Sunday, March 15, 2015

Najib going Swedish?

Najib has been pummeled by both sides of politics, by the Pakatan federal opposition on one side, and by his former mentor Dr M on the other. He must be feeling like a badly squashed sandwich that schoolboys in Australia casually shaft into the pockets of their school blazers, wakakaka.

While the former adversary is to be expected as part of the Westminster system, the latter is political party insurrection by Dr M and his cohorts, who have been very dissatisfied and aggressive UMNO people, dissatisfied for reasons of their own as I'll explain shortly.

It's one thing to be attacked by Pakatan but another to be subjected to so-called 'friendly fire' which in reality is not in the least friendly at all, wakakaka.

Let's consider the latter. Dr M's berating Najib about 1MDB would have been praiseworthy if he Dr M had not himself allegedly frittered away taxpayers' money as described by Barry Wain's book.

And there's more.

zizan Abdullah, a FMT reader, wrote in Free Malaysia Today's Never forget the billions lost under Mahathir:

Malaysians must never forget that under former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir there were monetary losses amounting to tens of billions of ringgit unaccounted for, and irretrievable.

These include:

  • Forex scandal in early 90s : RM30 billion 
  • The Perwaja Steel Scandal : RM10 billion 
  • Bank Bumi scandal: RM10 billion 
  • Maminco-Makuwasa Affair RM1.6 Billion 
  • Mahathir used Petronas as a ‘bank’ to bail out many companies, banks etc. 

Opposition politician Syed Husin Ali said, “Petronas has neither been fully transparent nor accountable with how it spends its money, especially in aiding and abetting Tun Mahathir to indulge in unproductive construction of mega projects, to bail out ailing crony companies and corporate figures, and to involve [itself] in excessive and wasteful spending on celebrations and conferences.”
  • Mahathir used his position to bail out his children or to give them special benefits. 

Aisehman that's real chiah-laart lah (teruk sangat lah), but wait, another FMT reader, Rahman Mohd Irwan, has been far far more feral, writing in Free Malaysia Today's Dr M, are you ready to answer for your corrupt ways too?:

Former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has declared war for all intents and purposes against the Malaysian Government in his blogsite Chedet, with multiple attacks against 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) and current Prime Minister Najib Razak in a 29-point posting.

Since he feels it is alright for him to ask so many questions based on what others are claiming to be shady dealings by 1MDB and Najib, maybe it’s time for him to also answer so many claims of corruption made against him.

Dr M should start by replying to one of his most vocal critics – hedge fund manager George Soros – who outlined a very long list of the former PM’s wrongdoings in an article published in The Bangkok Post in 2012. Soros has made his opinion of Dr M clear. “Your 3 sons are worth US$8 billion. Where do they get this money? Of course, corruption.”

“You are known as the Marcos of Malaysia, having enriched yourself to the tune of billions.”

“You have more foolishness than most people would believe. Billions are used to build two high rise Petronas buildings that benefit nobody. They now stand tall, a symbol of stupidity and irresponsibility.

“What is this reclamation of 10 islands off Kedah? Totally absurd and stupid. Of course your benefit is 20%.”

“And the bridge from Malacca to Sumatra across international waters? Why not build a bridge to the moon? I am sure you still can get your 20%.”

“You called me a moron. How can a moron make so much money? By allowing short selling and borrowing millions of shares from your banks, we fund managers made millions out of your inexperience and poor regulations.”

“You lose all Malaysians’ money, therefore you are the moron.”

Before I comment on the two feral letters by FMT "readers" (wakakaka), we can see from such, while it's not that Dr M has been wrong in questioning Najib on 1MDB, it's his (Dr M's) real motive we question.

Look, if what Barry Wain, Azizan Abdullah and George Soros via Rahman Mohd Irwan alleged have been true, then it's a case of a big humongous sooty black kettle calling the Ah Jib Gor pot black or, if we want to be more correct, red (not commie-red but red as in being responsible for the debit columns going red in Malaysia's ledger, wakakaka).

