Monday, June 04, 2018

Fascist lemmings

MM Online - Negri MB says keeping track of civil servants who campaigned for BN during GE14 (extracts):

SEREMBAN, June 3 ― The Negeri Sembilan government is tracing state civil servants who campaigned for the Barisan Nasional (BN) in the 14th general election so that the appropriate action can be taken, said Menteri Besar Aminuddin Harun.

“Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has spoken on this and our side we are also looking into it.

“We are tracing them. We will see what action the prime minister takes against the culprits and we will follow suit,” he told reporters at his residence here.

He was asked to comment on state civil servants whose loyalty to the new government in Negeri Sembilan was suspect.

If personnel of the Malaysian Civil Service are not prohibited from participating in politics, as Armed Forces personnel are, then why track them out those who campaigned for or supported BN in order to take action against them?

Are we a communist or fascist state?

And what about those who had campaigned for and supported PH, when BN was still the government?

And the finest example of moronic blind following of the leader: We will see what action the prime minister takes against the culprits and we will follow suit without bothering to check what's right or what's wrong.

fCking Class A Idiot.


  1. Civil servants who campaigned for the Barisan Nasional (BN) during their working time or Executive Grade Civil Servants who actively campaigned ..... that is certainly a disciplinary matter and/or their loyalty is suspect.

    1. When Major Zaidi was campaigning for PH in his uniform, he was seen as supporting PH in his capacity as a civil servant. Yet PH zombies cheer and celebrate his defiance against the BN Government.

      And now that you people are in the Government, suddenly all those acts that you people supported are seen as treacherous. Isn't that double standard hypocrisy? No wonder KT branded you people as blinded fascists/communists.

    2. Major Zaidi was expelled from the RMAF without pension.

      Hmmm...I think similar sanction is appropriate for government servants proven to be violating the General Orders during GE14, after due process, no ?

    3. Yes, he was expelled and you zombies were haranguing the BN Government for it. So if PH Government were to do same exact thing to those who oppose them, what makes yours different than theirs? 2x5 = 5x2

  2. Its not about loyalty to the government of the day but flouting the General Orders. Division One officers are prohibited from being active in politics but lower ranking staff are allowed to do so with the approval of their superior. So if they break the G.O. then they can be be in the hot soup. But before action can be taken a fair hearing must be held to ascertain that the rule of law is upheld.

  3. Kaytee, ah. Your statement not reflective of the actual intent, woh.

    For too long, civil servants especially those in executive levels have been abusing Govt. time and resources to campaign openly for political parties as a way to promotions, perks or just plain playing truant with their salaries paid by taxpayers. Why don't they take leave or do it after their working hours?

    This unethical behavior has to be stopped otherwise the whole Govt. machinery and system will then become like another political party on it's own.

    What is it, you are actually mumbo jumbo about, woh?

    1. He doesnt even has the ball to make you char siew. What more he can say?

  4. "Are we a communist or fascist state?"
    Neither. We're a Mahathirist state now. Mahathirism 2.0 is a Yin-Yang ideology.
    What was hated with fury is now loved with passion.
    What was logical is now deemed illogical.
    What they accused others of doing, they are now doing it themselves.
    What they wanted was New Malaysia but they really wanted was rebranded Old Malaysia.

    1. Oh..mumbling nonsense again ? wakakkaa. Sai hei to even reply to your sampah

    2. Only those who cannot argue back well, will result to insults. Your nonsense has no bearing on my statement.

  5. an individual has a right and is entitled to support and campaign for whichever party on their own time and personal capacity but if state apparatus are being abused while doing so, appropriate actions must be taken..those who issue threats to their subordinates to support any party or candidate should also be taken to task...we must eliminate such abuses...I thought we are on reform mode, you should be supportive