Monday, August 13, 2018

The Godfather story & Anwar Ibrahim

FMT via M2T:

Azmin And Dr Mahathir In Cahoots Against Anwar?

A PKR insider insists that the party is split into two factions, one loyal to party supremo Anwar Ibrahim and the other to deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali.

The source, who identifies with the pro-Anwar camp, told FMT most members who joined PKR in its early years were wary of Azmin because of his close relationship with Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

He alleged that Mahathir was keen to see Azmin defeat Anwar in the PKR presidential contest, saying this had been made obvious by the former’s recent appointment as a director of Khazanah Nasional Berhad.

He cited the appointment, as well as Mahathir’s earlier decision to give Azmin the economic affairs ministerial portfolio, as evidence of the closeness between the two.

He claimed that they had always been close, but this was not clear to most party members before Pakatan Harapan came to power.

“Azmin is referred to as Mahathir’s adopted son and one can see that his style of leadership and his ideas are similar to Mahathir’s,” he added.

He said the pro-Anwar camp saw Azmin as someone more interested in consolidating his power than dedicating himself to the party’s struggle of reforming the country’s political system.

He claimed that the PKR central leadership prior to the 2014 party election was dominated by people who were “in Azmin’s pocket”.

That was why, he said, party president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail’s decisions seldom received the majority support of the leadership of the time.

He also claimed that it was Sabah PKR Youth chief Raymond Ahuar who ensured a win for Nik Nazmi Ahmad as youth leader in 2014 by shifting his support from Azmin to Wan Azizah.

He spoke of an incident that year when Azmin and his supporters, including women’s chief Zuraida Kamaruddin, descended on Pensiangan in Sabah to persuade Ahuar to support them.

Ahuar avoided meeting them by going to the neighbouring town of Tenom, he said. “They looked for him high and low but couldn’t find him. He is now the most hated man by those in Azmin’s camp.”

He also said “staunch party members” were disturbed by Mahathir’s preferences in his choice of PKR leaders for Cabinet positions.

“He only selected one proposed name, Saifuddin Nasution, as a minister although Wan Azizah sent in 11 names. Azmin and Zuraida were appointed ministers without the knowledge of the party.”


  1. Typical umno genes showing its dominance!

    Well & good, any traces if that bigoted party SHOULD be exterminated from the face of bolihland comes what may.

  2. Last time UMNO members always so busy talking politics about UMNO elections for the top leaders whenever there were elections for the President, Deputy, Vice Presidents, Supreme Councils etc until elections were postponed or making challenges to all the top posts almost impossible via party's new rules and regulations. Everyone then forced to shut up due to these party regulations. Democracy died in UMNO.

    Now, PKR members and also including UMNO members and supporters are more interested in talking about PKR AGM and elections for the top posts. UMNO leaders are also coming out calling on AI to come out and help save Race, Religion and Royalty. Surprising isn't it, while at the same time more UMNO warlords coming out to throw Ahjib under the bus and some even calling for AhjibGate.

    Is UMNO opening the doors for AI to make a comeback to head UMNO for their own survival and revival and thus some ray of hope in the next GE15? All must remember those at the UMNO top echelons including the current President were once staunch AI supporters who switched allegiance to survive TDM's squashing of AI's ambitions. Are these gestures sincere or hidden behind sinister motives to split PKR into various camps just like what happened to UMNO previously?

    Why won't UMNO call back TDM and his party PBBM to helm and head the party instead of AI? Is it because there is no way out after TDM has burnt the bridges with UMNO by heading PH to win GE14 and thus may incur the wrath of its own members by doing so?

    Is TDM really preparing Azmin as his successor to head PBBM and be the future Ceasar of PH?

    Is Azmin really falling out with AI as his next possible successor to become Ceasar after him? Does Azmin really sees any threat to this succession from someone else like Rafizi etc?

    It's all a drama as far as I can see and to those PKR supporters who are overly eager to see their camps wins, whoever wins or loses does not matter because it is all part of democracy in the party. Just be aware of shit stirrers esp from UMNO who are more interested in seeing the breakup of PKR.

    Everyone including TDM the current Ceasar is well aware that PH will rule for at least the next decade and any future ruling Govt. is not only decided by just PKR or PBBM or UMNO.

    Neither is DAP or Amanah or PAS are the deciders in a ruling future Govt., for Malaysia Baru politics has now completely emerged with our East Malaysian parties being more emboldened and empowered to also decide the future Federal Govt, and their states interests.

    Not just UMNO or BN but Malaysia of old was gone during GE14 and the sooner everyone realises it, the better it is for any parties intending to be part of a future Federal Govt. The wisdom of Malaysian voters in determining the Federal Govt. will also surely slowly permeates down to all the State Govt. in future.