Thursday, August 09, 2018

Hippocratic or Hypocrite Oath?

Bloke was Hippocrates of Kos, Greece, the Father of Western Medicine. He coined the Hippocratic Oath, which is still relevant and in use today.

Wikipedia states on the Hippocrates Oath: In its original form, it requires a new physician to swear, by a number of healing Gods, to uphold specific ethical standards.

The Oath is the earliest expression of medical ethics in the Western world, establishing several principles of medical ethics which remain of paramount significance today. These include the principles of medical confidentiality and non-maleficence.

Although the ancient text is only of historic and symbolic value, swearing a modified form of the Oath remains a rite of passage for medical graduates in many countries.

I heard that in Malaysia there is the Hypocrite Oath, which MMA president Dr Mohammad Namazie Ibrahim discovered recently to his professional consternation and humane distress.

MMA president Dr Mohammad Namazie Ibrahim 

He has been reported by FMT as follows:

“Doctors may have their own personal opinion but when it comes to their profession, doctors should not allow their personal beliefs to overcome their professional duties. That should be the stand of any doctor.”

Namazie was responding to remarks by Dr Nur Ilyani Mohamed Nawawi in her Facebook post.

Nur Ilyani Mohamed Nawawi 

Nur Ilyani had taken Marina Mahathir to task for championing the rights of the LGBT community.

Among other things, she said if the LGBT community had rights, then she too had a right to live peacefully, free from “deviant lifestyles”. She suggested that Marina and others appeared to “promote” the LGBT lifestyle through their various media statements.

sweet Marina 

Nur Ilyani added that despite her stand on the LGBT community, she gave them the best treatment she could.

Her remarks earned her a dressing down from Dr Adeeba Kamarulzaman, professor and dean of medicine and infectious diseases at Universiti Malaya, who told her that doctors like her made the situation worse by deterring people from seeking help.

Adeeba, who chairs the Malaysian AIDS Foundation, also advised Nur Ilyani to read up more about the advances in treating HIV.

Prof Adeeba Kamarulzaman

Expressing support for Adeeba’s statement, Namazie said: “This is sad. I am not even sure whether this (Nur Ilyani) is a real doctor or she is claiming to be one.”

The MMA president also stated that revealing any confidential information about a patient was a serious offence and doctors could be struck off the Malaysian Medical Council’s register of medical practitioners if they were found guilty of breaching the Code of Professional Conduct.

MAHSA University chairman Dr Ismail Merican, who is also the former health director-general, reminded doctors not to discriminate against their patients.

Dr Ismail Merican


  1. The Hippocratic Oath binds their conduct as a doctor.
    However , their right to express their opinion in the personal domain is protected by the Constitution.

    In fact many doctors engage in political activity or post political stands, covering the entire range of the political spectrum.

    There are left wing to right wing doctors. highly religious to atheistic doctors. The whole lot.

    No wrong done, as long as they observer proper decorum and adhere to the code of conduct and ethics in their work as a doctor.

    1. Definitely NO at this stage of the humanity evolution!

      Beautiful words.

      Just that.

      Until humanity can uplift to the next stage of development where feeling can be alienated totally.

      Then, what's the difference between machine & man lah - PD!

  2. This religion does something to your brain.

    1. the one that dissent nur ilyani view have no religion meh? n i dun hear much from dap who r mostly from that religion?

  3. This doctor Nur Ilyani is talking about religion or medical practice?

    If about religion then she has shifted from her own personal/private space to the public space, then she ought to be censured.

    Just wondering besides her comments about LGBTs, how does she treat ordinary Males with sexual problems and diseases?

    Use a long stick? Wear blinkers or close the eyes?

    Did she qualify as a doctor via a religious Medical school or college where religious piety is above medical oath and practices?

    You get more worried about such doctors who may also one day decides to play as God.

    1. She can't distinguished in what capacity she is farting about!

      Typically a product of a confused indoctrination.