but ignoring the good deeds.

    KT's time tunnel only takes him back to Toonsie's reigns. For Jibby's reign KT's machine always rosak.

    Ha ha ha....

  9. Jibby tried to be a hero again, trying to contrive sympathy and compassion, and KT will fall for it ha ha ha, this time for returning Malaysian students to Sabah asked to spend two-week quarantine in filthy accommodation. But in the process Jibby shot himself in the foot...ha ha ha again....

    KT, please show some compassion for these poor Malaysians.

    P/S...isn't quarantine managed by Menteri Air Suam or Menteri Duduk Rumah (Home Minister)...?

    Najib mocks Sabah gov't but shoots himself in the foot instead

    2 Apr 2020, 6:56 pm

    CORONAVIRUS | Former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak appeared to have shot himself in the foot by taking a jab at the Sabah government over the quality of quarantine facilities.

    At about 2.40pm today, Najib (photo) shared a video clip on his Facebook page, purportedly depicting a man on a sarcastic rant about the dilapidated living conditions of his quarantine facility in Sabah.

  10. Whether you like him or not, DSN is indeed a great man. He allowed himself to be questioned by the prosecution for 11 days. All those days, he was under oath. Wow, that was great! Only a brave man could have done it. A man whose conscience is clear and he has nothing to hide. Now guys, compare DSN with Anwar, Guang Eng, Azmin, Mat Sabu and others in PH. I am pretty sure; they will shiver in their pants. Anwar refused to be questioned under oath. All the time, shouting “Reformasi and Konspirasi) and I am the good guy”. While Lim Guan Eng, used his political power backed by Mahathir and Tommy Thomas (some call him Tommy Tomato) to stop his ongoing trial (the bungalow and the Penang Tunnel) cases. By the way, the law is a complicated and a tricky subject and not everyone will understand it, not even the so-called great super genius of Malaysia (Mahathir). While PH was in power, it launched a trial by media on DSN. They made the whole world laugh at him. But DSN stood firm as a rock and fought back with hard tangible facts. Look now what has happened to the people in Malaysia, they are now supporting and sympathizing DSN. They believe him now more than ever that it was a conspiracy by Mahathir and PH that brought him down and made him lose power. My last word will be, may God be with DSN. May God also save Malaysia and its beautiful people. p.s I suggest it is about time you must put on your thinking cap to see what is happening in Malaysia. The rest is your joy of discovering the truth.