And why is Dr M hell-bent on doing it, since by criticizing Najib's 1MDB those criticisms have been glaringly and embarrassingly pointing back at him for his projects during the time he was PM, as mentioned above by Azizan Abdullah and Rahman Mohd Irwan?

So could we argue that it's not really Malaysia's financial health per se Dr M is interested in, but rather, Najib's ouster he seeks, for whatever reasons he has. The 1MDB only provides for him an attacking point but one which has ricochet back at him. But does Dr M care?

If we review the period since Najib took over from Pak Lah, the 1MDB issue has only been the latest in a series of issues Dr M has been hitting on Najib's head because as we and everyone know, he's mad at Najib for not playing in accordance to his (Dr M's) tune, wakakaka.

Now, many believe the two letters to FMT criticizing Dr M could possibly be part of the pro-Najib fightback campaign. Mind, they could well be concerned Malaysians incensed by what Barry Wain has written in his book or George Soros had commented on in the Bangkok Post, though I personally doubt that, wakakaka.

In my recent post Hypothetically speaking ... I wrote:

Dr M is a very formidable 'retired' (wakakaka) politician but one who had in his 'retirement' (wakakaka again) brought down a PM. I still recall how he was then interdicted every which way by the 'authority' (prior to his blogging days), yet he still won in the end in having his appointed successor removed.

I'm sure Najib remembers what had happened and thus wants Dr M and his cohorts silenced.

Hypothetically speaking, what will happen if Ah Jib Gor as a 'cornered rat' decides to become real feral and ferociously retaliate against Dr M, say, by referring to or even investigating Dr M's prime ministerial "track record" (eg. as per allegations in Barry Wain's book)?

Coincidentally, one day after I posted above, many pollies and media people are now discussing the coming Gunfight at OK Corral between the two, with one journalist at FMT even using the 'cornered rat' example, wakakaka, when he wrote:

When backed into a corner, even a mouse would try to attack a snake, and Najib has been driven so far back that his only options are to fight or to die. .

So Uncle Lim KS has asked (as reported by TMI) whether Najib will be sacking Dr M from UMNO? though I wonder, even if Najib sacks Dr M from UMNO, how will he be able to silence the Grand Olde Man? Wakakaka.

The only way I suppose is to become real feral and ferociously retaliate against Dr M, say, by referring to or even investigating Dr M's prime ministerial "track record" as mentioned in my post Hypothetically speaking ....

Do you think it'll come to that? Wakakaka.

Anyway, Najib going for Dr M will explain why I have titled this post as Najib going Swedish (or Nordic).

You see, I mentioned at the very top that Najib must be feeling like a squashed sandwich with assaults from both sides, so by removing Dr M, if he can wakakaka, he becomes an open sandwich, or a Swedish sandwich called smörgås. Wakakaka.

by the by, is that kangkung on top?


And indeed if Najib succeeds, as he has to if he wants to survive, will Muhyiddin be next to go?


  1. The catalogue of Mahathir's past misdeed is indeed true, but I tend to agree with Sakmongkol's reasoning.
    Exposing the major wrong doings of the Current regime and holding it accountable takes priority.
    So you will not find me counter-attacking Mahathir, and , no matter how unintentionally, helping to shore up Najib.

    1. Rather i am encouraging and cajoling it. Why not? If it meant both of them will mampus. Like i say so what if jibby die cock stand. His cock is dead as he got to bear with rosie

  2. Your posting is delicious and "finger-lickin' good". Stay on this track for the next few days and see your visitor numbers soar.


    1. More like arse licking good, right?

    2. looes Foot Junior jealous ah? wakakaka

    3. I am extremely happy to be associated with Michael Foot. In fact, ask that cibai Raja Petra Kamarrudin, who Michael Foot is. He would have his utmost respect for him. Wanna bet? Cibai!

      A true scholar unlike you cibai. The Malaysia version of Michael Foot is either Fan Yew Teng or Karpal Singh

  3. whatever will the outcome be, rakyat's money cannot be retrieved. what about mr. clean (up), conveniently forgiven & forgotten?

    1. Who is talking about forgiving that indian? The idea is make sure that umno is deas

    2. read my comments again in case you missed the substance.

