Friday, June 08, 2018

Last of the Mohicans?

Star Online - Omar Mustapha resigns from all positions in Petronas:

PETALING JAYA: Datuk Mohd Omar Mustapha, the independent non-executive director of Petroliam Nasional Bhd (Petronas) has tendered his resignation, effective June 30.

In a statement, Omar said his letter to the company secretary was dated June 1.

“I was appointed as an independent non-executive director of Petronas on Sept 15, 2009. According to the Petronas code of corporate governance, independent non-executive directors are to serve for a maximum tenure of nine years cumulatively from the date of first appointment, and that no extension beyond nine years shall be permitted.

“This limitation on tenure is to ensure that the highest levels of independence of directors is preserved and maintained as a matter of good corporate governance expected of Petronas as Malaysia’s only Fortune 500 company,” he said

It has been reported that Petronas chairman Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan and Omar were set to relinquish their positions in the national oil company soon.

Initially I thought the bloke was probably Tun Omar Ong Yoke Lin's son. The late Tun was a Perikatan (Alliance) Big-Timer from Day One, serving in Tunku's cabinet as minister of various portfolios, diplomat here and there, and ending his career as President of the Dewan Negara (Senate) from 1973 to 1980. I think he converted to Islam very early on the encouragement of Tunku.

Tun Omar Ong Yoke Lin 

Those 1st tier Malayan/Malaysian leaders were very kam-cheng, unlike today's cats and dogs in BN (and indeed in Pakatan Harapan as well).

Anyway I learned rather lately (though how accurately I am still not sure) that Datuk Mohd Omar Mustapha is the son of Mustapha Ong, former Private Secretary to longtime Minister of Information Mohamad Rahmat, and NOT that of Tun Omar Ong.

The father Mustapha Ong had an alleged involvement in Anwar's Sodomy case, while the son, the current Datuk Mohd Omar Mustapha, is alleged to have some involvement in 1MDB. Like KJ his Oxford matey, Mohd Omar Mustapha is said to be aligned with the side against Mahathir.

Seems a lot of Ong's in Malaysia converted to Islam.

Mohd Omar Mustapha was brought into Petronas by Najib, and probably the first ever ethnic Chinese (though long a Muslim and Melayu-nised and rumoured to be a member of UMNO) to make it onto the Petronas Board of Directors. I recall in 2009 there were very strong objections to this Cinapek joining Petronas. One very strong objector was you-know-who, wakakaka. But Najib then a very new PM in 2009, prevailed in his selection.

Well, Mohd Omar Mustapha sure has read the new writings on the wall.

He was the first Cinapek in Petronas. Will he be the last?


  1. maybe, but we already have a non as fm n a non as ag, u wan a non as pm as well?

    1. petronas is the ultra elite secretive organisation

    2. Apa lagi Cina mau, Najib asked back in 2013.

    3. What PH needs to do is to start changing Petronas to being a more transparent and publicly accountable Commercial enterprise.

      It needs to pay large dividends to the Malaysian government, as its sole shareholder every year, we all know that, but how it manages its operating funds God only knows.

      There is an excellent model in Equinor, Norway's majority Government-owned energy corporation.

    4. Can this guy be considered a cinapek?

      Then, what's that trashy reduan teh?

      Or they r all the terminal syndrome of the cinapek apologi-itis?

    5. Actually the real last of mohicans are ku li and kaytee....just think about it. Aint that true?

  2. Omar Mustapha is not a Cinapek
    He was/is listed as a Bumiputra.
    Petronas has Zero Cinapeks on its board.

  3. Formula 1 has had it's day in Malaysia eg we stopped hosting F1 races in Sepang. I can see some sense (but not a lot) for Petronas sponsoring Mercedes-Mclaren F1 Team. OK, so Petronas does get some global publicity but what tangible additional business does that bring?

    And really, does Mercedes Benz need our money ?

    Another wasteful funding is the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO), funded and hosted by Petronas. The orchestra is jammed packed with expat musicians who cost Petronas (hence taxpayers) a fortune to maintain. 10 years ago the conductor was rumored to be on a monthly salary of 130k. The young orchestra supposedly tutored by the senior musicians have rarely broken into world class performers.

    Let's face it - orchestra music benefits only the top 0.01% of the population.

  4. One way to solve the secrecy of Petronas is to publicly list it on KLSE. Besides getting additional funding they must then make public all their finances and stop being the government's Private Bank.


    Sirul is coming back to Malaysia ?.....Has Malaysia given official assurances that he will Not be executed ?

    Seems quite clear the Altantuya case will be reopened, much angering certain people...and giving sleepness nights to others ...wakakakaka...

    Rest in Pieces...

    1. Don’t forget Hussein Najadi, founder of AmBank, whose son Pascal claims he was murdered because he was about to expose the huge sums of money flowing into Najib’s personal account. The man who pulled the trigger was arrested but just like the Altantuya case the person who ordered the murder was never uncovered.

  6. Wait till the leaks also comes out from Petronas and esp. with regard to those overseas and local oil ventures which are financed via sukuk bonds and which might shake Petronas as a Fortune 500 company.

    Ever wondered why an ex President of Petronas is in the Council of Elders? TDM needs to know first hand how much damage has been done and whether for the sake of National Security and pride to keep hidden or release for public knowledge how much reserves, cash, capital etc is left after all the bonds raising, selling off blocks of oilfields, local and overseas humongous ventures running into hundreds of billions.

    Ever wondered why Saudi Aramco is taking a big stake in Penggerang project?

    I feared the worst is still to come which might even overshadow 1MDB.


    Wakakaka...I told the PKR people months ago , this is the lowest hanging fruit they can go after Najib for.
    You don't even have to prove corrupt criminal activity by Najib.

    As long as Najib had significant income which he did not declare, he is deep shit with IRB. In this case the amounts are Titanic.

    He can protest that it is a donation, but the burden of proof is with him to prove it is a real donation, with documentation, just like with any other taxpayer.

    Everyone is treated equally before the law, ya, Tommy Thomas will say..... wakakaka....

    BTW, that's how the FBI got Al Capone...they couldn't prove the murders and blackmail and gangland activities, but they could easily prove he had plenty of undeclared income, hence guilty of unpaid taxes.

  8. Yes, if a Middle Eastern lady can transform overnight into a Native Sarawakian then a Cinapek can become a Bumi.

  9. One by one, technocrats are leaving the sinking ship called Malaysia Government. Soon all top positions will be populated by Mahathir's cronies as what happened in the past.

    The pirate king has come to plunder once more, and the rakyat chose to open the gates for him. Surrendering without a fight. Sigh.