Monday, February 12, 2018

Continuing abuse of foreign maids

Yesterday, Sunday, Adelina an Indonesian domestic helper died at the Bukit Mertajam Hospital. She was only 21. Earlier she was rescued by police and sent to hospital after Bukit Mertajam DAP MP Steven Sim’s office lodged a report about her conditions.

We learnt her employers forced Adelina to sleep at their car porch with their Rottweiler pet dog for about 2 months.

Would anyone like to sleep with a Rottweiler outside the house? Oh, don't worry, it's not only the dog which will keep you company because there will be thousands of mosquitoes, insects and even creepy crawlies, etc. For sure, you won't be alone.

Since there has been a dog involved, guess the ethnicity of her employer. Leaving aside her death which will be investigated by the police, her employer should be flogged for making a maid sleep with a dog at the porch and further whipped for not cooperating with Steven Sim's staff when it was obvious Adelina was in bad shape.

We have heard of foreign maids being tortured with a hot iron, beaten, starved etc, but we keep hearing about new innovative Malaysian ways of humiliating, abusing and torturing them. We have taken the abuses to the extreme this time because we have killed one, maybe not directly but indirectly through neglect of her health and well-being.

A terrible state: A picture of the allegedly abused maid sitting at the porch of the house in Taman Kota Permai, taken by one of MP Steven Sim’s assistants.

Those unfortunate maids came to Malaysia because they need to earn money for themselves and their families. They didn't expect to be abused, tortured, abused physically and mentally, and now even killed. They are human beings and should be properly respected even though they work as maids.

All I want to say at this stage is something I have said before in my blog - Malaysians are NOT fit to have foreign maids whether from Indonesia, Khmer Republic, Philippines, etc. In this area, Malaysians are bastards and bitches. 

I urge the authorities to STOP the practice of allowing Malaysians to employ such foreign maids. Malaysians should and must learn to look after themselves, more so when they have shown they couldn't look after an employee.


  1. At the current rate Malaysian institutions and the economy is going to the dogs, in a very few more decades, Malaysia will be exporting Sitis , Ah Mois and Tanggachis as domestic maids to more affluent countries.

  2. I support both the Free Market and tough law enforcement.
    Lawbreakers should face the most serious penalties under the law.

    At the same time, there should be no government interference in the Free market. As long as there are willing employees and willing employers for domestic help, it should continue.

  3. Not only should malaysians not have maids but they shouldnt be allowed to have cars either because they are maniacal. In fact it should be compulsory for all malaysians to have a yearly psychiatric assessment as the situation in this country has clearly caused most of them to develop mental disorders.