Thursday, April 02, 2020

As predicted re Commander of US aircraft carrier

Star Online:

Navy does not rule out punishing captain of carrier who wrote scathing letter

USS Theodore Roosevelt 

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Navy on Wednesday did not rule out punishing the captain of the Theodore Roosevelt carrier who wrote a scathing letter to Navy leadership asking for stronger measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

I had written in an earlier post US aircraft carrier or virus carrier? the following:

American organisations like the military are quite ruthless in their respective management, and in my reckoning, the career of Brett Crozier, Commanding Officer of US aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, is kaput.

The US military has always been paranoid about security and public disclosures of embarrassing situations by any of its officers and other ranks have never been welcomed even if the disclosure has been for the safety of its personnel.

I believe his 
[Commander of the aircraft carrier] statement:

"We are not at war. Sailors do not need to die. If we do not act now, we are failing to properly take care of our most trusted asset - our sailors"

... has been one of the finest example of a caring commanding officer, unlike the bureaucrats in the Pentagon and Washington DC.


  1. Wakakakaka…

    Enact "Red October"!

    It's much much nearer.

    F*ck those who DON'T care about the life of the soldiers - let those scums, who keep patriotism as jingo, to fight for their beloved demoncracy.

  2. What...."kaput" over ONE statement?

    Our PN Ministers make stupid statements every day, can we "kaput" them too?

    1. you don't know much about the military do you, and we were also talking about the AMERICAN military