Monday, November 13, 2017

Tantawi doesn't even know his own fault

MM Online – Citing ‘Islamophobia’, PAS leader laments muted response to hotels’ headscarf ban (extracts):

A PAS leader has complained of the lack of opposition against the headscarves ban for some female workers in the hotel industry, on the heels of heated criticisms against Muslim-only laundrettes in the country.
The party’s information chief Nasruddin Hassan had also accused the relative silence as an alleged form of “Islamophobia”, defined as the fear or prejudice against Islam or Muslims.

“When the laundrette placed a sign that says ‘Muslim only’ the issue solicited a furious response from all walks of life nationwide,” the Temerloh MP said in a statement.

Good grief, doesn't he know why?

Of course the International Hotels' headscarves ban, minus any justification on security or health reasons, is discriminatory.

Of course not many, especially nons, give a shit as the ban is viewed as social retribution against Muslims a la padan muka at last. That wicked delight is childish but alas, it's natural in racist Malaysia.

And it had to take 2 members of the royalty, one in Johor and the other in Perlis, to put a stop to the Muslim-Only Launderettes. No non-Muslim could possibly do that. And did Tantawi say anything then?

And if the discriminatory ban on headscarves has not invoked more public support because of Islamophobia, Mr Tantawi should know that he has been a major cause of that Islamophobia, preaching against and intruding into non-Muslim events with his fire & brimstone tirade, and even obscenely describing New Years' celebrations as the start of the mating season where single Muslim mums would conceive and eventually abandon their babies.

What an idiot.


  1. In fact there is no outright ban . All it says is that, where the employers workplace rules specify a dress code , especially front-end staff, it should be followed.
    No different from MAS and Air Asia's dress code for flight attendants.

  2. i think its more likely double std rather than retribution, however i agree tis pas info chief is a idiot.