      'what about mr. clean (up), conveniently forgiven & forgotten?'

      is he an indian? lks used to call his son-in-law the youngest (b)millionaire.
      are we also forgiving and forgetting the maharajas of mca, mic & gerakan?
      and don't ever forgive and forget the maharaja of sarawak as well. pak syeikh leh?

      umno/bn will not be in control without his support. remember there's no umno (baru) in his kingdom. these are the ones who i call 'the chosen
      people' for they got license to rule from heaven. (ayah pin, the lord of sky kingdom, so, earth was none of his bloody business).

      btw, there's nothing wrong with umno (baru), no issues with islam & christianity as well or even buddhism & hinduism & not forgetting the atheism , becos these are non-living things. names can't do any good nor harm to the living creatures.

    3. I am talking about Madhater la......He is definitely an indian and I have proof.

  4. Kaytee,as I have said many times before,if Jibby is removed or forced out of office,many Malaysians will regret it in the end for joining in this fucking screw up Umno led by the nose chorus.Especially the opposition politicians.If Najib is removed today,many opposition politicians will be crying out for their mama's tomorrow.These stupid opposition politicos will be fucked front,back,center and even sideways by whoever takes over from Jibby.You guys better believe it.

    1. Sorry, we don't believe you.....wakakakaka. ...

    2. Whoever takes over from Najib resulting from a forced exit will be a very weak 4th UMNO Prime Minister in 12 years. Without a 2/3 majority and facing a shrinking simple majority.
      He would likely be nervously guarding his own front, back , centre, left and right from all the drawn knives within UMNO.
      Doubt if he will be in any position to fuck anyone else.

    3. the 2/3 majority is a bullshit criteria put forward and demanded by Dr M. Many democracies in the world are ruled by government with less than 2/3 majority

      ironically, once Dr M said that if he won by 1 mere vote, it would still be a win, so WTF about this nonsensical 2/3. Anwar Ibrahim in his 916 (but failed) attempt would have been equally contended with a 1 seat majority in parliament

    4. 2/3 majority hardly matters in most other democracies, but it matters a great deal to BN/UMNO in Malaysia.
      Two critical areas come to mind - Constitutional amendments and the Creation / Redelineation of Parliamentary seats, both of which require 2/3 of Dewan Rakyat votes to pass.

      UMNO has in the past repeatedly used its BN 2/3 majority to ram through changes to both areas, to benefit BN/UMNO politically.
      And UMNO has steadfastly refused to work with the Opposition in a bipartisan manner and engage the Opposition with due respect.

      The late Karpal Singh wisely stated in 2009 that the Opposition will work with the Government if there are proposals for Constitutional amendments which are good for the country. "We will ensure good and necessary amendments pass with the required 2/3 majority."

      Since 2008, when it lost its 2/3 majority, BN/UMNO has not submitted a single Constitutional amendment. And the 2015 constituency redelineation exercise, required by law, will not propose any change to even 1 single Parliamentary seat, or state seat in states where BN has no 2/3 majority.

      Yes, 2/3 majority is a big deal for UMNO, because it refuses to work with the Opposition.

    5. you're right regarding UMNO, but Najib (if still around by GE-14, wakakaka) or even an appointee of Dr M will have to go to the polls with what UMNO has now, and not an imaginary non-existent 2/3

    6. The bullshit criteria is put forward nong nong time ago. Since Tunku's time. The fact that UMNO got nearly 2/3 of seats contesting during those early elections.

      Tell me cibai? Why your beloved Lim Chong Eu resigned from MCA presidentship.

      But I have to agree with the 1 vote majority thingy. Although not really good for governing party.....

      Especially when people like me personal experience unlike you cibai

      Guys and Gals,
      In 1974, Harold Wilson and his party won the GE with 3 seats majority. By elections have eaten Labour Majority till Callaghan got to team up with Liberal.

  5. Unbelievable story.

    Why two morons (the name robbers call each other) quarrel in broad daylight?
    Haven't they got away with billions?
    Over share of the loot?
    Whenever S Report exposes something,
    one moron would have to cough out more for the other.
    Never support hudud laws,
    but I would make an exception for those two.


