Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Gonad-istas in Pakatan

Who dares question His Imperial Majesty Emperor Mahafiraun Mahathir on his extremely UNpopular insistent to start a new national car project, otherwise known as Mahathir's Car No 3?

Not Lim Guan Eng nor Lim Kit Siang - p'tui.

But 3 courageous persons have and all are from PKR - fCk you DAP, no laamp'ah ler (especially since you abandoned the Rocket - that's bad fengshui).

The 3 courageous people are:

(1) Rafizi Ramli,

(2) Nurul Izzah, and

(3) Xavier Jayakumar.

I salute them for their political balls even concluding that sweetie Nurul Izzah must have bigger notional balls than Kit Siang and Guan Eng, wakakaka - Guan Eng and his father boe laamp'ah.


  1. Maybe the Lampahs came out due to the impending PKR elections?

    DAP elections still a long way off.

    Anyway, what's the point of rocking the boat when after 2 years it can be easily abandoned if so wish by another new Ceasar.

    Do you honestly believe the Japanese are going to rush in about this Proton 3.0 idea?

    Ever wonder what is in exchange if that were to happen?

    1. his obsession with cars could see him selling off (censored)

    2. dap got election one meh?

  2. Thus said show-offs who r dying to be noticed!

    Wondering WHY?


    Most of the time, successes/achievements r dog-eared by pages of silent & unrecognizable works.

    Why farts when ONLY the superficial 5sec fame is the result.

    Shots ProTiga kau2 lah, when

    1) same MO (modus operandi) as proton, with massive govt financial inputs & good-for-nothing ketuanan administration personnel.

    2) stifle free market competition via protective marketing interventions.

    3) relying on classic automotive technologies of the bygone era. Proven but in a crowded fields where newcomers can be easily been squashed by dominant market players.


    A) Should let buccaneering entrepreneurs to lay their OWN money in this risk taking business.

    B) Think Tesla - risking something new that nobody is doing or the market is still very juvenile based on the latest automotive trends.

    Fully electric & auto-driven cars r the in-thing in automotive industries.

    C) let free market competition prevails. Govt INCENTIVES r welcome but not to the extend of doing away (A). At no time should govt money be involved - just like those tech unicorns!

    1. "Why farts when ONLY the superficial 5sec fame is the result."

      stfu better?

    2. Typically 小民智慧!

      The farts refer to negative thinkings & oppositions to ProTiga by these can't-think-out-of-the-box fame seekers.

      Think about the other approaches lah to implement ProTiga rather than the usual MO of the old proton.

      Otherwise, stfu is definitely better than just single-minded condemnation.

    3. how u know mahathir p3 have anything to do with yr abc? even if yes, pray tell in which segment we have the competitive advantage aside from farting? even farting u cant beat the communist chinese 1.3b. syok sendiri maybe by reading yr very positive cum hallucinate comment wakaka.

    4. U r getting infected with rd too!

      Did I say anything about yr understanding(???) of the mamak's abc?

      Do a re-read. & find out who's in hallucinating mode lah, pkr fanboy!

      All I have proposed is to look at the issues from a different prospective, rather than the same deadended hutong thinking guys like u r buying wholesale!

      "which segment we have the competitive advantage"!!!

      Still think along govt interventions!

      When Elon Musk started Tesla, what competitive advantages he had?

      He gamedly engaging an unknown Greek for his electric car idea & put in his personal money, together with some other buccaneer investors, to start the venture.

      Ditto with the many tech unicorns of the world:

      - no competitive advantages, just an idea(crazy)

      - no govt money but risk-taking angels

      - engaging talent mobility as where the opportunities arise.

      But, again, 小民的智慧 can only trapped within that mental silo selectively elected to syiok yrself.

      Thus, the farts that resonance with yr level of thinking!

      BTW, what has this discourse gotten to do with the 1.3b 'syok sendiri' communist Chinese le?

      Yr personal blind hate drowning out yr sense of fair play?


    5. did u read (or understand since u have comprehension problem) y rafizi, nurul n jayakumar oppose mahathir idea? or u wan them to talk najib as if najib is still the pm?

    6. electric car is not musk idea, car is still abt manufacturing, including battery, which is more or less a japanese monopoly, so competitive advantage n market especially domestic is a prerequisite.

      musk live in usa n start his venture in usa, a capitalist nation, at least in innovation, capital n financing.

      tell me one msia success product except airasia (a services though), from a chinese (glove product seem ok, but mostly oem)is fine if u could find any.

      so what make u think we can do better (or equal) than japanese n chinese (the communist type)?

      dun show yr ignorant like mahathir la, do what we can do.

    7. OK, let's clear some hutong blockages!

      1) did I say electric car is musk's idea?

      U should read up WHY musk chose Konstantinos Laskaris's design instead of so many others. This will hopefully help u to seek the real insight of buccaneer tech investment!

      2) "car is still abt manufacturing, including battery, which is more or less a japanese monopoly"

      What the farts about le?

