Monday, June 04, 2018

After Najib, KJ is next

MM Online - Dr M: Khairy is best candidate to contest Umno presidency (extracts):

ALOR SETAR, June 3 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today hinted that Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin would be the best candidate contesting the party’s presidency in its upcoming polls.

The Pakatan Harapan (PH) chairman said Khairy was an eligible candidate for the post due to the fact that Umno was now deemed as a party in disarray and directionless in its struggle.

“I think the best candidate (for the post of) Umno president is Khairy Jamaluddin,” he told a press conference after chairing the Kedah PH Council Meeting at Seri Mentaloon here.

Also present was Kedah Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mukhriz Tun Dr Mahathir.

Well, what do you think of Mahathir's suggestion?

Let me tell you what I think, wakakaka.

Next to Najib, Mahathir hates KJ most, and then AAB, wakakaka. Mahathir's dislike for AAB and KJ stems all the way back to PM AAB's days (31 Oct 2003 to 03 Apr 2009).

We needn't revisit every aspects of confrontation between the two personalities and their families, save to say, after the 2008 GE in which BN lost 4 states (Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor and its two-thirds majority in parliament, Mukhriz openly called for AAB to step down.

But what Mukhriz did openly was only the superficial level of far more acrimonious happenings between the two families, politically and on personal basis. It was even preceded by AAB's accusation of Mahathir in late 2006 for ruining KJ's rice-bowl, though AAB didn't use the Chinese phrase of '3 bowls of rice'.

Then, in an interview with the Bangkok Post he tetchily defended his son-in-law (KJ), by accusing Dr Mahathir of smashing KJ's ‘pot of rice’, meaning ruining KJ's investments or business earnings.

When AAB was PM, KJ was among the now-infamous 4th Floor Boys. During that time, he upset and humiliated Mukhriz on an "issue". KJ also won the UMNO Youth Boss post which Mukhriz was eyeing, and by golly, no one fCk around with Mahathir's sons. That was when KJ became a figure of 'special interest' to Maddy, wakakaka.

Thus I would categorise Mahathir's suggestion for KJ to be UMNO's new party president as 101% Grade A toxic sarcasm, wakakaka. Watch out leng chai.


  1. TDM's selection of Khairy as the next UMNO President is in line with my wish stated earlier. I repeat below. Soon after Raya the first Parliament session will be convened and Harapan will have a full cabinet named by then, surely. But where is the opposition? BN + PAS got the majority of the popular vote, ie more than 50%, but looks like they won't be represented by a Shadow Cabinet. Here is my suggestion:

    Shadow PM and Opposition Leader: Khairy
    S Deputy PM: Hishamuddin
    S Minister of Finance & Defence (until further notice): Najib
    S Minister of FT: Ku Nan
    S Minister of MITI and Economy: Tok Pa
    S Minister of Law: Azalina
    S Minister in Charge of Tourism: Nazri
    S Minister of Home Affairs: Zahid
    S Minister of Religious Affairs: PAS
    S Minister of Education: Wee Ka Siong

    Come on let's have some action in Parliament. I'm looking forward to it. Let's Get Ready to Rumble...

    1. Why harp on Shadow Cabinet when PH didn't have one for 10 years? PAS will always oppose any unlawful and discriminatory laws, with or without a Shadow Cabinet.

    2. Ya, lets get a proper Shadow Cabinet, and even properly funded by the Government , like in Australia.

      The Shadow Cabinet gets a budget for Administrative staff and office space to function properly.

      Just as the Pakatan State's are now aligned that Opposition (now BN) State Assemblymen will also receive constituency allocations from the State Budget.

    3. The previous BN government didn’t have a cabinet either. All important decisions were made at UMNO Supreme Council meetings. The “cabinet” only carry water. Wee Ka Siong confirmed this. Now we have Malaysia Baru we want Parliament Baru.

    4. Stop justifying your incompetence just because the other party is also incompetent.

      The problems we have right now with their flip flop policies, sudden knee jerk decisions, and u-turns on their Manifesto is because they did not have a viable alternative Government and now that they're in the hot seat, they run around like headless chooks. The markets see this, the investors see this, and they bolted for the door as fast as they can run.

      Right now we don't need a Shadow Cabinet as the governing cabinet itself is just as incapable! Maybe they should relinquish the governing mandate to PAS for 1 year while they get their acts together, then they might be a more credible Government in return. Hohohohoho!

  2. Cheebye kaytee....why not ku li?

  3. Many independent observers have suggested KJ as the best person to lead UMNO's rejuvenation.
    Zahid, Kerishisham are all tired , discredited old hacks tainted with the same stain supporting the Najib kleptocracy.

    One of the key reasons UMNO was decimated was they lost the Under 40 votes. KJ may be able to do something to recover the damage.

    Tengku Razaleigh may be an alternative, but he is in Mahathir's age group.
    Mahathir may be old, but PH has many more 2nd echelon younger leaders.

  4. I believe TDM trying to make amends for his past mistakes of preventing the rise of Khairy during Ahjibkor's reign.

    If Khairy is to head UMNO, he knows very well that for the next 10 years at least, PBBM and PH would be safe from the threat of another coalition like BN.

