Wednesday, June 06, 2018

WORST political statement 2018 (2)

MM Online - Dr Wan Azizah: Jail time proves Anwar not impatient to be PM (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, June 6 — Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim would not have accepted being imprisoned twice if he could not wait to become the prime minister, said Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

The deputy prime minister reiterated to the Malaysiakini news portal that her husband was not in a hurry to ascend to the post currently held by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

“My dear, if he could not wait, he wouldn’t have gone to prison,” Dr Wan Azizah was quoted as saying."

I have never heard such illogical balderdash, wakakaka, that Anwar accepted imprisonment twice because he could wait to be PM.

As if he could have done otherwise than to go into prison kuai-kuai

Two days ago I nominated her hubby's words as the BEST political statement 2018 (17).

Today I have to nominate Wan Azizah's statement as the worst political utterance I have heard thus far in 2018.

Remember her silly words:

“My dear, if he could not wait [to be PM], he wouldn’t have gone to prison”



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  1. I too recommend yr current rant as the worst twist of a nominal comment that I have heard thus far in 2018.

    U r indeed full of shit, overwhelming into yr dedak induced pent-up frustration!

    1. Ktemoc is getting more desperado by the day.
      If you notice, he is more and more shrill. .

    2. Where are my charcoal? Must put more pressure on kaytee

  2. Actually when Anwar was found guilty the second time for sodomy if I am not mistaken he happened to travel overseas and some of his supporters advised him not to return but to fight from exile. But he kwai kwai returned and served his time. I suspect many in his position (like some culprits now) will not come back willingly to face trial or jail.

  3. Kaytee, ah. When are you going to quote Khairy's statement"

    “We perhaps missed an opportunity, all of us, to convey the truth of the gravity of the situation,”

    He said this with regards to BN losing the GE14 alluding to the 1MDB scandal but not anything else.

    So, philosophical and innocently said, it can be nominated for the Worst political statement, don't you think so?

    1. Ooooi....kaytee failed to make char siew out of nostro piggy

      Alamak.....what happened?

  4. And yet he couldn't wait to come out instead of finishing his sentence! Maybe DYMM should have granted clueless Fan Lady her wish and keep him waiting in Sg Buloh!

  5. Another worst statement, LGE accusing China of corruption. Either he's trying his very best to doom the country's economy or he is delusional that Malaysia can survive without China's financial input. Perhaps he was miffed that CRCC ratted out his "remuneration" middle-man in his tunnel scam fiasco.

    1. It looks even worse when you sit down, for all intensive purposes, try to reflect and to evaluate the FM's statement(s).

    2. The new FM has a history of failing to count properly. From misrepresenting his state debt under the Federal Government, to his party's CEC election votes, to his banglo market value, to his incapability to understand the payment for his pet tunnel, to the flip-flops of debts the country is in. I doubt he can count past the number of digits on his hands and feet.

    3. Lim Guan Eng's statement suggests there are questions on possible corruptions involving China companies.

      Nothing shocking about that.

      It is a well-known practice among China corporations, all over the world.
      Depending on situation, they commonly give or accept corrupt funds or other kinds of assets.

      That is not like accusing the PRC government of corruption.

    4. Even if they do, prc will divert the issues to kill more muslims in xinjiang. What are you going to.....john....hahaha

    5. He should look into his own backyard before shouting about corruption. What happened to the news that CRCC admitted his middle-man asked for, and was given "incentives" on his CM's behalf? Already buried until a new Government comes digging it back out again?

      Businessmen are practical creatures, no matter what skin colour, nationality or creed. Corruption knows none of them, as can be seen in EU, USA and Japan. So why single out China unless the Failure Minister has an agenda?

    6. There are currently no EU, USA or Japan -linked Mega Projects in Malaysia.

      ECRL is directly under a China company.
      The HSR appears to be heavily linked indirectly to China interests.

      The Tunnel investigations were in full swing under the previous administration. I dare say the company was involved in corruption, but MACC had not in months of investigation found anything to link it to the Penang State government.

      Corrupt operatives typically declare they can interced on behalf of this and that official.
      Anybody can declare that they have cables to "fix" things with so and so...

    7. @Looes. Its not China that's diverting the issue, its LGE who's steering your attention away from the tunnel scam that he's embroiled in with China. CRCC has only to reveal all the details about it and that's the end of LGE, unless New Malaysia decides it can make do without China's money and economy. Good luck with that.

    8. Possible Two new scandals.....

      Two super costly gas pipelines, where progressive payments are Time Based, regardless of actual construction progress. The Peninsular project has 85% payment with 13% physical completion.

      Previous Finance Minister was a Financial Genius.

      Anybody who buys a house in Malaysia knows you pay the developer based on certified extent of completion of the house.
      But Najib's cronies are exempt.

      Again...China companies involved.

  6. y worst? its very logical what, anwar has been trying to save msia from mahathir since 1997, at a time when u r still a hardcore mahathir supporter. it shown he is a patient man that live n work for the sake of a better msia, unless what u tell us abt mahathir is all fake.

  7. For me the worst political statement was made by RPK

    "The opposition pact is going to face its worse performance since 2004. And The Third Force has done a detailed and scientific analysis of what to expect in 48 hours from now as follows:....

    The Third Force‘s intel unit has done their detailed analysis of GE14 and it is looking very bleak for the opposition pact
    Kit Siang must be feeling like jumping out of the top floor of Komtar, and as Nga said, go play mah jong in heaven with Lee Kuan Yew."

  8. "I do not agree that UiTM is 100 percent bumiputera, as it has been accepting international students since day one," said PKR deputy youth chief Dr Afif Bahardin in an interview with Malaysiakini...

    Huh? So in the eyes of UiTM Chinese and Indian Malaysians are now THIRD class citizens in their own country?


      Yup, Uitm has an International Students admissions and administration office.

      But if you are a Malaysian Chinapek or Aneh or Lain-Lain, you are NOT welcome.

    2. Nope. According to PKR.

    3. And pas going to do anything? Hahaha

    4. Since when PAS was involved in UiTM? Why should they care?

    5. Dewan Perhimpunan Penyokong PAS says...Dhimmis must accept the place, and must not complaint..

  9. Worst political statement in Malaysian history

    I am not a Crook...ex-PM Najib....

    Worst political statement in United States history

    I am not a Crook... President Richard Nixon...