Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Rohingyas subversions in Malaysia

FMT - Rohingyas in Malaysia funding Myanmar insurgent group, says source (extracts):

Some Rohingyas in Malaysia have been providing financial support to insurgent group Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (Arsa) in Myanmar to buy firearms and ammunition, FMT has learned.

“Arsa has been asking for and getting financial support from the Rohingya community in Malaysia,” a source well placed within the Rohingya community in Kuala Lumpur told FMT.

“If they need money to buy weapons and ammunition, they will ask their compatriots in Malaysia for help in a WhatsApp group.” [...]

Zachary Abuza, a professor at the US-based National War College who focuses on Southeast Asian security issues, said apart from Malaysia, Saudi Arabia also hosted a WhatsApp support channel for Arsa. [..]

Malaysia has emerged as both a major clearing house for Arsa funding and a transit point for the movement of militants because of its Muslim-friendly visa system.

Swedish journalist Bertil Lintner in September told FMT, citing sources, that some Malaysians migh
t already be in Myanmar to join the insurgency.

What we have feared is happening, namely:

(a) Rohingyas allowed to stay in Malaysia are illegally engaged in a sorry sinister seditious game of terrorism in their host country, albeit for their kinfolks in Myanmar, but nonetheless terrorist activities,

(b) by default, Malaysia is ONCE again interfering in the internal affairs of a foreign country as we did once in Southern Thailand and Southern Philippines, albeit not by the federal government but by regional warlords. And once again, it has to do with Islamic subversions in neighbouring countries.

The IGP must put a stop to such naughty nefarious nonsense, IMMEDIATELY. And I hope our Home (Zahid) and Foreign (Anifah) Ministers are not sleeping.

Allegations of Rohingyas' persecution by Myanmar troops must not be allowed to countenance subversive activities on our Malaysian shores. If we object to Myanmar persecutions we must register our objections through the proper channels, namely, the UN and ASEAN. Do not allow Malaysia to become another disastrous Lebanon.

The Rohingyas can subvert, terrorise and infiltrate from their Motherland, Bangladesh, but not in Malaysia.

Well, Rohingyas are also not Malaysians.


  1. Rohingyas are stateless people.The can go join Donald Trump's banana republic.If they get horny they can grope Donald by the balls,or get an Arabian camel and fuck his smelly ass.The American people do not care if the Rohingyas rape the Donald.To them,Donald is a pariah.

  2. 100,000 new Pro-BN/ UMNO voters is too tempting an opportunity to ignore.

  3. The Rohingyas are being subject to massive ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity. They have the right to self-defence.

    Muslims in 2017 are no longer meekly accepting persecution.
    They will fight back for their survival and their freedom.

    1. indeed they have the right to self defence but don't get Malaysia involved in their insurgency

    2. Ehhh!!! What about the Kurds & the Yemenis?

      Ain't they subjected to the same massive ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity.

      They have the right to self-defence.

      Have u given a SEN to their suffer age???

  4. A wise word from outsyedthebox,

    Ini nasihat saya.
    Dengar baik-baik.
    Jangan masuk campur isu agama atau isu politik Pak Arab Unta.
    Ini semua pasal politik.
    Termasuk agama depa.
    Kepercayaan agama depa pun sudah dirasuk politik, sejak seribu tahun.
    Kita jangan masuk campur hal Pak Arab.
    Kita bukan faham apa pun.
    Ingat baik-baik ok.

    Samax2 dengan politic Rohingyas!!

  5. http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/myanmar-rape-human-rights-watch-rohingya-1.4404729

    This is getting very ugly....Buddhist Burmese soldiers are carrying out systematic rape of Muslim Rohingya women as a weapon of ethnic cleansing.

  6. Buddhist Burmese soldiers????

    R u there? Or u just infered through yr thick skull?

    R M'sia arm forcers ALL Muslim, besides the Melayu regimen????

    If u want to dramatise, then take a lesson from kt/mom lah.