Monday, February 12, 2018

Pakatan's Selangor seat slugging?

FMT - Pakatan Harapan still deadlocked on 21 seats in Selangor (extracts):

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SHAH ALAM: Pakatan Harapan (PH) failed to agree on sharing out the remaining 21 state assembly seats in Selangor after two hours of negotiations today.

PH Selangor elections director Dr Xavier Jayakumar said the negotiations among the component parties would be resumed after the Chinese New Year.

The opposition coalition had achieved agreement on sharing out 35 of the state assembly’s 56 seats at a meeting of the Selangor PH seat negotiation committee on Feb 7. [...]

In GE13, PKR won 14 seats, DAP (15) and Amanah (2). PKR and DAP subsequently lost one assemblyman each after former menteri besar Khalid Ibrahim and Loh Chee Heng left their respective parties.

On Feb 8, PPBM Pribumi Selangor information chief Sallehudin Amiruddin said the party was firm in wanting to contest in the 12 state seats now held by Umno.

Naturally Pribumi wants all of UMNO seats because it is in fact UMNO in sheep's clothing, wakakaka.

But let me correct a couple of points in above news report.

In GE 13 there was no Amanah yet, so saying Amanah won 2 seats is incorrect. It was PAS in Pakatan Rakyat which won 15 seats, of which 2 of those PAS ADUN became Amanah ADUN after Pakatan Rakyat split up.

Secondly, to be more precise in the case of Loh Chee Heng, former DAP ADUN for Telok Dato, bloke was in fact expelled from the DAP in mid May 2016 for alleged impropriety. DAP Selangor filed a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) for its further investigation that same month.

In 2013, DAP then in the person of Loh Chee Heng had won the Telok Dato state constituency with 13,155 votes out of 21,283 votes or 61.81% of teh total. Jimmy Tan Cheng Chai, his BN rival, won only half of Loh's. The turnout was nearly 90%. It's quite a strong DAP seat.

If Pribumi takes all 12 UMNO seats, and I heard it wants some of PKR's 21 seats, 7 of which was not won in 2013 too, wakakaka, that would leave 44 seats.

DAP won 15 out of 15 it contested in 2013 (including Telok Dato) and inevitably has been allocated all these. That leaves us 29.

PKR contested 21 in 2013 but alas, won only 14 but undeniably is still demanding AT LEAST 21 again. PKR's formula for elections seems to be to gasak as many as possible - if they give, then merajuk and raise hell, wakakaka - and hope to win some.

If PKR has its way which I suspect it will, wakakaka, that leaves poor Amanah with 8.

A rough sketch should give us:

Pribumi - at least 12 (but eyeing some of PKR's claims)
PKR - at least 21 (but eyeing some of UMNO's 12)
DAP - 15
Amanah - 8

Now, which 35 have been said to be agreed upon?

Could it be DAP 15 and PKR 20, wakakaka.

But even then, out of 21 remaining, what about Azmin's pally buddy PAS? That is Azmin's dilemma and Amanah's infuriation.

What will happen next, you guess, I'm going to bed.


  1. The reason why Umno/BN won GE 13 and gained some seats back is because Anwar and Azmin fucked up.Now,Azmin wants to fuck the PH up again.Maybe Azmin should get the same treatment from a water buffalo.His ass would be so sore after that,that he would never dare to bother the PH again.

    1. wakakaka, thanks for the morning wakakaka, bruno matey