      US is the largest car market with China coming up 2nd.

      Nobody has a monopoly in car manufacturing, including battery!

      Though the top players r US (GM, Ford), Germany (VW group), Japan (Toyota, Nissan), SKorea (Hyundai/Kia) & China (SAIC Motor, Dongfeng).

      Ooop… China IS the world's #1 in litihim ion battery manufacturing.

      U r indeed VERY ignorant about car industry!

      3) Grab is m'sian through & through. But the toxic ketuanan mentally can't cultivate its success, thus has to be located in RedDot. (Service)

      Broadcom is m'sian managed. But again, the ketuanan mentality stifles its ability to expand. Thus, has to be in S'pore & now US. (Communication tech)

      4) talent mobility has uplift the tech capability of silicon valley of US & now Shenzheng of China.

      In unicorn setups, this is the utmost criteria, follows by funds & environment.

      Grab/Broadcom put to test the ability of the chinese m'sians CAN do better in a conducive environment. But the ketuanan siege mentality can't see the forest than the trees.

      R the deadended hutong been cleared NOW?

      I don't bet on yr type of deep-rooted silo indoctrination of seeing things ONLY yr way!

      Continue yr syiok-sendiri slumber under that made-believe tempurung utopia of yrs with all yr same minded kakis lah. That would make u feel less isolated & farts louder too for inconsequential ideas.

    8. 1)"He gamedly engaging an unknown Greek for his electric car idea" / "just an idea(crazy)" - if we relate the 2 sentences, u did imply its musk.

      2) i am talking abt battery, which is the core tech, i said more or less, not absolute, pana+sanyo and atl (under tdk) occupied almost 40%, n there r others japanese maker like yuasa toyota etc. the fact remain that msia has none.

      3) grab is similar to airasia, boardcom is, like u said, msian manage. i dun doubt msian capability n talent, my point is that no way msian can compete with korea japan n china in mass production of electrical / technical / manufacturing based product. however like i said, we r no 1 producer in glove n condom, n we shall emphasize on product that relate to petroleum, rubber, palm oil etc, not car.

      pray tell which msia private co have the resources n knowhow to make car? who is the one syok sendiri if not mahathir n u?

    9. 1) if u want to play semantics, perhaps kt is yr 菜. U do know what I meant! But acting “死鸡撑饭盖”(sic) le…

      2) what type of battery r u farting about?

      Modern electric car uses lithium based cells battery for power.

      Sharp used to be the top Jap manufacturer. No more. Panasonic is teaming with Tesla for a cut of the market. But still early day until that giant factory in Utah is been put into production. Hyundai is investing heavily but handicapped by lithium source. China has the 2nd largest lithium mine after Chile. Most of the lithium based cells (components that make a battery) r sourced from China.

      Tesla doesn't make the car battery it uses. Currently closed to 2/3 of the cells comes from China. While the remaining 1/3 source from Japan & others.

      Similarly, almost all its electric motors come from a factory in Chongqing China. Wakakakaka…… cf rare earth extra strong magnet for electric car motor. Know who control the rare earth elements used in such magnet production?

      3) u obviously r VERY old school (民国哦!). Think Apple & Foxconn lah. If Apple has to depend on US for her product manufacturing, she wouldn't be a trillion dollar market outlay for a long shot. If Foxconn depends on Chinese cheap labours, she won't be able to sapu up Sharp!

      This IS the century of industry 4.0.

      Unicorns can no longer be localised & single source based. Unicorn using its unique management/technical skills to coordinate & assembly various components, not necessary manufactured in house, into completed product.

      Thus, the examples of Grab & Broadcom - using intellectual ingenuity to source for the best parts all-over the world to assembly into final product!

      But u CANT see the inferences through yr silo view within yr syiok-sendiri wall of delusion - bolihland MUST do everything ourselves in order to compete & claims homegrown!

      Using yr last century thinking, Grab/Broadcom would not be able to compete with the developed nations bcoz they r supposedly DON'T have that resources & know-how to challenge them!

      Look at Tesla again. Musk seems out Konstantinos Laskaris's design, out of many, to be Tesla's backbone. Then search other components all over the world (wakakaka… China included) to assembly the Tesla we know now. Leave it to just US alone, there won't be a Tesla car at all!

      So if there is some risk-taking m'sians to partake ProTiga, using the concept of industry 4.0, something can be achieved along the same thinking of Grab/Broadcom.

      Given a conducive environment, ProTiga can be another Grab/Broadcom.

      Risk aversion tempurung dwellers DO NOT apply - just continue to be a followers to keep yr tag. After all u have been wagging yr tails all these while!

    10. 1. ok if u said so

      2. so what all tis have to do with msia? do we have the raw mat or do we possess the manufacturing n marketing skill? panasonic hyundai amperex have nothing to do with msia.