    Killing 2 birds with 1 stone, so to speak.

    Wakaakakakaka Kaytee, your imagination is misplaced and with thinking TDM is an evil revengeful old man out for his pound of flesh.

    An anti-semitic man would not like to be perceived as a Jew, woh.

  5. Mahathir giving advice to UMNo on how to pick their leader? That's like Hitler telling the Brits Churchill was ill-suited to lead them. Take what he says with a 10kg bag of salt!

  6. Mahathir's bucket list

    1) Throw UMNO into opposition to purge it of leaders who can survive only on government largesse. Leaving it with a tough, lean and mean leadership ready for the next phase of his plan

    2) Put non-Malays in important constitutional and political offices scaring the shit out of Malays as the functions of State start to look like Chinatown and Little India. Creating the conditions for the next stage of his plan

    3) Create tensions with the Malay Rulers on exactly the things done in 2).

    4) Malays swear off non-UMNO led coalitions and vote UMNO back with a vengeance.

    5) Finally mampus with a good serving of irony to Nga Kor Ming.

    1. i shared yr view. methink he wants malay to back him up, whether they r from ph, umno or pas.

  7. Wakakaka ....... uncle why? oh why why why??? You are still looking at mamak through the "door hinge gap" (sorry no proper English word for it)

    Still don't believe he "MIGHT HAVE" changed! Just can't be a little positive and bullish? Okay we shall wait and see if you would tell me "I told you so!" or me asking you "What did you tell me?" wakakakaka ..............

    1. The English term is "Tunnel Vision".
      A narrow-minded view of a person or situation.

    2. Watch bridge over river kwai

      What do you think about colonel nicholson? Hahahaha

    3. Colonel Nicholson was a principled....narrow-minded , destructive , idiot.

  8. Many, from both sides of the divide, are also of the opinion that Khairy is the best among all to lead Umno as the opposition party. He is young, charismatic and talk less kok than the rest of the goons. He is also the 'cleanest'... just some hanky panky during his 4th floor days and the RM 100 million lesap under his ministry. This is so little..almost like pocket change in the annals of Umno kleptocracy. In years to come, if he could reform Umno, he could even be a future PM.

    However, here's a little echo back to yesteryear to refresh the memory -

    It's only been a few months since the dagger-waving Umno Youth demanded that the NEP be reintroduced. This was to benefit the Malays (the deserving ones!) to reach a certain level of economic success. How hard its deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin cried for the poor Malays!

    Let's fast forward to the present time. Khairy on Dec 28 last year bought 13 million shares from ECM Libra at 71 cents per share for RM9.2 million. These shares were sold by the three main shareholders. Questions were asked why these were sold at a discount, how he financed the purchase and more importantly, the timing of the purchase. He and the company have threatened to take legal action on some personalities who have questioned his credibility regarding the ECM Libra share purchase.

    Yesterday's announcement that Avenue Capital Resources Bhd and ECM Libra will merge to form one of the country's largest investment banks shows how young leaders in power are mixing politics and business. Avenue is to buy all of ECM Libra's assets for RM280 million in exchange for shares in a reconstructed new company. The new company will have a shareholders fund of RM600 million making it eligible for Investment Bank (IB) status.

    Khairy will surely have a conflict of interest as his father-in-law is the finance minister who decides on the bank licenses. He is also privy to the latest confidential information both in the private and public sector.
    It is clear why this young man bought those shares in such a hurry. Just by this transaction alone he has made RM4.85 million with the present share prices. The trading of the company's shares was suspended with the news of the merger. What will he make after the merger? Roughly RM8.4 million. All this within months.

    Well, I guess this is what the NEP is all about.

    The writer is a vice-president of Party Keadilan Rakyat .

  9. PAS themselves admit they lost the elections and are incapable and don’t want to govern. They have no idea where to start. At least Harapan are not frightened of facing the challenges.


    PAS has revealed that the party did not mind losing the 14th General Election while the country was burdened with huge debts.

    mStar reported that vice president Datuk Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah said, however, the party wants to take Putrajaya in the next general election.

    "How could we finance such a huge debt? Let others settle Malaysia's debt first, and then we'll take Malaysia in five years," he said in a speech that has gone viral.



    1. Jokes aside, once the Opposition finally emerges from its concussive shock and gets its act together (and they will eventually) the Opposition in Malaysia will primarily be a coalition of Race and Religion supremacists UMNO and PAS.

      Politics in Malaysia will become uglier than ever.

      If and when Pakatan Harapan falters , possibly from economic issues, its replacement will probably be an extreme Race-Religion reactionary government.

    2. And we need cheebye kaytee now to save the day. Where the fuck is kaytee

    3. PAS was being tactical to retreat and regroup while watching both sides fought to a Pyrrhic victory. If you follow Nik Abduh, he got the same wily, sarcastic wit of his father.

      Besides, PAS vision of Islamic economy is incompatible with the fallacy of paper money economy. Mahathir was right to propose RM valuation backed by gold standard, but he made that statement for political mileage and didn't mean it.

      Watch for Nik Abduh. He will go far in the PAS ranks.

      Typically, Liberal governments are usually replaced with far-right movements. But in our case, the Liberals are just as toxic as their counterparts.