    1. Huaren,
      Just these 2. I wanted the full destruction of UMNO in Malaysia. Don't think hudud can do that. The rot happened since Tunku's time. In fact, I felt that UMNO should not have given the power in the first place

    2. looes

      Two one-armed morons for a start !


    3. Nah! Huaren.......Like RPK always say, must be clear cut........Like this


    4. looes

      Sorry, I don't follow MT.


  6. There is an on-going online debate about who's the biggest evil between That water walking mamak & truly elegantly silent rosnajib.

    Typically this:

    Good question --ehhhh...

    Before that mamak came into play, the M'sian administration was still loaded with strong old British efficiency & rule of laws. The old colonial master has left a good governing system for us & those before that mamak hardly 'modify' them.

    Then that mamak played his trade & all system started going down the drain.

    What rosnajib COULD 'achieved' today - many thanks for the keen effort of that mamak to dismantled the old & cross-checking administrative system. Since then everything goes - that's for the top man!

    If u dont like it or voice against it, then take a hike to the cold storage for promotion & pay. That's if u r not been sacked!

    So, the glaring 'field days' robbery now practices by rosnajib r the consequences of that mamak's legacy in play.

    That mamak cant get away with blood in his hand - no matter what he said & did NOW1

    1. The issue is with Najib and his husband called Rosmah. And it's very clear cut. In this case, Madhater is right. Ask kaytee's sifu, RPK, must look at issue ma......

      What is the big deal if Jibby is die cock stand? Why kaytee never complain when PAS is mampus in kedah? Who is heading Kedah state administration now?

      Ah many questions you can ask........You can even doubt kaytee's credibility

      Why whack anwar when he doesn't care about kassim? What the cibai fuck kaytee does about nik raina? Almost zero articles about her?

      Pontificating, pretentious bastard.........Steaming pile of cow dung

      Our beloved bernard loves to use tha fart chamber. Time to revive it. First fella to go in

      KT Mok

  7. Bullshit Detector10:25 am, March 16, 2015

    Since we are into questioning the real motives of people writing what they write....

    Azizan Abdullah's on-line activities exposes him as little more than a Najib cybertrooper appointed to defend his boss on-line.

    "In sharp contrast, 1MDB is facing a cash flow situation, but has strong assets."

    This has been the main defence of UMNO/Najib cybertroopers.

    1. The 1MDB cash flow situation is just a symptom, but the core issue is the misdeeds, the dishonest , self-enriching maneuvers of people who used money raised through Government-backed debts to invest in dark and unaccountable investments.
    2. These investments now generate far, far less income that needed to repay the loans. There is even doubt on the safety and security of the original invested Principal.
    3. 1MDB's "assets" only look good on paper. How much they are actually worth if required to be converted to cash to repay loans is doubtful.
    4. Waiting for IPO. Its is ridiculous for a corporation to need an IPO to solve its cash-flow problems. If 1MDB dares say this in its IPO prospectus, the exercise will crash and burn.

    1. Don't you think this is fun.......

      This write up is by LIM Kit Siang anyway

      Look at the last 2 comments. Don't you guys wish to have a mortal combat between the Lupus and kaytee

  8. In an amazing play of "The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend" , PKR may team up with Mahathir in the campaign to unseat Najib.
    It may be more palatable now that Anwar is out of the picture, and Azmin actually has good relations with Mahathir, and the younger members have no bad blood with him.

    1. No different than Churchill/Roosevelt team up with Stalin against Hitler

      HY and Huaren would tell you how Sun Quan team up with Liu Bei against Cao Cao.

      Kaytee would tell that Madhater is Cao Cao........hahahahaha

    2. looes Have you got the right target?

    3. Hahahahaha! So you think that Jibby is Sun Quan. Hahahahahaha!

    4. By the way, we got to hurt UMNO when they are the most vulnerable

  9. Najib is not going Swedish
    Najib is going Mongolian......

    My regular temple seer told me all of Najib's past dark Karma, including Altantuya's curse is catching up with amount of power, scheming, manipulation, maneuvering will save him....
    ........however repentance of past wrong doing, unselfish good deeds, seeking forgiveness of those he has wronged..... may help him through.... wakakakakaka......