      3. maybe u r right, at least in theory, but apple is an exception. tesla still a long way. the similarity is both have a large domestic market, a relatively affluence one. the japs lose the mfg skill when they shifted their operation overseas, to korean taiwanese n chinses, tis include electronic, component, handphone, pc, nb etc, the same that happened to americans n european. japanese only strength is with car which china is catching up fast, n china domestic market will make sure china brand to succeed or with more advantage in eev, hence my pov is simple, u either have the market like apple or tesla, or u possess the tech like japs, or both for the chinese, which msia have none.

      look at airasia, one of the strength is perhaps the people, a diverse one that can speak multiple language, adapt to diversity kind of culture, friendly, courteous (not like u), n understanding. we already have a conducive environment, y do something which we know very little like car? mahathir n yr ignorant will burden our next generation again with tis stupid idea. ask him to learn how to make a bicycle first.

      mahathir shd quit n let anwar takeover.

    11. Oui…… risk aversion tempering dweller read up on Industry4.0.

      Then fart lah!

  3. How desperate Ktemoc is displayed by his increasing use of profanities.

    BTW Not using the Rocket during the General Election campaign was one of the smartest manoeuvres in DAP history.

  4. The main Potong 3 is so unpopular with the public is the dread of the return of crippling "protective" taxes against Imported and even CKD non-national cars.

    If Mahathir can commit to no new protective tariffs , most people won't care. But then again, how does Potong 3.0 even take off without protective tariffs ?

  5. LKS for f#$k sake, have DAP stop this crazy car project!!!! This project is going to politically kill off DAP for good. My guess is only PPBM is going to gain politically and may financially.
    Stop writing about those spy stories, not many are interested. Write about this car project, Malaysians are most interested.
    And I guess even Teresa Kok has become an apologist !!!!!

  6. Mahathir is obsessed with cars, because he is basically a 1950's man.
    In his youth , the motorcar was the ultimate symbol of progress.

    It was a very visible means to show you had money, and were a cut above the masses. In those days before traffic gridlock, the car meant freedom and the open road.
    You filled up the tank with petrol , and you can go - anywhere there is a road.

    The motor car engine was also a technical marvel. General Motors was the largest corporation in the world.

    But the world has moved on to other things, and someone needs to make that clear to him. Apart from Toyota and Honda, no Japanese car company is

  7. Judging from the performance of the DAP leadership, it is a foregone conclusion that the DAP will be an obscured party very very soon.

    What is sad is that they are showing that the Chinese do not have leaders with integrity and thus shaming the general Chinese Malaysians.

    1. We can judge which party the Chinese support if MCA comes up against DAP in Balakong, a Chinese majority seat.

      I'm not a gambler myself but does anyone want a wager with Ravan?

    2. Waging a bet with irrational goon infested with rd is a waste of time le!

      Let him farts to his heart's content in self-denial lah.

  8. Replies
    1. I like this comment - most appropriate (for those who read comics)

  9. we have three PKR leaders censuring the Bersatu PM. That’s good isn’t it? Governing Harapan coalition having checks and balances. Did BN ever have check and balance? Did UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan or any other BN component party leaders censure Najib when the evidence on 1MDB was so convincing? Why pick on LKS and LGE? The former is in semi-retirement and the latter is busy tabling the GST Repeal Act in Parliament today (which is a 10-in-100 by the way) and he has another Red File to reveal.

  10. There are 3 important Financial objectives facing Malaysia
    a) Cut waste and Corruption. Save Government costs
    b) Grow Government revenue
    c) Grow the Economy.

    I can sort of understand Mahathir keeps coming back to the car industry to (c) Grow the Economy.
    But he needs to be clearly told, the Car Industry is a not a good way to grow the economy in 2018. The days of the car industry as a catalyst for Economic successs has come - and gone.

    Don't try to recycle the past, as I keep reminding Ktemoc. It doesn't work.

    Same reminder to Mahathir.

    1. mahathir's obsession with a car industry has nothing to do with noble national aspiration or revenue making. It's just to satisfy his PERSONAL obsession, conceit and fantasy

    2. i think not cause by obsession, more likely ignorant.


    FITNAH again !

    Have pity on Najib.
    IF he is actually innocent of all charges, it must be a terrible torture.

  12. chabo you are getting all worked up unnecessary, have you not notice manmanlai is making his move to ascension and since all gonad-istas hails from the same camp you think potong 3 will see the light of day

    we all know you just want to kick up a fuss anything to do with maddy

  13. After getting trounced in Sg Kandis despite cooperation from PAS and daily campaigning by Najib, UMNO is licking their wounds. Let MCA contest in Balakong and PAS in Seri Setia, One-on-One, against Harapan. Let's gauge the rakyat's acceptance or rejection of the New Government, after 100 days in charge.

    1. MCA will get trounced in Balakong, and PAS black eye in Seri Setia.
      But all with reduced majorities wakakakka....

      Most Malaysians are politically fatigued.
      Time for the Government to govern, and Opposition to be a real opposition.