Sunday, June 03, 2018

Islam needs defending from Mr. Tantawi instead

MM Online - PAS insists AG must be Muslim to ‘defend’ Islam (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, June 3 — The post of attorney-general (AG) must be held by a Muslim, PAS asserted today amid conflicting views over the government’s nomination of senior lawyer Tommy Thomas for the job.

The Islamist party’s information chief Nasrudin Hassan indicated that only a Muslim AG will be capable of advising the government on Islamic matters to safeguard the rights and interests of the country’s majority Muslim population.

“Islam is the religion of the federation. The appointment of the Attorney General must take off from there. Must be a person who is seen as capable of defending Islam as the country’s religion,” he said in a statement.

He said among the AG’s main tasks is as the main legal adviser to the Malaysian government.

Firstly, Malaysia is NOT an Islamic country - for arguments, read this post from LoyarBurok.

In Malaysia, religion of Islam comes under the rulers, who have their own advisers by the multitudes. So stop bullshitting that the AG has to serve as the legal adviser on Islamic issues. To reiterate, Malaysia is a secular state.

Mind, PM Mahathir may disagree as in 1992 he announced that Malaysia was not only a Islamic state but a fundamentalist one. Lim Kit Siang then railed against him for the 617 and 929 Declarations.

you said "Malaysia is not an moderate Islamic state but an Islamic fundamentalist state"

did I? dah lupa liao lah

me too from now on

In fact, as Islam is the prerogative and responsibility of each state ruler, JAKIM as a federal Islamic agency is no longer required, so let's dissolve it and save RM1 Billion a year.

Secondly, Nasrudin Hassan or mister Tantawi as I call him, has been notorious as the person who blames Valentine's Days and New Year's Eves as shagging periods which see single Malay mum giving birth to unwanted babies by the truckloads 9 months later from those dates.

Nowhere in the world have we seen single women abandoning single babies by the dozens except in Malaysia, because elsewhere the nations show concern, care and compassion for single mums.

He insults Malaysia, Malay women and the image of Islam by his reckless unfounded views on sex, sex and sex.

Can you take such a man seriously on religion?



  1. My sense is Mahathir is racing against time to right the things that he did wrong in the past.

    The submission of Tommy Thomas , a highly respected Constitutional legal expert to be the Malaysian Government's Chief Legal Advisor , is a sign of that.

    He is an ethnic Indian Christian and has written opinions before that Malaysia is a secular state with Islam as its official religion - that is bound to bring all the Kutus out from the woodwork.

    As I told Ktemoc before , trying to live in 1992 is just a self-destructive exercise.

    1. How many defenders we need to defend Islam in Malaysia as if Islam is besieged by a grand oppressor? Or is it that all the numerous so called defenders of Islam in Malaysia, you name it, are not doing their jobs, that now we need the AG to defend Islam? If the call by PAS is the AG to defend Islam then what is the purpose of keeping those defenders of Islam who are not doing their job as defenders? Including PAS so to say.

    2. Fm, we should ask kaytee this question

      How come no sound from that cheebye?

  2. With due respect but past AGs who profess to be Muslims struggled to understand or implement man’s law (eg on corruption) how do we expect him or her to understand or advise on Allah’s law? What Islamic qualifications did they have?

  3. With due respect too to Tommy, his legal credentials are impeccable but my opinion is the AG should have (although not stated anywhere in black and white) some judicial experience at a minimum of High Court level, besides having experience in practicing law. That’s why I think Gopal Sri Ram is a better choice but maybe he does not want the job. Sob sob.

  4. Go go.....kaytee should fight physically against tantawi. Chatting time is over. Now needs some balls from kaytee

    Show to all of us, kaytee lanpa ada hut

  5. These 2nd stage zombies r the products of zombieism, mutated with the siege mentality of the ketuanan freaks!

  6. If PH wants TT to be the AG, so be it. Next, we can expect the AG to drop the corruption charges against the FM.

    Nevertheless, I disagree with Art Harun but would agree with Ellese with regard to whether Malaysia is a secular state.

