Saturday, December 03, 2016

Rohingyas unwanted even by Bangladesh

The Rohingya people were East Bengalis (Bangladeshis today) who were encouraged to migrate into Arakan region (now called Rakhine State) in Myanmar by the British after the First Anglo-Burmese war in 1826.

However there have been claims, mainly by Rohingya scholars, there were already Rohingya presence in Arakan (Rakhine) as far back as 100 years before the First Anglo-Burmese war (16th Century).

Be that as it might have been, today the Myanmarese do not want the Rohingyas, I believe for three reasons, namely:

(a) though the Rohingyas have been highly persecuted today they in turn were not exactly 'angels' in Myanmar, having been quite racially arrogant and ethnically aggressive to the Myanmarese in Rakhine State, ill treating the Myanmar indigenes,

(b) the Rohingyas are Muslims living in a predominantly Buddhist country, and history saw them giving their loyalty to what was East Pakistan (Bangladesh today), with Rohingya leaders asking Ali Jinnah in the 1940's to incorporate Arakan State into Pakistan.

When Ali Jinnah refused to interfere in Burmese affairs, the Rohingyas then attempted to secede from then-Burma to form their own Islamic State, hence

(c) the Rohingyas were never loyal to Myanmar and that feeling of alienation has been reciprocated by the Myanmarese.

As a matter of fact, the term Rohingyas has been a continuation of an older term 'Rooinga', an attempt by the Muslim Bangladeshis to establish a distinct identity for themselves and to also identify themselves as indigenous to Rakhine State.

Today everyone knows Myanmar wants all of them out a la ethnic cleansing and would you believe it, Bangladesh does NOT want them too.

They are hoping Malaysia accepts them as good Islamists (which they indeed are, Islamists that is, but whether they are 'good' or not is unknown).

Since both Myanmar and Bangladesh do not want them, and they are good ultra conservative Islamists, I would recommend they migrate to Islamist countries with syariah-hudud laws or syariah-hudud practice such as (i) Aceh, (ii) Mindanao, (iii) Pakistan (whoa, we don't want the Pakis to commit genocide, do we) Saudi Arabia, (iv) Sudan, (v) Somalia, (vi) Brunei, etc etc etc, ...

... failing which (and I doubt any of the named countries will accept them) they should migrate to Australia, NZ, Canada, Europe and Britain. But please count today's USA out.

I believe Britain should be the country to accept Rohingyas as the British created the problem, though it has to be admitted the Islamic bent and intent of the East Bengalis and now Rohingyas added on to the British initiated problem. Is there a Rohingya-ish lesson here for Chinese and Indian Malaysians? Wakakaka.

There are approximately 1.3 million Rohingyas in Myanmar. As Bangladeshis in reality they can possibly provide votes for Bangladeshi-loving Malaysian political parties like KIMMA, UMNO and PKR, though I suspect if they are allowed into Malaysia to eventually become citizens they will vote for PAS.


  1. most not mosquito party like umno pkr n pas not lack of muslim vote except dap, lets penang shelter them in exchange of vote, the tudung lady in dap can do the trick wakaka


    Last year , Ktemoc excoriated the Opposition , especially, for not putting out the Welcome Mat for the Rohingyas.

    I detect a distinct change of tone, almost 180 turn to negative view of them .

    Why the change of heart ?

    Nothing has changed with regard to the objective situation.

    The Rohingyas making a bee-line to Malaysia are primarily economic migrants who paid criminal human traffickers to bring them here. They have a history of disloyalty to Burma as well as Islamist separation, which makes the presence of large numbers of their illegals in Malaysia a threat to the Malaysian national interest.

    1. in first mentioned post I also wrote I appreciate it'll be a near insurmountable challenge for Malaysia ALONE to provide relief to the boat people. For a start we don't even know what sort of "refugees" they are, from oppression or from personal economic deprivation.

      The latter would be those jumping the immigration (not refugee) queue.