Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hypothetically speaking ...

TMI - Dr M’s blog back sporadically after suspended for 3 hours reported:

I'm coming after you, boy

Dr Mahathir's popular blog is now accessible intermittently, three hours after it was suspended due to what was described as "high traffic volume".

His blog earlier carried a 403 code, which means denied access to the webserver. It was reported that the main page had displayed the message, “the account has been suspended”.

'Twas claimed that the crash had been due to extraordinary heavy traffic and not due to blocking by anyone including the MCMC, but it must have brought momentary relief for someone, wakakaka.

Dr M is a very formidable 'retired' (wakakaka) politician but one who had in his 'retirement' (wakakaka again) brought down a PM. I still recall how he was then interdicted every which way by the 'authority' (prior to his blogging days), yet he still won in the end in having his appointed successor removed.

I'm sure Najib remembers what had happened and thus wants Dr M and his cohorts silenced.

you're sweet Yingluck but I don't want to end up like you

Hypothetically speaking, what will happen if Ah Jib Gor as a 'cornered rat' decides to become real feral and ferociously retaliate against Dr M, say, by referring to or even investigating Dr M's prime ministerial "track record" (eg. as per allegations in Barry Wain's book)?

One wonders ........


  1. Ahh... a very interesting hypothetical question.
    In spite of his other faults, Pak Kah was personally a decent man who would not resort to nefarious means to counterattack Mahathir.
    Najib , on the other hand , is a slimy and dangerous operator, and Mahathir knows it.
    This will most likely ensure Mahathir's attacks on Najib will be limited and more circumspect.

    Najib may also be leery of a conflict with Mutually Assured Destruction against Mahathir.
    Najib has many, many skeletons in his closet, even if you reject the Altantuya suspicions as baseless.

    Honour among thieves?

  2. When the chedet blog was down, it could be read in the google cache.
    Whatever caused it to be down, the results have the opposite effect as
    bloggers have reproduced it elsewhere (including your sweetie and she
    even provided a translation) and will become the one of the most
    widely read statements.

  3. At least one prominent Mahathir proxy has been silenced.

    Zainuddin Maidin, aka Mamak Maidin , former Mis-Information Minister and former Utusan Meloya Chief Editor had partnered with A Kadir Jasin to support Mahathir's criticisms against Najib.
    He has since announced his withdrawal.

    Most of these UMNO idiots have malodorous skeletons in their closet, usually involving arrangements to skim off large sums of money from project expenditures, with nary an honest day's work.
    They are usually easily silenced by threats of exposure or even prosecution.

    However , if this develops into open internal UMNO warfare, it will be highly destructive to both sides, since there are very few honest men (or women) left in UMNO's leadership levels. This alone may serve to prevent either side becoming too aggressive.

    Anyway, if Mahathir needs more ammunition against Najib, here's one more bullet.
    Mindef paid Perimekar RM 534.8 Million for "Services" related to the purchase of the 2 Scorpene submarines (nothing to do with Altantuya...ya.....wakakakaka). The exact details of these "Services" is a National Secret.
    Perimekar "granted dividends to its shareholders of RM56.2 million in 2009 (66 percent of the turnover) and RM18.7 million in 2010 (81 percent of the turnover),"

    What kind of business, what kind of services is this ?

    Lets compare a well known public benchmark. Apple Inc. , one of the world's most successful legal businesses (as opposed to illegal business) last year made a profit margin of 22%.
    Apple historically pays little or no dividends, relying on shareholders being rewarded by gains in the values of its shares, but this figure shows what level of returns are available.

    Interesting connection to the developing 1MDB Mega-scandal
    Najib crony Lodin Wok was chairman of a Perimekar shareholder Boustead, as well as Chairman of 1MDB, until he resigned recently..

  4. hei chi hei !


  5. this father of privatization (purposely pronounced as piratization, not a mispronunciation) thinks (syiok sendiri) that he is still in control. tengku razaleigh reportedly not being confident that the 'bapak penswastaan' is capable to retire ah jib gor due to a simple reason - kuasa dah hilang - DAH LAMA DAH.

    the situation was different in the case of 'bapak islam hadhari', becos the 'uniform' was still with him. we used to say then, if anyone wanted to see a powerful person who had no position even in the government and in any political parties especially the umno (baru), just look at mahathir.

    One of the proofs - when pak lah was made the pm, he wanted to appoint muhyiddin as his deputy. but someone had intervened resulted in what have been happening until now. we, orang kampong know the story of ‘the last dinner’. to me, that someone must be made to shoulder some responsibility if not fully. that someone is the root cause to all the pains inflicted upon the rakyat.

    What he has been doing of late is akin to ‘sebagai anjing menyalak bukit’ (dog barking at a hill) for he personally and wholeheartedly surrendered the uniform to najib. he scored two own-goals but only managed to get one. for now, he is trailing by 1-2. don’t let him create a world record in political arena by scoring a hat-trick.

    yes, he is also in the situation of ‘kalau takutkan ombak, jangan berumah di tepi pantai’ (people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones).

    round no.1: mahathir vs anwar, now is round 2: title holder vs the challenger. we already know what happened in the 1st round and now, who will be the winner, the title holder, the challenger or an innocent by-stander?. one thing for sure is the rakyat have been 'pelanduk-ed'.

  6. What weakens UMNO is ultimately good for Malaysia, so bring on the fun and games!

  7. Najib makes me nostalgic for Pak Lah.
    Dollah may have slept through most of his Cabinet meetings, but at least, being asleep is not a crime.
    Dollah was never accused of murdering anybody. He wasn't the one who bought the Billion dollar submarines which cannot dive, and were empty of weapons and electronics. (The weapons and electronics were in a separate parcel, pushing up the total cost and more room for "leakage").
    He wasn't the one who paid half a Billion Ringgit in fictitious "Services" to a company registered under his buddies.
    Pak Lah wasn't the one who gave his crony Toy Boy a licence to play Casino with Ringgit 40,000,000,000 raised from Taxpayer-guaranteed borrowings.

    1. Pak Lah didn't sleep because he was doozy; he actually suffers from a sleeping disorder

    2. If it is because of madhater, fuck you cibai kaytee. If you dont give a damn to anwar, who the fuck pak lah Is. And najib? Dont care if jibby die cock stand