    1. its a mixture, can't tell who is right. ellese is now the agung advisor? i thot he is a staunch mahathir supporter? or was.

    2. Bro.. Art Harun in his analysis had omitted certain facts under para 169 of the Reid Report. Don't know whether it was intentionally or was an honest oversight. BTW I do miss our Ellese/W2W days. Wakakaka..

  7. i dun quite understand what mahathir trying to achieve.

  8. Sunday night Buka Puasa with some Malay contacts, I know some are UMNO and PAS Supporters, the "Other Side".

    They are currently a dejected and worried lot.
    UMNO is moribund, Najib is likely facing a criminal prosecution soon.

    Many urban liberals, especially from DAP and PKR , are gung-ho to push for the restoration of non-race based meritocracy and a secular state.
    I fully support them, but it is worth listening to the Other Side.

    They lost this election, but there are undeniably a great many of them , and they are Malaysians too.

    They are worried about the special position of the Malays, and the status of Islam in the country.

    The controversy over the appointment of an ethnic Indian Christian to be the new Malaysian Attorney General has been a focus of all these fears.

    If there is a future Civil/ Constitutional issue coming before the Federal Government which touches on a contention between Islamic law and Civil Law, can they trust the Attorney General to give fair advise to the Government ?

    The guys I sembang with are not Ultras like Tantawi, but they are a worried lot , nevertheless.

  9. Who cares what Tarantula or PAS says.

    Whoever is PM has the power. So get on with it.

    PAS will have to wait until they have Federal power before appointing an Ayatollah to be the AG.

    1. Why kaytee never make char siew of nostro piggy? Oredi pakat2?

  10. Looking at the Tommy Thomas’ website Gopal Sri Ram is right. There is a very wide range of expertise but noticeably Criminal and Civil Law are missing. And we do expect the next AG to spearhead some large criminal cases. Transitioning from a private lawyer owning a boutique legal practice to managing the AGC which has 1,000 qualified lawyers will also be challenging

    1. There is not perfect candidate , if you are looking for one.

      The 3 broad choices of candidates are from
      a) The Judiciary
      b) The Government Prosecution service
      c) Practicing lawyers.

      All have their limitations in exposure and career specialisation.

      Many Senior judges have never been a litigating lawyer "on the other side".

      Many Criminal Lawyers, even very respected ones have little or no expertise on Constitutional matters except when their case impinges on specific Constitutional issues, then they are forced to study it.
      Civil law is a specific specialty, and practitioners often don't do any other type of law.

      For what Mahathir and Pakatan Harapan has made a primary priority - restoration of the Rule of Law in Malaysia, Tommy Thomas is a great candidate, perhaps the best available in the country.

      If you go back to Commonwealth legal history, the Attorney General is NOT the Prosecutor-In-Chief.
      The Solicitor-General gives the Government legal advice and appears in court to represent the Commonwealth's interest in important legal proceedings.

      Just like the advice to a young man don't try to find a perfect wife - there isn't one in existence.

  11. Having judicial experience is vital to gain exposure on a wide range of legal areas whilst as a private lawyer you tend to pick and choose the cases you want to take on.

  12. You are making a mountain out of a molehill. The Tommy Thomas business is about getting LGE off the hook. Get with the program.

  13. Tommy Thomas is reportedly a member of the Mar Thoma Syrian church, which started in Kerala, India and originated from missionary work of St Thomas the Apostle. Yes, Doubting Thomas. BTW don't we all know someone else with roots from Kerala?

    I am all for the best qualified AG, be it Tommy or another candidate. Hope the Rulers do the right thing. Go go Tommy !!

    1. Ultimately the Rulers will have to accept the "Advice" of the Prime Minister. After all, this is Mahathir they are dealing with, and the older Rulers understand very well.

      Meanwhile they will make a show of exercising their right to question and make suggestions, such as tomorrow's Conference of Rulers.