Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Nabob of negativity

The Malaysian Insight - Hijab ban for hotel staff insulting to Islam, says Perak mufti (extracts):

in the words of an American VP, Harussani is a 'nattering nabob of negativity' 

ANY policy banning the hijab, or headscarf, for Muslim hotel employees is tantamount to insulting Islam and should be ignored, said Perak Mufti Harussani Zakaria.

He said regardless of hotel industry practices in other countries, a Muslim nation like Malaysia should not have such a policy, especially as it opposed Islamic law.

“What’s wrong with wearing the hijab in a Muslim country?” Harussani said in a report by Sinar Harian.

“It is known that wearing the hijab is a must for Muslim women. There should not be such requirements (ban on wearing the hijab), unless they intentionally want to insult Islam.”

Harussani told female Muslim hotel employees to ignore the ban.

“Muslims should not obey this law. Fear of Allah should be greater than fear of humans.

“Allah is our God, not human beings.”

peguam dan aktivis terkenal Siti Kasim berkata Mufti Perak Tan Sri Dr Harussani Zakaria melakukan perkara sama seperti memfitnahnya dan oleh itu boleh dihukum 80 sebatan, menurut Al-Quran

for more, read this
though you don't have to as he is already known as a bullsh*tter, wakakaka 

This man should keep his mouth shut, though of course by my saying so, I realise I'm unfairly depriving him of his bread and butter issues (halal of course). My late mother had always reminded me not to interfere with others' '3 bowls of rice', a Chinese metaphor meaning exactly bread & butter matters (livelihood), wakakaka.

1) But I am annoyed because he is agitating hotel staff to defy and ignore job SOP which might/could result in those poor Muslim staff members losing their jobs.

His reckless irresponsible flame is akin to his seditious lie some years ago about Christians mass-converting Muslims at a Perak church, where by sms he agitated Muslims to rush over to that church to stop the fabricated mass conversion. He was investigated by police for his seditious lie but I suspect the matter was kow-tim-rised where he subsequently was even awarded a Tan Sri.

But at that time, he showed his cowardly self, when faced with the wrath of Allahyarham Raja Azlan (then HRH of Perak) for his seditious lie which could have resulted in religious rioting in Perak, he blamed a woman for that fabrication. Victim Raja Sherina was 'gifted' with his panicky blame.

aiyoyo, kepala sakit liao lah 

2) F**ker said “What’s wrong with wearing the hijab in a Muslim country?” - well my dear yang alim, Malaysia is NOT an Islamic country as our legal and judicial (Muslim) experts have often stated, despite what Mahathir might have bull-ed.

It's perfectly correct for a Muslim woman to wear the hijab if she wants to as that's within her rights, but it is not a 'must' as the bullshitter demanded, and please don't bull about Malaysia being an Islamic country when it is NOT (otherwise why are civil laws supreme over syariah laws).

3) He said regardless of hotel industry practices in other countries, a Muslim nation like Malaysia should not have such a policy, especially as it opposed Islamic law.

Again my dear alim, Malaysia's civil laws reign supreme to the subordinate syariah laws, and don't you dare bullshit that away. The Hotel rules would fall under civil laws, which if properly negotiated, could be changed. But the bullshitter's aggressive demand will not help the Muslim hotel staff any.

Don't forget that this man is not just an Islamic priest (which I may respect) but a racist, where he once told Malaysian Malay-Muslim students overseas he hated (still does???) the Chinese in Malaysia - this I cannot ever respect, more so when a supposedly holy man uttered words of racial hatred. His racist hatred in turn has destroyed his religious credentials. Today I view him as a nothing, someone NOT to be respected.

he so bodek the UMNO-led government that he even blacked the good name of a pious man like Pak haji Nik Aziz 



  1. At the rate matters are going, the hoteliers will soon have to back down and accept the Mullahs, if they want to do business in Malaysia.

    Not that it makes it right, but like so often in Malaysia , right has little or nothing to do with decisions.

    Lim Guan Eng made a smart pre-emptive move declaring no such problem in Penang.

  2. The next steps in the slippery slope are foreseeable.
    Muslim employees will either be allowed to decline to serve non-halal activities such as alcohol or even be banned outright from such assignments.

    Next, the hotels themselves will be subject to severe restrictions or outright bans on non-halal activities.

  3. The hoteliers association is violating their Muslim employee's constitutional rights.
    Their claims of SOP are invalid where it is ultra vires to the Malaysian Constitution.

  4. I will go along with the Tourism Minister - "If it is true that this hijab ban is part of their standard operating procedure (SOP) then they are kurang ajar. Anyone who defends these SOPs are also kurang ajar, especially if they are Malaysians".

    1. in this part of the world it's called kurang ajar, in other parts of the more civilized world it is called work ethics where they take conformity seriously

    2. Gay marriage civilised? My foot!

    3. my dear Bro Hasan, why bring in gay marriage when this is about hijab? wakakaka

  5. the ability to possess wisdom is the mark of a good teacher or preacher who can turn a perceived insult into a non issue

    it must be a miserable existence if everything and everyone around us can be construed as an insult to our way of life

    1. I keep hearing this a lot among the chattering crowd, hehe. It goes something like this : sikit sikit insulting, sikit sikit sensitive, sikit sikit biadap.


  6. Is a given to preach TOLERANCE & live-&-let-live to ketuanan freaks!

    Everything about ketuanan MUST be prioritized & one way - my way ONLY!

    They see their way of life, their maruah r been stepped on whenever they crash with the normality & sop of the business/Non's custom & way of life.

    Might is right, irregardless of truth!

    Within the confinement of that tempurung they can shout till kingdom comes while showing their stupidity once outside & becoming the biggest laughing stock!

  7. For the tempurung dwellers, quickly read this piece from outsyedthebox before it's been removed

    Its Stupid Nazri Again : "Prohibition of Hijab in International Hotels" by Mohd Khalil Tajuddin

    Wakakakaka......the towel headed zombies have lead u guys down to hell le!!!