Thursday, March 05, 2015

Anwar has gotten what he wants

Malay Mail Online - Anwar warded in prison’s hospital reported:


Malaysiakini reported that Anwar’s family and lawyers were worried that the conditions in his prison cell could exacerbate his spinal injuries. His cell was reportedly equipped only with a two-inch foam mattress on the floor, a bucket for bathing and a squat toilet.

Anwar’s lawyers had insisted he should be given a “medically appropriate mattress”, a chair, a table, a shower and appropriate toilet.

“Anwar cannot bend over or stand up from sitting on the floor without pain and aggravation of his condition,” his lawyers were quoted as saying.

Glad he has finally got what his family wanted for him and his bad back.

Next stop, Parliament, Putrajaya and PM-ship?



  1. From a black eye to a broken arm ?


  2. Anwar Ibrahim has severe chronic spinal pain. It has been medically certified including by internationally respected German and Australian spinal surgeons.
    Any fair, impartial expert medical examination would have concurred.

    It is not political spin, not pretension, not malingering.

    It is a testament to the man's iron will and energy that he had been able to criss-cross the country galvanizing the electorate to oppose the ruling regime.
    What UMNO has succeeded by working so hard to imprison him is to strengthen the Anwar Ibrahim mythos. The man has in no way been diminished by his conviction and jailing, except among committed UMNO apparatchiks and...permanent detractors such as....Wakakakkaka.....

    If Anwar were released from jail tomorrow, thousands of ordinary people would gladly shake his hand...not bad for one convicted of Sodomy....

    1. Nelson Mandela was allowed to visit the Barcelona olympic games in 1992. So Apartheid government is good lor. Can this cibai say the same thing towards nelson mandela? Hahahaha! Mandela is going back to National Party?????


  3. sandiwara i after sodomo i was over, here comes sandiwara 2. let's enjoy the free show. btw, constitutionally, is he still the wakil rakyat of permatang pauh considering the appeal for 'ampun tuanku' did not come from him?

  4. You should have made clear that is an old , unrelated photo.

  5. The Night Stalker10:26 am, March 06, 2015

    Still stalking Anwar Ibrahim even behind prison walls, huh ?

    Pervert ?
    Not referring to Anwar..

  6. why "GOD" love Mahathir more than Anwar same question as why "GOD " loved Issac more than Ishmael.