Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Janji mansuh UUCA di capati

Prior to GE14 Mahathir said (as reported by TMI) Pakatan will abolish Universities Act (extracts):

PAKATAN Harapan will repeal the Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA) if voted into power, said coalition chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Before the UUCA was enacted in 1971, university students had their own financially independent student unions, which could freely organise demonstrations on and off campus, and invite politicians from both sides of the divide to speak

But Mahathir was the very person who as Education Minister and PM made the Act more draconian, even arguing in 2016 he has “no” regrets implementing a law seen as curtailing university students' rights, saying he felt it was for the undergraduates' benefit.

He believes what he did at that time was in the interests of the students, particularly Malay students.

He stated: “I'm sorry to be racist to care about what happens to Malay students, but believe me the performance of Malay students is not as good as the performance of the Chinese and the Indians. They need to focus on acquiring the knowledge, they need more time, they don't have time for other things".

No need to apologise as we already knew you have been racist since before 1969. That was why we gave our votes in 1969 to PMIP, ensuring Yusof Rawa Abdullah (PMIP) beat you in Kota Setar Selatan constituency.

Normally, those Cinapek-s and Cinakui-s would NOT have given their votes to Yusof Rawa Abdullah of PMIP (predecessor of PAS) but thanks to Maddy's "fCk-off" to them, they did.

Yusof Rawa Abdullah, President PMIP

We have also been aware of your letter to almarhum Tunku, berating him biadab-ishly for being nice to the Chinese Malaysians, as you were to similarly berate Najib years later for likewise actions towards Chinese Malaysians.

But today we have been informed by Deputy Education Minister Teo Nie Ching that the Pakatan Harapan government has set a five-year deadline to abolish the UUCA.

She explained the ministry needed more time to abolish the act and replace it with a new law, as time was needed to study and consult all stakeholders.

What bloody new law? This sounds sinister!

Lagi sekali janji PH di-capatikan.


  1. Maybe the new law exempts only non-Malays from the UUCA?

    At least that would satisfy halfway the PH Manifestos.

    TDM knows because most of the participants of political rallies etc are mostly by Malay students from UITM, Mara colleges and a host of Malay majorities public universities who were so spoon fed from birth to death that he couldn't see why they should not be doing anything except studying.

    To TDM, they should be brought up and rolled out like from the Proton car assembly production plants.

  2. One reason for the caution, I was told, is Pakatan has found out how poisonously politicised the University Administrations have become.
    The large proportion of University staff and administrators are outright BNUMNO operatives or cowered into submission. This was because of past heavy-handed politicised appointment and promotion decisions.

    This was easily seen from the hostile anti-Pakatan commentary and "assessments" from various Academics before GE14.
    If the UUCA is simply lifted without a cleanup and education campaign, it will simply result in an entrenched BNUMNO hard-core base.

  3. Yes...janji ditepati by Pakatan Harapan - Rule of Law.
    Insulting Najib charge against Ratu Naga withdrawn

    The use of criminal charges against a person for "insulting Najib" was an abuse of government prosecution power.
    If Bijan felt "insulted" he had the right to sue the person in civil court.

    Bravo - Malaysia now has an Attorney General who understands the proper application of the rule of law.

    Terima Kasih to those who voted BNUMNO and Bijan out of power.

  4. teo nie ching is useless, shd resign.

    1. 当局者清旁观者迷!

      So easy to fart here & there with yr kind of logic.

      If u can do better, go & canvassing for a mp job from yr beloved umno-gene infested pkr lah.

      Only then, u fart to yr heart's contend!

  5. It took MCA probably several decades to be steadily more and more compromised..

    So the question is , has DAP been MCA-ed within 100 days ? wakakakaka