Thursday, August 09, 2018

Racist BTN shows PKR mempunyai bola besar, tetapi DAP (selain dari Rayer)?

FMT - What happened to abolishing BTN, ask PKR reps:

PETALING JAYA: PKR lawmakers have questioned Putrajaya’s move to retain the controversial National Civics Bureau (BTN), calling it disappointing.

The representatives said they saw no reason for the BTN to be kept and rebranded, adding that it should instead be completely abolished.

Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad 

Setiawangsa MP Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad said the BTN had had a highly negative impact, reiterating a concern raised numerous times by Pakatan Harapan (PH) politicians and media and civil society stakeholders.

“It has become a tool for political propaganda as well as for inciting hatred and fear among the different racial and religious groups,” he said on Twitter.

Adding that PH had committed in its election manifesto to abolishing the BTN, he said Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman had on July 9 said it would be abolished as well.

Nik Nazmi was responding to comments by Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Mohamed Farid Md Rafik that the BTN modules would be fine-tuned and rebranded.

The PKR Youth leader said he did not doubt that Farid believed in good faith that this could be done. However, he noted that similar promises had been made in the past without any impact.

“PH leaders must realise that the coalition was voted into government to reform Malaysia. Reform must also include the political sphere – indeed, all other changes will fail without it,” he said.

Nik Nazmi also said a body like the BTN was unnecessary in the 21st century.

“Abolishing it can be done without infringing on anyone’s rights or interests. Full-time BTN employees can be transferred to other departments.

“All that matters is whether the government has the political will to do so.”

Gooi Hsiao Leung 

Meanwhile, Penang lawmaker Gooi Hsiao Leung who has been vocal against retaining the BTN said his stance had not changed.

He told FMT that there were no details offered on the kind of rebranding that would take place within the modules.

“There is no justification whatsoever to retain this brainwashing tool. It should go, period.“We don’t need a body like BTN to instruct the public on what unity or patriotism is all about. It is a waste of public funds,” he said.

The Bukit Tengah assemblyman said there were easier ways to foster national unity, which could be done by ensuring that all government policies and laws treat everyone equally and fairly.

“I fully support Nik Nazmi’s views on this issue. But going further, I hope PKR will take the lead in ensuring that the BTN is terminated and buried forever.

“The PH government must carry out the mandate given to us to abolish the BTN as promised in our manifesto,” he added.

very cosy - the BTN-istas 


  1. dad n son, mahathir best guard dog.

  2. I think u r targeting the WRONG crowd le!

    U should shot the current opposition for saying nothing significant vis-a-vis all yr chosen topics to hantem the PH govt.

    Ain't that their jobs - to question!

    Instead, u have become their mouthpiece to fart here & there!


  3. Am still wondering whether it is possible to convert a small UNMO propaganda outfit within a bigger UMNO to become a propaganda outfit for the current PH Govt.

    Can Communists become Democrats overnight?

    1. can Mahathir be DAP's buddy overnight? Yes, can

    2. If PH willing to offer Mabuk Liar say RM 60 million, then that 'communist' will turn into 'democrat', but not 'overnight' will be done in a a second ! I am willing to bet RM100,000 just like that kelentong wagered that amount that BN will win Ge14, wakakakkaka.

    3. During the Malayan Emergency, the British discovered that some of the most effective propagandists were Communists who had been "turned".

    4. Same like u have been jibby/hippo's pet poodle for such long silent time!

      Now is the time to act like a rottweiler to protect the couple.

      Unfortunately, born a poodle, always a poodle!

      Just slightly better than miao!


    5. "Can Communists become Democrats overnight?"

      Once the spurious labelling is been removed, both r the different sides of a same coin!

      Governing by ALL powerful basic human instincts.

    6. Aaahhh the British as experts on Communism ... land of the Cambridge Five...ya...effective for whom? Wakakaka!!!

  4. The context why some leaders in PKR are being openly vocal e.g. on Proton 3.0 and BTN is the big battle between Dwarfs and Cats for the future direction of the party.

    Its not just political grandstanding. The liberals in the party really do support a more democratic , open Malaysian society.
    The Dwarfs are much closer to aligning with Mahathir and the power establishment.

    Anwar Ibrahim is somewhere in between...wakakaka...some days he sounds like a true Social Democrate, some days he almost sounds like an UMNO guy....hahaha...

    Both sides have their strengths and weaknesses, but I prefer to support the Cats.

  5. Till today, we are still not very clear the contents of BTN.A lot of he says she says.
    Can Johari Abdul clarify?