Monday, November 13, 2017

Each sleeping around - Zahid and Boon Hua

Malaysiakini reported that Ahmad Zahid, DPM and Home Minister, said that China's communist ideology [is] not a threat to Malaysia because of the close ties between the two nations. He further stated that:

I am not racist 'coz I once slept with an Indian and was brought up by Chinese

Besides, God spoke to me, saying Gerakan can win Penang

"Since the Peace Agreement between the government and the Malayan Communist Party on Dec 2, 1989, and (Sarawak-based) North Kalimantan Communist Party (NKCP) on Oct 17, 1990, the authorities have not arrested anyone for subscribing to communist ideology.”

If that is the case, why continue to bar Ong Boon Hua's ashes from entering Malaysia so that the late Ong may be put to rest in peace in his hometown of Sitiawan?

Besides, Boon Hua had the nationalistic guts to fight against the Japanese invaders of Malaya.

[kt note: I have not used the word 'patriotic' for Boon Hua as I don't like the dodgy word, since Samuel Johnson once said (07 April 1774) that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel]

Same same too, he once slept with a Malay (CD Abdullah and probably Rashid Mydin as well) 

Surely the ashes of a very dead man, already cremated kau kau, can't be a threat to Malaysia?


  1. The Soviet Union went to extraordinary lengths to ensure Hitler's remains were destroyed in secret and scattered in such a way they will never be found.

    This was to prevent them from becoming a focal point for the revival of Nazi ideology.

  2. Ong Boon Hua's nationalism was actually China Nationalism, an extension of ethnic Chinese struggle everywhere against Japanese arising from Japan's war against China.

    He was no Malayan Nationalist, as proven by his subsequent war against the Malayan government.

    1. He was both a Perakian (thus a subject of HRH Sultan Perak) and at the same time, like most Malayan nons then, a British subject at his birth, but officially he's a Malayan.

      Who says Malayans could/would not fight against the Malayan government? Many Malay communists and Islamists did that - in recent time Mohamed Amin Mohamed Razali, leader of Al Ma'unah group, was hanged at the Sungai Buloh prison in Selangor on 4 August 2006, as reported by Bernama news agency. Zahit Muslim, Jamaluddin Darus, and Jemari Jusoh were hanged a week earlier even executed for treason against HM Agong.

    2. For the ketuanan freak, any NONS who fight for Malaya/M'sia r no Malayan/M'sian Nationalists.

      They see the struggles of Ong Boon Hua as an extension of ethnic Chinese struggle everywhere against Japanese arising from Japan's war against China. They pick & choose to ignore that Chen Peng fight the Pommies for independence while the Melayu elites were collaborating with whoever the power that be to milk their cosy lives!

      Only the chosen tongkat group has the sole right to claim Malayan/M'sian nationalism!

    3. Regardless of where he was physically born, all his actions showed his fundamental loyalty to be towards China and Chinese communism.

    4. Where do u get yr Chin Peng's biography?

      Ketuanan freak publications?

      Towards Chinese communism, YES.

      But toward China? For an old man, who loved the country so much that till death he still wanted to come home to rest!!!

  3. The CPM fought against the Japanese in Malaya during World War II and then for Malaya's independence from Britain after the war and was banned by the British colonialists and forced to go underground to continue their fight.

    If not for their armed insurrection against the British, I doubt it would have been so easy for Malaya to have gained independence under the Alliance party.

    In the Baling talks, the CPM negotiated a peace following independence and to be allowed to operate above ground legally but this was denied.

    The party probably knew that there would be little popular support for its armed insurrection after Malaya achieved a nominal independence in which Malaya would have political independence and an independent identity but would still be economically dependent on Britain, whose interests still owned and controlled Malaya's major industries such as the mine, the plantations, the banks, trading houses and so forth.

    Hence it tried to negotiate peace and be legally allowed to continue its fight for socialism through legal politival means.

    On Boon Hua's ashes should be allowed back into Malaya.
    If Rashid Mydin's and Syamsiah Pakeh could be allowed back, why not Ong Boon Hua's ashes, especially after peace was successfully negotiated in Haatyai.

  4. I belong to a class of people Ong Boon Hua and his army of followers would have "Liquidated" if they had succeeded in attaining their version of Malayan "Independence"....I'm afraid I have little sympathy for him.

    1. Wakakakaka...what class of people le??

      Thus yr 'takes' about Chin Peng!!!

    2. From 1917 until the 1970's, in almost every society that Marxists took over power by armed force, "Class Enemies" -usually people with a bit of property, people who ran their own small business - were subject to extreme measures commonly termed "Liquidation" - literally converted to liquid.

    3. There were many land reforms happened after CCP took over China.

      Similarly many big businesses were nationalised.

      Confiscation of lands & other assets & groupped them into collective state ownership is in the blood of the early Communism operative.

      These were done in according to the socialistic doctrines of centralized state ownership.

      Thus the on set of the classless dream where everyone is equal!

      Put it in another word, WHY should the proletariats suffer while the bourgeois enjoy due to the inbalances of wealth distribution!

      The repossessions could be brutal. But liquidation is an extreme term, usually connotes annihilation!

      To label the repossessions as 'liquidation' shows the ignorance about class struggles.