Wednesday, February 14, 2018

#UndiRosak versus Playing Mahjong at home

In earlier years, Chinese have been teased, criticised or condemned for their lack of civic-mindedness, showing no obligation as citizens to vote on GE days.

The truth though has been that the Chinese saw their votes would make no difference. OTOH, when they became aware of threats from, say PAS, wakakaka, they would vote like their lives depended on it, as in 1999 and 2004, respectively saving Mahathir's ungrateful ass and eulogising AAB as the Malaysian Bao Gong.

The title of Bao Gong (or Bao Zheng, China's most famous judge, who lived during Song Dynasty) can be considered as Chinese respect for a man of integrity, fairness and justice

AAB won by the biggest landslide in Malaysian election history because the voters thought he'd start a new era after 22 years of draconian dictatorship which saw loss of judicial impartiality and human rights

not realising the dictator was meddling behind the scene, wakakaka

whatever faults AAB might have, and he did have them, he was never given a chance to be a PM in his own rights, thanks to 'someone' undermining him relentlessly

Bao Gong 

Thus 'playing mahjong' on election day has become a joke when Chinese were/are pissed off with all candidates in their respective constituencies.

Thankfully for them, voting is NOT compulsory in Malaysia unlike in Australia. But then, that's how the Perikatan/BN led government wanted/wants it as Malays have been more conscientious about their civic duties in complete contrast to the already marginalised Chinese and Indians. Thus Malays would/will make the effort to vote and f**k (or thank) the Chinese for being absent from voting for Barisan Socialis, DAP and (in a previous lifetime) PPP and Gerakan.

But then Australians have their own joke about compulsory voting, saying that with the quality of election candidates (or lack of ) it's little wonder voting has to be made compulsory or no one would bother, wakakaka.

But lately, a new campaign has been launched, namely, #UndiRosak, that is, to spoil the votes because, let's face the Truth and speak frankly, the movement is disgusted with Pakatan's choice of Mahathir as its leader and also PM-designate. So, if Pakatan wants to insult us by shafting Maddy down out throats, we'll spoil our votes meant for them.

Do you think #UndiRosak is the same as 'playing mahjong' at home, wakakaka.

Well, it's NOT.

If you ignore your citizen's duty to vote, all the political parties would note would be 'Turnout for Constituency X' was only 56.4%, and do you think they care?

OTOH, if you 'rosak' the 'undi' and the result of the election in Constituency 'X' shows 'undi rosak' at 36.8%, you can bet that will rattle their balls (if male candidates) or ... (I'm too polite to say anything about women candidates).

It's 'Freedom of Choice', as we have been continuously lectured upon, wakakaka.



  2. Wakakakaka....

    "if you 'rosak' the 'undi' and the result of the election in Constituency 'X' shows 'undi rosak' at 36.8%, you can bet that will rattle their balls"

    so u wish lah!

    Ambiga has the clearest take about this #UndiRosak from these syiok-sendiri otakrosak.

    “Let me be clear. Boycotting an election may send a message where the elections are clean and fair. Where the elections are NOT clean and fair (as in our country), boycotting only helps those in power and works AGAINST the people who are trying to change the rotten system.”

    'Freedom of Choice'??

    As a citizen of a state, especially a corrupted one, abdicating yr sacrosanct responsibility to kick out a self serving regime IS no freedom of choice.

    By wasting yr suffrage u r prolonging the hardship of the fellow citizens who r looking for a relief change from a known pestilence!

    That selfish gratification of thinking yr action will rattle the balls of the politikus IS an urban myth for these frustrated bleeding hearts who can't see further than their 小我.

    A large percentage of spoiled votes, besides creating the cheating advantages for the incumbents, means that they r been elected only by a very small group of people.

    And the 'wants' of this small grouping, who r usually vocal & extreme in demands, can be easily catered/fulfilled against the good of the larger publics.

    Hence, #UndiRosak is a vote for the preservation of the incumbents even though outwardly it is been showcased as a freedom to select either!

    1. Let me get the equation here:
      UndiBN - traitor
      UndiRosak - traitor
      UndiPAS - traitor
      UndiPSMPRM3rdParty - traitor
      UndiDAPPPBMPKRPAN - Patriot. A Hero to nation

      'Freedom of Choice'?? HAHAHAHA!

    2. Remember that 'famed' equation of yrs?


      How could someone who can't get a simple equation RIGHT, keep producing equations of questionable equilibrium?

      Perhaps, another sign of severe syiok-sendiri sickness!

    3. You still haven't answered my riddle, and you can drop the pusingnomics.

    4. Wakakakaka... Read carefully lah!

      Riddle? My foot!

      AGAIN, WHO's propagating pusingnomics?

      Admit what u r in twisting data by sectionalized published book lah!

    5. You still haven't answer my question. I did urs. So WHO's pusing?

  3. yeah, freedom to be stupid.

    1. not as stupid as choosing Mahathir as PM designate

    2. this i can agree, many know lge is stupid, luckily we still have azmin.

    3. Bull talks!!

      Yr crystalballs r clouded with yr personal prejudices, disguised as lessons from the past!

      The best IS still putting the test to realisation.

      When hippo & Jibby r enjoying retirement in bamboo resort & mamak rides into the sunset after 2yrs, only then bring out yr cracked crystalballs to predict yr own baloney to syiok-sendiri lah!