Tuesday, February 13, 2018

KJ shows Najib how to win the Chinese over

KJ knows a wee bit about political campaigning, wakakaka. KJ showed he could be pretty pro Chinese. Now I know why Mahathir hates him. But good on you KJ - we need muhibbah blokes like you.

I wonder how JAKIM and JAINS feel, wakakaka. But watch out for KJ as he shows he knows how to campaign.

[video from MM Online]


  1. Wakakakaka...KJ - a muhibbah blokes?

    How naïve can u be?

    One should give credit to kj's political cunningness in canvassing for votes.

    But praising him for been racially neutral is to forgetting this guy's various Machiavellian plays to achieve his known political ambition.

    As in many past sopo situations, he can be equally racist, with his ketuanan freak crowd!

    In short, he can sell his mother if such a move can help him advance a step in his pm dream!

    One SHOULD never expect a 'coconut' Melayu to be anything but another spurious unmokkauxai. He IS not white enough internally to be humanistically 'civilised'. While the brownish outershell has corrupted him kau2 to shout that alifbata chant to please his cheering sycophants.

    Future of bolihland? More likely the catalyst to speed up the decaying process - in the class of azmin (another pm aspirant), nasharudin (how he changes his conservative religious appearance after been kicked out from pas & given millions dedak by pinklips!).

  2. I have NOT forgotten the Keris that Khairy Jamaluddin waved in our faces.
    When it comes to the Najib Administration, Ktemoc can only see the sheep's clothing but not the wolves underneath.

    The Dedak must be delicious.

  3. seem like u have no problem with one that r from a racist party as long as he kiss yr ass?

    1. don't smear your friends who are supporting Pribumi, wakakaka.

      Incidentally would you like to kiss my arse?