  10. Karate is known as a form of the art of Hand-to-Hand Combat.
    The Najib-Ros combination are perhaps Malaysia's most lethal exponents of what I would call the art of Underhand Combat.
    The combined use of power, money, influence, connections, scheming, subterfuge, manipulation to destroy a target, make a target disappear, suppress facts, create facts, even create a whole new alternate reality.

    If they feel genuinely threatened by Mahathir, I would advise him to be very, very careful.

    1. But why this cibai ktemoc painted Jibby as a marsh mallowee person? Hahahahaha!

    2. Ktemoc comes across as a person who lives a lot in the past.
      He has a soft spot for Najib - something from his past, something like an uncle used to work for Najib ?
      Just as he has an implacable dislike of Anwar Ibrahim, arising from past events.


    Najib gets a new toy......but he may not stay in the seat long enough to enjoy it.

    The Gods could be playing a cruel joke on Najib....

  12. Off topic,KT. Sorry.

    Kelantan state assembly is going to introduce hudud laws tomorrow.
    Which will affect the lives of everyone forever.
    There are more than 40 % of non-Muslim in the nation.
    DAP is blaming MCA and vice versa.
    Even though both are against hudud laws.
    It's high time that all, including people of Sabah and Sarawak, Malaysia Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hiduism and Taoism, other NGOs, who are opposed to the laws come together and speak with one voice !


    1. huaren, we are sightly more than 38 months away from 14th ge. we must demand all the three parties in the pakatan rakyat to declare their stand on hudud. you can say it is a covenant between them and us the voters. 'agree to disagree statement' shall be rejected.

      pakatan is derived from a root word 'pakat' which means conspire. it is normally used for negative actions, e.g. pasukan kita kalah kerana pengadil (referee) (ber)pakat dengan penjaga garisan (linesmen).

  13. Once hudud laws are successfully introduced in Kelantan,
    What is going to stop them from being implemented in other states.
    Future generations will never forgive us for our silence and inaction !


  14. Hudud is only for Muslims.
    Why are you jumping up and down ?

    1. CBMF,

      u still dont get it do u?

      Huduh CAN NEVER be just for Muslim or else the universal theme of equality, which is core to the Islamic faith, would become a scam!

      re-read yr good book lah, while u sleep under yr tempurung, dreaming yr 72 virgin dream..CB..

    2. Warrior 1.13

      Are you saying that hudud laws are like fasting which doesn't affect non-Muslims at all ?

      If you're a Muslim, please explain the following:
      A non-Muslim rapes a Muslim and vice versa,
      1. Civil court or Syariah court ?
      2. Can a non-Muslim stand as a witness to either one of them ?

      Take a look at Terengganu Hudud laws.

      Section 44. Qualification to be a witness.

      (1) Each witness shall be an adult male Muslim who is mukallaf, and shall be a person who is just.

      (2) A person shall be considered just if he does what is required of him by Islam and avoids committing great sins and does not continuously commit lesser sins and further has isti'malal-muruah (a sense of honour).

      (3) A person shall be deemed to be just, until the contrary is proved.


  15. kampong lad 2.46

    DAP, No
    PAS, Yes
    PKR, Yes but and No but.


  16. Culture of Patronage, Nepotism, and Kickbacks. Soon to be followed-up with the Talibanization of Malaysia

    A country that would have, could have, and should have.....

    Malaysia needs someone with the Mojo, not been seduced by Money Politics
    or his or her head stuck up this Ketuanan bullshit, the chosen Muslim race,
    before Malaysia destructs into chaos

    Ku Li seems to be the only one that fits the bill. Sigh,..., when they have
    someone with an iota of ability, and morals... they seem to pick the contrary.
    My heart mourns for the country of my birth

    1. Too bad. He has just missed the boat!

  17. Ku Li supports Hudud !